A gift calendar for children is possibly the best thing for children in the month of December!

But do you think it can be a challenge to find 24 good gifts for this year's gift calendar? Then read on!

We have gathered the best and cheapest gifts for children on this page. Whether you're making a 24-gift children's advent calendar or a four-gift advent calendar, you'll find great ideas here.

Just follow the link via the "buy here" button and you'll be taken to a world of the best gifts for children.

Puzzle with dogs

Very cute puzzle from Djeco in strong cardboard. The box contains three different puzzles. A perfect calendar gift or Advent gift for children, providing entertainment for the whole day.

Small metal cars

These fun little cars will bring joy to any child who loves vehicles. Buy more cars right away and share them out over several days. Your son or daughter will love you for it!


Let your child unleash their musical creativity with this little harmonica. Musical instruments for children helps to foster their creativity and sense of song and sound. Plus, it's just fun to blow on it and hear the fun sounds! An inexpensive calendar gift that's still a lot of fun!

Stair spiral - hours of fun

You may remember it from when you were a child? The fun stair spiral can even go down stairs, to the great amusement of little ones. A very fun calendar gift for children. Give it at the weekend and enjoy the kids being entertained all day long!

Dangerous dragon

Get your role-playing on with this dangerous fire-breathing dragon! Normally such dragon figures are quite expensive, but this one costs less than 100 kr! Buy it today before the last Christmas gifts sell out.

Play food for the little ones

What child doesn't love play food? Add to the play kitchen or start a new collection of play food. Your child will love you for it! Here's a beautiful wooden lime.

The popular Hama Beads Beadboards

If your child hasn't already tried making beadboard, it's time! The fun beads are super good entertainment and you can have real quality time with your kids, with the fun beads. If you don't already have the beads, you can find hama beads here. 

Ready-made gift calendar for children (girl 9-10 years)

All gifts shop wrapped - get them in just one click! Another super easy and great solution for this year's gift calendar.

The gifts in the gift calendar are a surprise, but they are all suitable for a girl aged 9 - 10 years.

This calendar is incredibly popular, so hurry and click it home while there are still more in stock. Use the button below to buy today

3D puzzles for kids

Perfect gift for creative children. This 3D puzzle is fun to assemble and unlike many other puzzles, it's a little more challenging and the results are a lot more fun! Afterwards, the car can be decorated with colours.

Cute bag for girls

If you need to find good and maybe a little different gifts for girls, then this bag is the cutest idea. The bag can be decorated with colours to make it really personal. A cosy and fun activity for a day in December.

Homemade mobile cover

Does your child have their own mobile? Then a cover is recommended! This can be made very personal with stickers and colours, so it will be really cool for your child to walk around with. A really fun gift idea for the packing calendar.

Sticker trolls

Children can get a lot of fun out of a pack of stickers. If they find this calendar gift in the Christmas stocking, kids can practically spend the whole day putting the stickers on paper or furniture. Buy them today and you'll be one gift short!

Small beads with letters on

The cute little beads with letters on them are incredibly popular for both children and adults. You can make a bracelet with a name on it, or spell out mum or dad. A really nice gift idea and perfect gift for the gift calendar.

Make your own monster!

A fun gift that can go a long way. The monster is fun for both kids and adults, and it's a great cozy time of chill time with the kids on a December day.

Gift calendar for girl

It is possible to buy 24 fun calendar gifts for girls at once. Here you get a total package for 399 DKK. All packages are divided by age, so you can find one that's just right for your girl.

Gift calendar for girls 2 - 5 years | 24 fun packages!

A complete gift calendar with 24 gifts, all suitable for girls aged 2 - 5 years. The gift calendar contains a total of 24 gifts - one for each day in December until the 24th, which is Christmas Eve. The calendar includes toys for girls, including a ball featuring Anna and Elsa from the popular film Frost. In the picture you can see what all 24 gifts contain.

  • 24 calendar gifts - 399 kr.

Gift calendar for girl 9 - 11 years

Beautiful gifts for school age girl. The gift calendar includes playing cards and stationery. You can see all 24 gifts by clicking on the link below. Many parents find it easier to buy all the calendar gifts in one package, and it is also much cheaper.

Price 399 for 24 calendar gifts. A wonderful and fun gift calendar with a present for every day until Christmas.

Gift calendar for boy

A gift calendar for boys with 24 small gifts, all of which will delight the vast majority of boys. The calendar can of course also be given to a girl.

Gift calendar for boy 4-5 years

A gift calendar with a total of 24 calendar gifts for boys aged 4 - 5 years. Among the gifts you will find a mega-beanie and a Santa hat with lights. All fun little gifts that will bring joy in the days leading up to Christmas. The gift calendar costs DKK 399. You can see all the gifts by clicking on the link.

Buy gifts for the gift calendar online

When you buy your gifts online, it's easy to get an overview and buy all your gifts at once.

When you shop online, it's easy to sort through the toys, so you're only shown toys in a certain price range, for example.

In addition, it is easy to hide the gifts, as they are delivered in a neutral cardboard box

Schleich animals

Another great gift for a children's gift calendar could be one of the many beautiful animals from Schleich. They are available in almost all price ranges. Here's a particularly cool T Rex for €219.95. All Schleich animals are hand painted and lifelike.

If you want to save a lot of time, you can actually buy all 24 calendar gifts at once!

When you give your children a gift calendar, they wake up to a little present every day, which makes them incredibly happy. Plus, it's just a really nice tradition.

Many children receive a gift calendar in December. A gift calendar consists of 24 small gifts that the child can open every day in December until 24 December, which is Christmas Eve. A gift calendar usually contains small, fun things for children to enjoy.

Where to buy cheap calendar gifts?

You can buy cheap calendar gifts at Gucca, which has a large category of toys for under 50 DKK. If you buy all your gifts here, you'll get them delivered together, which is easier than going through all the shops. Buy toys for Gucca here. 

You can also choose to buy the calendar gifts in a ready-made gift calendar. This is often a cheap and very easy solution. It could be, for example, the popular gift calendar for children from Lirumlarumleg. 

Calendar gifts or Advent gifts?

There are, in general, two kinds of gift calendars: calendar gifts and advent gifts.

If you give calendar gifts, you give 24 small gifts every day in December until Christmas Eve. The gifts are not very expensive, but rather small, fun things that you can enjoy.

If you give Christmas presents, the child gets a present every Sunday in Advent. There are a total of four Sundays in Advent. This is an opportunity to give slightly larger gifts, or to choose them a little more carefully. If you would like to see suggestions for Christmas gifts in different budgets, you can view them here.

Why give children a gift calendar?

A gift calendar helps to mark the days leading up to Christmas, creating a little extra Christmas spirit in the run-up to the big day, which is Christmas Eve. Many children are going crazy with excitement in the run-up to Christmas, and this is where the gift calendar can help make the wait easier. The Christmas stocking and 24 little presents tradition made its way to Denmark in the 1970s and is believed to have originated in the United States. Since then, it has become more common to give your child a Christmas calendar, which is why it is now an entire industry.