What does a 1 year old play with: Welcome to a huge guide to the best toys for 1 year olds. 🙂

Play kitchen in wood

Good toys 1 year are toys where the little ones can imitate the adults. A play kitchen is therefore among the most popular toys for 1 year olds. This beautiful wooden play kitchen has two hobs, a sink, a spice rack and spacious cupboards. Set at Sundleg - buy here

A cute doll

With a doll there are many hours of play for boys and girls of 1 year. The doll needs to sleep, wear clothes or have food. A great role play game that stays fun throughout childhood.

What does a 1 year old want and what is the best gift for a 1 year old? Find out here. On this page, we have gathered a lot of information and ideas to help you find the right toy for your 1 year old. If you want to give a toy as a 1st birthday present or find a Christmas present for a child, you will find lots of inspiration on this site.

Table of contents

Here you will find the table of contents with the best gifts for 1 year old. You'll find lots of inspiration and great ideas in this list. We've also written a bit about why toys are great for 1 year olds. They can be used both as a birthday gift, Christmas gift or maybe a gift for another occasion.

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1 year birthday gift ideas

When it comes to buying toys for a 1st birthday present, there are many different toys to choose from. Children at this age love something new and exciting to play with. You'll want to give a gift with the best toys that he or she will keep playing with. On our list of the best toys for 1 year olds, you'll find toys that are fun now, but also toys that will be fun long into the future. For example, a play kitchen.

The first birthday is something very special. The baby doesn't always understand it so much, but it's a huge day for the rest of the family, so of course it needs to be celebrated in style, with gifts of the best toys. Read on to find lots of 1st birthday gift ideas.

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Bilibo play bowl

  • Vendor: Children in Balance
  • Price 279 kr.

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Super versatile toy. It can be used from 1 year and up. A bilibo play bowl is a great gift idea for a 1 year old, as it can be used throughout childhood.

It can be used to cradle the doll, you can sit in it and spin around, and if you have several they are fun to stack. The Bilibo play bowl is a creative toy that children can play with in many ways.

The Bilibo play bowl is a great toy for a 1 year old, especially if you want to give motor toys because it is so versatile.

Good toys for 1 year old

For a 1 year old, interest in shapes, colours and things that go together increases. That's why a great toy for a 1 year old is a big car, for example, where you can talk about the colour of the car, learn the order and see that it drives.

Good toys that a 1 year old would want could for example be button puzzles, farm animals, stacking blocks or motor toys. Among the larger items would be a rocking chair with slide or a trampoline guaranteed to be a hit. Toys where the child is in motion develop motor skills. A swing set with slide can be placed in the garden and will certainly be played with almost every day. A sandbox is a popular, even classic, toy. Children can play there alone or together and build beautiful sand castles.

Rocking stand with slide

  • Retailer: Sundleg
  • Price 4.399 kr. (incl. shipping and delivery to your address)
  • See product

This wooden swing set is very sturdy and made of good quality. No harmful substances have been used in the manufacturing process. The swing set with slide has a long durability (20 years), and can last for many years of play and fun.

Outdoor toys are always a good idea. Children love to be outside playing, and usually spend a lot of time doing so. 1 year olds love to swing and it develops their sense of balance, which is healthy. It's a great and quite easy way to make the garden more child-friendly.

Read much more about choosing a swing set here.

List of the best toys 1 year

Play kitchen and play food

A play kitchen can be found in almost all nurseries and kindergartens, as well as many families with children. Children from 1 year old will love playing cooking for both their siblings and parents.Playing kitchen is a great game for children because they get to cook what adults cook. Play kitchens come in almost every size and shape.

See the best play kitchens here.

Of course, every kitchen needs food, pots and other accessories. It helps to make the game more fun. A 1-year-old is interested in what adults are doing and will try to imitate it. That's why a play kitchen with accompanying play food is an educational toy, and certainly one of the best toys. It gives him the opportunity to imitate the adults.

Buy play food here

Which play kitchen?

You can have a small play kitchen that can easily be placed on top of a table or in even the smallest children's room. It is also possible to get a larger play kitchen, which includes a fridge, microwave and much more.

Small wooden play stove

Very popular wooden play kitchen with stove, sink, cupboards, 2 hotplates and spice rack. 1.049 kr.


Of course, every kitchen needs food. There really is a lot of food to choose from, and you can get almost anything in play food. The most popular is wooden play food, but plastic is also available.


Children have played with dolls forever. There are endless games you can play with dolls, and interest starts early. Dolls are fun toys for all children. For the first doll, it's best to choose one with a soft body that's easy to cuddle. The first doll does not need to have mechanical features. For young children, a doll that does not use batteries is best. This teaches them to use their imagination. 

See many more dolls right here

Cute baby doll

This cute baby doll is perfect as the first doll. The doll is sold at Børn i Balance, and is completely free of chemicals or other boring substances. The doll costs DKK 179, and cute clothes and accessories can be added. See more about the doll right here

See more dolls here - Click here for more dolls

Bathing Suit

No reason not to bring your baby doll to the shower. This doll is made for it, so it dries quickly and floats on top of the water. The bath doll measures 32 cm and is priced at 199 kr. Buy this cute bath towel right here

Knitted doll from Smallstuff

A cute knitted doll for the little ones. The doll is very soft, and is easy to cuddle. The doll measures 29 cm. The doll is perfect as the first doll, as it is not so big and at the same time really soft. Price 199,95 kr. Buy Smallstuff doll here. 

Kaninpige from Miniroom

Cute girl with rabbit ears from the popular brand Miniroom. The doll measures 42 cm Buy the miniroom doll here

Baby Stella with pigtails

Cute doll with clothes, pigtails and pacifier. The doll is very durable and can last for many hours of play. The doll has a lifelike look and will quickly become many children's favourite doll. Because it is soft, it is well suited for the very young. 499,95 kr. Buy here.

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Doll in French look

This cute doll is designed and produced in France, and therefore has a different look than many other dolls you see. It measures about 30 cm, and wears nice clothes in shades of orange. Very good doll for small children. Buy the French doll here. 

 Lucky boy Sunday

A knitted doll with a different look than many other dolls. Its large eyes give the doll expression and life. Lucky boy Sunday dolls look decorative in the nursery and are fun to play with. This model measures approximately 22 cm and costs DKK 499.95. See more dolls from lucky boy Sunday here. 

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Cute dolls from French Corolla

The doll has a mild vanilla scent, which is the same scent used in aroma therapy to create inner peace. The scent is approved and completely free of harmful substances.The dolls measure 30 cm and are good for children from around 18 months, when many children have really taken an interest in playing with dolls. The dolls are designed and produced in France. Buy the cute dolls here

Circeline in matchbox

Cirkeline is known from DR television, and she will certainly bring joy to the little ones. A matchbox is included for her to sleep in. Cirkeline costs 199 kr. Go to dealer.


Farm with animals

Animals and animal sounds are something most children at 1 year old start to learn. Toys that teach are both fun and practical.

A farm with animals for children will certainly be played with a lot. For example, buy the popular schleich farm animals and farmyard to match.

Paper books

Reading books develops language. A child of 1 is learning his first small words. The first words are often: no, mummy, daddy, hello.

Help your child build more words by reading cardboard books. The great thing about cardboard books is that your child can sit with the book. The pages don't just get torn.

You're sure to find the right book at Saxo.

Jelly cat teddy bear

The rabbit from Jelly Cat is the cutest and softest teddy bear. It comes in many colours and sizes, so your child can have a whole collection of jelly cat friends. The rabbits are very popular because they are so soft and children love them.

Teddy can be a comfort to your child when he is sad. Or a regular part of the naptime ritual. Jelly cat bunnies are very popular as they are incredibly soft and children love them

Button puzzle

  • Retailer: Pixizoo
  • Price from 80 kr.

Button puzzles are challenging and fun for children aged 1 year. They learn about hazards and shapes. Moreover, it is a good activity mom and dad can join in.

You're sure to find the right puzzle at Pixizoo

Toot Toot Drivers

  • Retailer: BR Toys
  • Price 599,95 kr.

Very popular car track for children. Several fun cars can be bought for the track that can make sounds and drive away- Available only at BR Toys.

For the track, you can buy more cars and expansions if you want to later. The car track can be used from 1 year and the child will enjoy the car track for many years to come as it is suitable for many levels.


  • Retailer: Legebutikken
  • Price: set at 129,95 kr.

Stacking strengthens coordination and it's even more fun to knock the blocks over again. These stacking blocks also have great pictures for you to look at and practise the words.

Baby swing

Krea baby swing in different colours.349 kr.Prices: set at 349 kr.

Babies can use a baby swing when they can sit by themselves. A baby swing is safer than a regular swing because you can't slide off it. Baby swings can be used by children from the age of sitting up to 2 years.

Children develop their sense of balance when they swing, and all children love to swing.

If you want to read more about baby swings, you can read about the 3 best baby swings here.

Mini trampoline with Thomas Tog

  • Retailer: Only4kids
  • Price 649 kr.

It is possible to get mini trampolines that can be used from children as young as 12-18 months. A mini trampoline is a great gift idea for a 1 year old as it can be used both now and in the future. A trampoline is a toy that will surely be used for many years to come.

Strengthen motor skills

At the same time, the trampoline develops motor skills and children can burn off a lot of energy, even if it's not quite the right weather to be outside. A mini trampoline can easily be placed indoors. It helps develop balance and motor skills, and most kids love to jump.

Brio train

  • Retailer: Lirumlarumleg
  • Price 1.249 kr.

A train set can be a great gift for a 1st birthday. It is one of those gifts that can be used for many years to come. The train here is more expensive than many other toys. On the other hand, you get a quality product that can last for many years of play. Another advantage is that junior can ask for more accessories for his train for Christmas and his next birthday.

A 1 year old cannot assemble the whole train set by himself, but will have a lot of fun playing with the trains. It is therefore also an obvious game for mum and dad to join in.


  • Retailer: Lirumlarumleg
  • Price: from 299,95 kr.

Bobbles toys are great motor toys for children aged 1, but pretty much all other ages too. Children use the toys to climb on, stack, jump off, swing on and much more.

Bobles motor toys are highly recommended for 1 year olds. It is definitely a popular toy for children at 1 year old. Here we have shown bubble's crocodile, but there are many fun variations to choose from.


  • Retailer: Lirumlarumleg
  • Price: from 299,95 kr.

Bobbles toys are great motor toys for children aged 1, but pretty much all other ages too. Children use the toys to climb on, stack, jump off, swing on and much more.

Bobles motor toys are highly recommended for 1 year olds. It is definitely a popular toy for children at 1 year old. Here we have shown bubble's crocodile, but there are many fun variations to choose from.

Good games with 1 year old

For a child of 1 year, it is fun to play away tit-tit. The child is learning that things are not gone just because you can't see them. Therefore, it is fun and healthy for them to practice that mommy or daddy is not gone just because you can't see them.

Music is almost always a hit. Children can dance intuitively from a very young age, and it's great for them to move to the beat. Put on some music and enjoy dancing together.

Puzzles are available for many levels. For a 1 year old, the best puzzles are those with knobs, where there are only 3-4 pieces on the board. Fiddle games are also a big hit at this age. Balls, dancing, rolling, walking, or crawling are all good for motor skills.

  • Gone tit-tit
  • Dancing together
  • Stable blocks
  • Playing with lego
  • Lying puzzle
  • Tumlelege
  • Play outdoors - 10 fun outdoor games

Popular toys 1 year

As described above, motor toys for children are always popular toys. Among popular toys for 1 year old there are also toys that can be used in role play. For example play kitchens, dolls or tools where children can imitate the activities of adults.

When you think about what a 1 year old wants and what's popular for a 1 year old, you've come to the right page. Here we have made a long list of the best toys for 1 year olds.

 What does a 1 year old want?

A 1 year old is not yet able to express herself clearly about which toy she thinks is the best toy. Look at what the child plays with most and find out what he or she finds interesting. If your child loves to stack and collect, Lego Duplo is sure to be a hit. If your child loves speed, a treadmill might be a good gift.


The best toys 1 year

Here we have compiled a list of the best toys for a child of 1 year. On the list we have selected the best toys 2017. It will hopefully save you a lot of time searching for toys online. The list can be used as inspiration for gifts, but of course also just if you think your child needs something new to play with.