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Table of contents

Here, we've taken a look at the best continental beds that offer great value for money. A continental bed is a great choice for those who want both comfort and a bed that looks great in the bedroom. Before you make your purchase, however, there are a number of things you should be aware of. Find out more by clicking on the points below.

Here you will find a large selection of continental beds at affordable prices

Continental bed at a cheap price

If you're after a nice new bed, but without going broke, click here, and see more about this particular bed. Right now it's on sale for just £9,999, but visit the site to see the current price now and here.

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The bed has several comfort zones that relieve your body when lying in bed. Inside the mattress there are good and relieving pocket springs, which are the best to support the body, in the right way depending on whether you lie on your side or on your back. You can also buy sheets on the site for just 89 kroner.

What is a continental bed?

To quickly explain how a continental bed differs from e.g. a box mattress, it is the structure of the bed itself. A continental bed consists of three layers, with a box mattress at the bottom, then a spring mattress and finally a top mattress to complete the comfort. The three layers enhance the sleeping experience and this is probably the main reason why a continental bed has become increasingly popular in recent years and can be found in many Danish homes. Besides, with a continental bed you get a bed that looks good, and looks nice in the home bedroom.

The three layers also mean that a continental bed is higher than other beds, giving you the feeling of being "out of bed" rather than "in bed". That means a lot more than most people expect. Several people have found that they get a better sleep experience when they are slightly higher up. A continental bed will make you feel like a king or queen.

A continental bed is built up as follows

What distinguishes a continental bed from a box mattress is the three layers that make up the bed. So when you sleep in a continental bed, you get the support of three layers. What you need to make sure of when buying a continental bed is that all three layers are of good quality. Unfortunately, you often see that the bottom layer has been cut and the bed can therefore be sold at a very cheap price. In general, price and quality are linked when looking at beds.

The three layers of a continental bed
Bottom layerMiddle layerTop layer
A box mattressSpring mattressA top mattress

On this page, we've taken a look at the best continental beds. A continental bed has become increasingly popular in recent years and is now found in many Danish homes. That's because these beds look great in the home. In addition, they have a really good comfort due to their construction of three layers. See our picks for the best continental beds here.

How to choose the best bed for you

If, based on the above description of the continental bed, you are considering investing in one, you should of course make sure that you find the bed that suits you best.

Because of our sleeping habits, weight and personal style, it's a good idea to do some research before you buy a bed. That's why we've chosen to write about how to choose the best bed for you and how to avoid the typical pitfalls when it comes to choosing the best bed.

Find the best mattress

One of the most important things when choosing a bed is the mattress. When we talk about continental beds, there are, as mentioned, three mattresses you should pay attention to. In particular, you need to pay attention to the quality of the bottom mattress. Unfortunately, the bottom mattress is sometimes skimped on, and in some cases the bottom part is just a wooden frame, which unfortunately does not provide the support that you want from a good continental bed. See our suggestions for good continental beds further down in the text or click here. When choosing a mattress, first of all pay attention to the firmness of the mattress.

The right firmness of the mattress

When it comes to finding the right firmness for your mattress, the spring mattress is the one to focus on. Unfortunately, many Danes end up choosing a mattress that is too soft, which results in many aching shoulders and neck pain. Most people who try out a bed in physical stores often choose one that is comfortable to lie on for 5-10 minutes. But in reality, there is a big difference between that and lying there for a whole night. In fact, the mattress should be too hard rather than too soft to provide the best support. Fortunately, there is a relatively simple formula that you can go by when buying a bed online.

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How to choose the right mattress for your weight

Depending on your weight, you should choose a mattress that suits you. Obviously, the lighter you are, the less pressure there will be on the mattress. Therefore, if you weigh less than 75 kg, the mattress should be slightly softer than if you weigh more. Choosing a mattress can be difficult if your weight is right on the limit, i.e. exactly or just around 75 kg. In this case, you should contact the store and ask for advice. Immediately they say that the mattress should be too hard rather than too soft. Should you be unlucky and still end up with the wrong firmness, e.g. Better Nights will exchange the firmness for a fee of 499 DKK.

Firmness of mattress according to weight
Under 75 kgYou weigh between 75 and 95 kgOver 95 kg
Pocket springs and medium firmnessPocket springs and firmnessMultipocket springs and a firm firmness

You can read more about choosing the best bed after the picture.

Venus Nova No. 1 is a super stylish continental bed at a very reasonable price.

Choose a mattress divided into zones

It is a good idea to choose a continental bed that is divided into zones. This means that the firmness is not exactly the same everywhere on the bed. Your body doesn't need the same firmness all over. Your feet don't need much resistance, whereas other parts of your body should have more. This way, your body gets the best support and relief where it needs it. See picture.

With the right firmness of the mattress, your shoulders and hips will sink slightly further into the mattress. This keeps your spine straight, even when sleeping on your side.

The best top mattress for you

When choosing a top mattress, go for the top mattresses in either Latex or Memory Foam. It is not advisable to buy the very cheap types of mattresses with cold foam, which do not provide good support and collapse quickly. Memory foam mattresses adapt to your body and provide good support. One disadvantage of this type of top mattress, however, is that they can quickly become quite hot. If you are a person who sweats and feels hot at night, it is recommended to choose a latex top mattress instead. This is a natural material that allows the skin to breathe.


If you sweat a lot at night, take a closer look at the unique Kapok fibre pillows and duvets. These types are a 100% natural material that allows the skin to breathe. In addition, the production of Kapok duvets and pillows is sustainable and organic. They are available for both children and adults. Read more about this here.

The best continental bed - our pick for a really good bed... ( Continental bed: Best in test )

...without costing a fortune. We've taken a look at a range of continental beds, and found some where you really do get a lot for your money.

Sense Lux continental bed

140 x 200 cm 

This continental bed costs 15.999 kr. at Better Nights. Interest-free financing is available. 

Here you get a really nice bed from the Sense Lux series. The bed is Danish craftsmanship, and appears very beautiful and elegant. The delicious design also offers incredibly high comfort. You have the option to choose between two different top mattresses, both of which adapt to your body, temperature and lying position. This means that you don't feel the need to turn over as often, and therefore get a significantly better quality of sleep. The top mattress is slightly thicker than ordinary top mattresses, as it has these features. Underneath the top mattress is a good quality spring mattress, which is an important part of the continental bed structure. The Sense Lux spring mattress is made of the temperature-regulating and pressure-relieving Cooltex foam that surrounds the pocket springs of the mattress. At the bottom is a foam core, which is the bed's platform. It ensures that the two upper mattresses work together. A great bed that gives you a good night's sleep. SENSE Lux continental bed, is a good bet for the best continental bed.

Norland Luxury Continental 140×200 cm

The normal price for this bed is 20.995,00 kr. at the retailer

If you want a real luxury bed, this continental bed is a good choice. The bed has a good height from the floor, so you get the great feeling of being "up out of bed". The continental bed is built in three layers. A box mattress, a reversible spring mattress and a delicious top mattress. The box spring mattress has good pocket springs, which provide good stability in bed. In the bed there are 5 comfort zones, also called shoulder and hip zones. These ensure that your body sinks a bit further into the bed vd hip and shoulders, where there is weight. This way, your spine is kept straight. This is especially important if you like to sleep on your side. The top mattress adds the finishing touch to the bed. It is fully moulded, so you avoid a "crack" in the double bed. It's very breathable, which you'll benefit from if you're hot at night. It's not the cheapest continental bed, but it's the right choice for those who want to make a good investment, and acquire a bed that will last for many years.

Venus Nova 2.0 continental bed

180 x 200 cm | Appears nice with bedspread

Venus Nova 2.0 is available at Bedre Nætter and costs 26.999 kr. Interest - and fee-free financing is possible. 

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This bed is one of the most popular models at Better Nights, and is a good bet for the best continental bed if you want a bed that can be customised to your personal style. The bed is an upgrade of a previously popular model, and therefore has a number of nice details. Among other things, the top mattress has been improved and is slightly thicker than the previous model, which helps to provide a better comfort and sleeping experience. The bed is upholstered in furniture fabric, which gives it a nice finish. You can choose from several colours and types of bed frame, which helps to personalise the bed.

Each side of the bed can be adjusted if you and your partner weigh differently (see more on weight and mattress choice earlier in this article). In this continental bed, attention has really been paid to detail, and it a great choice of bed if you're after something of the best. There are a whopping 504 individual support points in the mattress, which properly supports and relieves your body. In addition, the bed has a temperature regulating effect, so you don't get too hot or cold. The strength of this continental bed is its multi-pocket springs, which provide increased comfort and an extra long life.

The continental bed is upholstered with a stylish full-cover of high-quality upholstery fabric that gives the bed a great look. This is not a bed you need to hide away under a bedspread!

Norland Exclusive Continental Bed

140 x 200 cm | Danish design and quality with 25 years guarantee

Choose between two colours on the Norland Exclusive Continental Bed, as well as an optional mattress. Normal price 20.995 kr.

Norland continental beds are a safe choice if you are looking for one of the best continental beds on the market. This one is made in Jutland by Danish craftsmen, and the bed offers great comfort in addition to a nice and complete look. As a special feature, both mattresses are coated with 12 mm layers of Cooltes foam, which provides an extra layer of comfort. A good top mattress is included with the purchase of this bed which measures 10 cm in height. This gives you a really good feeling when you lie down in bed. Because of the important comfort zones for shoulders and hips, you won't sink too much into the mattress and end up with a bad sleeping position. If you are looking for a good continental bed, this one is definitely worth a look.

Norland Superior A Continental Bed

Danish produced bed in high quality

Norland Superior beds can be purchased here from DKK 9,995, depending on the size and options you want

The Norland series is one of the best-selling beds at, as you get a really good bed for the money. You can choose between two different top mattresses for this bed. Either a Norland exclusive Latex or Wonderpur TOPmattress, both of which have a summer/winter side. If you feel very hot at night, and are particularly bothered by it in the summer, then a reversible top mattress will most likely alleviate the problem. On this bed you can choose the firmness of the mattress, depending on how much you weigh. The bed can be bought in several different colours to suit personal style. When you buy this bed, you get free delivery and it comes in several pieces so it can fit everyone. All in all, a great looking bed that is a good bet for the best continental bed at quite a reasonable price.

Jupitor no. 1 - one of the most popular continental beds

180 x 210 cm | Note the extra length

You can buy the bed for 16.000 kr. at Better Nights. Read more about the continental bed here.

A bed that looks good and gives you a good night's sleep. Like all continental beds, this one is quite high, which gives you the feeling of getting "out of bed" rather than "up out of bed". This makes a difference to your experience of lying in bed. You'll feel like a real king or queen in this bed, which even retails at quite an affordable price. This model is among the best continental beds if you're looking for a mattress with longevity. The mattress has 5 zones that make sure to give you the support your body needs. The mattress is reversible, which significantly increases its lifespan. There is an optional top mattress for this bed, so it can be adapted to your individual weight.

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Affordable continental bed from Coop

140 x 200 cm 

The bed is sold at Coop for DKK 7,499.

This bed has a medium hardness and a latex top mattress. Latex is often a good choice when it comes to mattress toppers, as the skin can breathe in the material. Although the bed is sold at a price that most people can afford, it is equipped with nice details. The mattress is reversible and consists of good pocket springs. The mattress has 5 comfort zones, which provide good support when you sleep, even if you lie in many different positions. The bed comes with a 15-year warranty on frame and spring breakage. The rest comes with a 2½ year guarantee.

Krone continental bed | A good bed at a reasonable price

For the price you get a complete bed with optional top mattress, legs and delivery curb.

In this bed you can sleep well and comfortably. One of the best continental beds at a reasonable price

The mattress in the bed has the springs divided into two separate layers. This way, the "whole" mattress does not wear out, but can be turned over to extend its life. It is a Danish-made bed that has good pocket springs that give you a good sleeping experience. When you order the bed, you can choose the firmness. As a rule, you should choose a firm mattress if you weigh more than 75 kg, and a medium firmness if you weigh less than 75 kg. Like other continental beds, this one consists of three mattresses, which give the bed a stable structure and a height of 55 cm. The mattress has a total of 5 comfort zones, which ensure that you are perfectly immersed in the mattress and get support in the right places. The comfort zones allow you to sink further into the mattress at the shoulder and hip, so you avoid waking up with sore shoulders and back pain. A good choice of bed, and quite an inexpensive one at that.

Nordic feather Crown continental bed

140 x 200 cm.

The continental bed has 7 comfort zones and a reversible mattress with zone pocket springs. The normal price is 5.999 kr.

This continental bed from Wupti has the attractive look of a continental bed, but can still be bought at a fairly cheap price. Please note, however, that a top mattress is not included with this bed. This makes the height of the bed a bit lower. If you want the best possible comfort, you can add a top mattress. The spring mattress is reversible. It has a soft side and a hard side, so you can vary according to your preference. The bed comes with a beautiful headboard with decorative stitching, and is covered with a nice piece of furniture fabric. The bed looks great and will look great in your bedroom. It is sold at Wupti, where you can also find box mattresses and other beds.

Stylish bedding for your new bed

Sleep in soft and comfortable bedding

There's nothing better than sleeping in new, soft bedding. This bed set is from Georg Jensen and is made of Egyptian cotton. It is satin woven and feels like true luxury against your skin. The bed set has grey stripes that will fit into almost any bedroom. It is seen at Coop - click here.

If you're more into plain cotton bedding, you'll find plenty of examples of this too right here.

Elevating beds - a good alternative to the continental bed

Elevation bed - if you want to adjust your sleeping position

If you're looking for a new bed, you also need to consider whether you want an elevating bed. This type of bed has the advantage that you can adjust your sleeping position. You can raise/lower both the foot end and the head end, which is brilliant for those who like to read or watch TV in bed. It's also great for pregnant and breastfeeding women, who can sit up easily and comfortably with good back support. If you want to read more about elevating beds, you can find detailed descriptions of the advantages as well as the disadvantages right here.

Cheap bed as guest bed - only 1.099 kr.

If you are looking for a very cheap bed to be used as either a guest bed or extra bed then it is a good idea to look past Biva. There are many cheap beds to choose from and they are available at very reasonable prices. Here is the cheapest bed from Biva for just over 1,000 DKK.

Need money to buy a bed. Read more about financing, loan money and compare consumer loans.