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When to use a stroller?

Are you considering whether it's time to take the stroller into use, or maybe invest in one? In fact, there are lots of times when a pushchair is incredibly useful.

When to use a stroller?

From the moment your child can sit up without support, you can put the stroller into use. The stroller takes up less space than the pram, so it's great to take with you to the shops, in the car or on a trip.

  • The stroller is used at the earliest when the child is 7-8 months
  • A stroller is great for quick trips where your child doesn't necessarily need to sleep.

Perfect to take on the road

Most children love to sit up in their carriage and watch the world go by as you walk around the city. The stroller is great for this because it has a large backrest that can be laid down if baby needs a nap.

When to use a pushchair depends on where you live and whether the pushchair is used for walks in the garden. Lots of families like to have a big pushchair at home for daytime walks and then a smaller pushchair that's super easy to carry around when you're going out.

A stroller is different from a pushchair because it folds up and doesn't take up much space.

Questions and answers about pushchairs

If you're about to take the stroller into use, you'll have some questions you're looking for answers to. See if you find the answer below

When to use a stroller?

Most often when baby is big enough to sit up on his own and no longer needs to sleep several times a day but wants to look and observe the world more. Read when can baby sit in the pushchair.

Can the stroller stay in the car?

It depends on both the car and the stroller, as there are large strollers and small cars. However, as a general rule, you can fit a pushchair in your car, whatever the size of your car. It's just a matter of finding the right pushchair.

Which stroller is best?

It all depends on your needs and how much you want to pay for the stroller. The most expensive pushchairs are not always the best as they are often heavier and more expensive. On the other hand, they have plenty of comfort and are suitable for long trips.

Think about whether the stroller should be able to turn backwards so your child is facing you, or whether it should be super easy to carry in the car. You can also consider a sibling stroller.

Can my baby sleep in the stroller?

Yes, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the golden nugget not being allowed to close its little eyes if it gets tired. However, it's a good idea to make sure that the back can lie down, as this is more ergonomic for the little one's back, and it's also easier to create some peace and shade around the sleeping child.

When to switch to a pushchair?

This question is particularly relevant if you have one of the smart prams where you can replace the pushchair part with a stroller part. Most people switch to a pushchair when their child is around one year old. It also depends a bit on whether your child has outgrown the pram. Or your child may stop sleeping in the pushchair altogether, in which case you might as well switch to the smart pushchair as soon as baby can sit up on his own.

When can baby sleep in a pushchair?

When your little one gets tired on a walk, it's nice when he or she can take a nap in the stroller. But when can baby sleep in a pushchair? Read on to find out.

Baby can sleep in the stroller from around 6 months. It is best if the back of the pushchair can be fully reclined.

  • Baby can sleep in the stroller from around 6 months if the back can be fully reclined
  • If the back can only stand up, the child should preferably be 2-3 years old and it should be limited to a short nap or sporadic naps if possible.

Read also about when baby can sit in pushchair.

When is a stroller good to sleep in?

A stroller is different from a pram in several ways. In the following, we'll go over how the two differ in more detail and why it's best not to put your baby to sleep in a stroller from the time they're a newborn.

A pram

The stroller consists of a large box with an insulated bottom and a soft mattress inside. There's plenty of room for a duvet, pillow, cuddly toys and whatever else baby prefers. The pram is many children's favourite place to sleep. Because of the soft mattress and the space, babies can sleep in the pushchair from birth right up to the age of 3, if they can stay there at all.

A stroller

This type of stroller is characterized by the fact that it can be folded - hence the word stroller. It is therefore super easy to take on the road. It can fit in all cars where it is otherwise difficult to fit the large stroller. It's also great for travelling, as you can actually pack it up as luggage. The smallest pushchairs are umbrella strollers.

What type of stroller?

There really are many types of pushchairs. It's a good idea to think about whether your baby will sleep in it every day, or just for naps once in a while. If it's mainly for sitting up, then you don't need to think too much about whether the back can lie flat.

Or your child may be big enough to get down and walk a bit on their own, in which case you can settle for an even smaller pushchair.

However, if your child needs a nap often, and is perhaps under 1 year old, you'll be happy with a model that can lie flat on its back. You can always find the answer to this question in the description of the stroller on the page or in the shop where you buy it.

So if your baby is over 6 months and can lie flat on their back in the pushchair, you can let your little one catch up on some beauty sleep in the pushchair with a clear conscience.

Carrycot for pram, pushchair and car seat

If you're researching which is the best carrier bag, check out our review of the best carrier bags on the market and how to use them. Also read what you need to be aware of before deciding on which driving bag to get.

If you already know what you're looking for, you can jump straight in and read about our picks for the best baby carriers.

Scroll down and see if you can find the right carrier for you and your child.

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Sibling stroller - two children on the go

If you have children with less than 3 years age difference, a sibling stroller is a must! It's indispensable when they both need naps at different times, and you don't have to deal with arguments over whose turn it is to sit in the stroller when little legs get tired. On this page [...]

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Cheap high chair for baby

A good and inexpensive high chair baby is necessary when the little one to sit at the table. There are many models on the market, and fortunately the most expensive are not always the best. Here we take a look at cheap high chairs for baby.

Most people can agree that babies and children are generally not particularly cheap to run. That's why it's no shame to look for cheap alternatives to baby equipment, and that could be a cheap high chair, for example.

Flexibility in everyday life

There are good and expensive models on the market, but a cheap baby chair can be just as good. Many of the models we've found here are both cheap and even easy to fold up and take on the go.

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Cradle for changing table or playpen

A crib or playpen crib looks cute and decorative, and gives baby something exciting to look at. Today, there are a myriad of beautiful changing table armchairs, so you're sure to find one that's perfect for you and your baby. On this page, we've collected some great-looking swaddles at great prices.

Every parent probably knows the problem of a baby who is just too wild when he or she has to be changed. It can be difficult to change the nappy and to change baby properly, causing frustration. Luckily, babies are pretty easy to distract and there's probably nothing more exciting than some pretty characters floating around above baby's head.

With a changing table cradle, baby can lie still for the time it takes to change the nappy or clothes. A crib takes baby's attention.

Create cosiness at the changing area

A crib is also great for creating cosiness in the changing area. Especially in the first few months, a lot of time is spent changing baby, so it makes sense to create a really cosy changing area where you can chat together.

Some people think that a crib cradle prevents the important eye contact between parent and child, but you have to decide for yourself what works best for you and your child. You can also wait until baby is a few months old, when diaper changes often cause problems because baby squirms, turns over on his stomach and generally doesn't find lying still very exciting.

A playpen crib is also a good idea, as baby can lie down and snuggle up while you eat a snack or sip a cold coffee. It's amazing what you can do in 5 minutes when you have a baby.

Here we have collected different cute swaddles for the changing area and where you can buy them. You can also make your own. You can read about that at the bottom of the page.

Cute flamingos with crown

Beautiful, dancing flamingos with royal crowns on their heads will steal baby's attention. When in motion, it looks like the birds are gracefully dancing around. Perfect if you're into the romantic look in pastel colours.

Uro with clouds in neutral colours

Clouds have long been popular as decorations in children's rooms. And in a crib it's super obvious. Here you see the cute clouds combined with balloons that make everything look like a beautiful sky. This model is kept in neutral colours, so it fits in almost any baby's room.

Colorful uro

If you're not afraid of colour, this Noah's Ark version is perfect for you. The bright colours can be seen by babies from the very beginning of life, when their eyesight is not yet so developed. So this is a great crib for newborns who are starting to look around at the world.

Trouble with music

Both music and fun characters that move around, this cradle is sure to delight your baby. Unlike other models, this one can actually withstand being played with. It's even easy to move around and can be hung in the pram.

Trouble with crocheted monkeys

If you're into the crochet look, then this cute wrap is just the thing. It has cute monkeys hanging from its legs and arms, and looks fun. Luckily, if you can't crochet yourself, you can buy a nice crochet crib crib.

Uro from Done by Deer

This is not one of the cheap uroes with a price of 600 kr. On the other hand, it is super easy to mount on the edge of the cot or playpen with the included holder. The urn features the familiar and distinctive animals from the popular Done by Deer brand.

Beautiful balloon from Fillipa

The balloons from Fillipa have been very popular on Instagram, as they are super decorative and beautiful. Fun for both baby and parents to look at. This one is just a single balloon, but you can also buy an urn with multiple balloons.

Decorative room with a crib for the changing area

A baby's room is a sanctuary for little ones and a cosy place to stay, even if they don't use it much for playing, but more for being pampered and sleeping. At first, babies may not even sleep in their own room, but in mum and dad's double bed or in a bedside crib baby bed. Still, there's something incredibly cosy about decorating your baby's room and changing area, and it's also something that many mums-to-be enjoy during pregnancy.

The decor of the room is very important for the cosiness of the baby's room. There are several ways to create a cosy atmosphere. The colour of the walls and the furniture you choose are an important part of the decor. But the details like pictures for the children's room or a crib for the changing table also means a lot. The cuddly atmosphere in the room comes mostly from baby accessories and all the cute details like a crib crib.

But even if the changing area is in the bathroom, it can still be cosy, and you're sure to find room for a cute baby blanket.

Find the right turmoil

There are many different kinds of baby nappies, some models are colourful and play music, while others have a modern and minimalist look. Then there are some models designed to help baby relax before naptime and others to entertain little ones over the changing table. The choice depends entirely on what you want. But for the most part, just the fact that the crib is moving will entertain baby.

Make your own turmoil

If you can crochet, make beadboard or have other creative ideas, you can also make your own uro. Just buy a holder from a hobby shop and let your creativity take over.

List of big sister gift or big brother gift

Mark a huge milestone in life with a big sister gift or a big brother gift. Having a sibling is both a gift, but it can also be hard on the big one who now has to share mom and dad's attention. With a gift for a big brother or sister, you'll make the transition easier and the big one will be beaming with pride. Find the perfect gift ideas here!

When you come home from the hospital with your little one, everything at home has changed. Mum and Dad will be more tired and it may be hard for siblings of all ages to adjust to having a little brother or sister who can't really play with them yet.

Prevent sibling jealousy by giving the older sibling a big sister or big brother gift. It makes them feel seen too, and it makes them a little more excited about the arrival of a new baby.

Which gift should you choose?

It's a good idea to choose a gift that will provide hours of play, and preferably something that you as parents can join in with, even if you have a small baby.

It could be a game, a puzzle, beads or something else. Think about what your child would find fun to play with. Here you also need to think about what age he or she is.

If you don't know which gift to choose, don't worry - on this page we've collected a number of great gift suggestions for the big sibling!

A cute doll

A perfect gift for the new big sister or brother. The doll can both help your child learn how to treat a baby, and it might be a bit more fun to watch your little brother or sister when you have a baby of your own to look after.

For lots of play with the doll, give big sister a real baby doll.

Favourite movie

With a newborn in the house, it's bound to be a little more busy for mum and dad. So it can be a nice break for the big one to sit and watch some cartoons. You can do that too, even if you're breastfeeding or bottle-feeding with baby in your arms.

So as a gift for the new big brother - or sister - you can buy a good children's cartoon that they can enjoy watching again and again.

Barbie doll

Many hours can be spent playing with barbies. At the same time, they are some nice dolls that the little one doesn't find interesting yet. Therefore, it is a good gift for the big one, so he or she can get some toys as a gift that are for big kids.

Large fire station

If you really want a special gift, this beautiful fire station is a good choice. There really is a lot to play with here. Cars can drive up and down the ramp and put out the city's fires.

It's very sturdy, so it can easily stand up to wild play if your big brother or sister isn't that old yet.

Large puzzle

Another gift that can last for hours. This large jigsaw puzzle forms a fun car track on the floor where cars can zoom around.

A jigsaw puzzle is a great gift idea, as it encourages a little quiet play you can easily do even if the little one is sleeping sweetly.

Why give a gift to big sister or big brother?

No matter how old your first child is, when a little one, it will undeniably be a whole new situation at home.

It's pouring in with maternity guests who are about to fall in swooning over the newborn, gorgeous baby, while the big one used to be the centre of attention.

At the same time, the big sister or big brother has to get used to suddenly to be "the big one". New demands are made and baby needs to be taken into account. With a gift for the big one might make the transition a little easier.

Is a little sister or brother not gift enough?

Siblings are a gift - most people can agree on that. The probably one of the reasons you chose to have the child in the first place. a sibling.

But from the perspective of a 2-year-old or a 3-year-old, a baby might not be the most exciting thing? After all, they can't join in the play, and they take up a lot of time breastfeeding, changing nappies and rocking. That's why it's really wonderful and has a great impact on the big sibling that he or she gets a little gift.

How much should the gift cost?

The important thing is not really what the gift costs, but probably more that it's there. Most people end up giving a gift that costs 2-300 crowns. In this price range, you can find a lot of toys that would make a great gift for big brother or big sister.

If it is a slightly older child, say 9-10 years old it may be more difficult to choose toys. At this age they don't play as much but they are still children.

Here you have to think about finding something that they think is cool and exciting. It could be a toy drone, some complicated LEGO or maybe some nice new clothes to show off at school.

Prevent sibling jealousy

Besides a gift, there are plenty of other ways you can prevent jealousy between your two children. However, it can be hard to be in when you're just become the mother or father of two, and at the same time have to accommodate the fact that your first child might feel unloved.

Although it is a natural thing, it is of course difficult. Here's some advice to think about before you give birth, so you can make sure there's no envy between your two golden nuggets:

  • Let the big one help with nappy changing and changing the little one's clothes
  • Remember that a small baby is not always so exciting for a child of 2-3 years
  • Do things alone with the big one when the opportunity presents itself
  • Read books about becoming a big sister or brother
  • Give days off to your firstborn so he or she feels included in the new family structure you all have to get used to

Best bedside crib baby bed

With a bedside crib cot makes it easy to co-sleep with your little one. Baby is safe and safe in his own bed, but still close to mum, which makes it much easier to breastfeed and listen to baby at night. Here we take a look at the many retailers of bedside crib baby beds, and which ones are right for your home, needs and budget.

A bedside crib baby bed is a small baby bed that can used in the first months of baby's life. Usually up to baby weighs 9 - 10 kg., but otherwise you have to judge when baby is too big or too far along motor skills to sleep in the cot.

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Indoor climate in the children's room

Chemicals, dust and particles all contribute to a poor indoor climate in your child's room. This can lead to poor sleep, headaches, allergies, fatigue and other problems for your child. But luckily, there's a lot you can do to improve the indoor environment. Read on to find out how you can improve the indoor environment.

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Vikle-mom? How to carry your baby

A wrap is more or less a large piece of fabric that you tie around yourself and baby so that baby sits on your back, hip or tummy. When you wrap your baby properly, he or she sits ergonomically correctly and you can use the wrap from day 1 until your baby doesn't want to be carried anymore.

Would you like to start winding, but are unsure if it's too complicated?

Or are you wondering if a wrap is worth the money at all?

So read on, where we talk about what's good to know before you invest in your own wrap.

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Does your baby wear chemical clothes?

The market for baby clothes is booming and you can freely choose from all kinds of great brands for baby. But as parents, there's a truth that few tell. The way clothes are made can leave chemical residues in your baby's clothes. Not a nice thought, is it? Here, we've taken a look at how you can steer clear of the worst nasty chemicals when it comes time to renew your baby's wardrobe.

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Modern cloth diapers for baby - Is it a good idea?

Cloth nappies are smart because they save you and the environment a lot of waste. At the same time, you also save money because cloth diapers can be washed and reused again and again. So you don't have to buy new disposable nappies every week.

If you think cloth nappies sound awkward and maybe even a little disgusting, read on. It's a far cry from the old-fashioned cloth nappies to the new modern ones. In fact, many parents who have tried cloth nappies end up finding them far easier than traditional disposable nappies.

Here we look at both the advantages and disadvantages of the modern cloth nappies, compared to the ordinary disposable nappies.

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Ideas for decorating the children's room

Decorating children's rooms can be fun, but if you don't know where to start or how to create a common thread, it can be a daunting task. We want to help you decorate your child's room - your guide to both big and small. 

Before you start decorating your children's room, you need to decide what kind of room you want. If you have older children, they may be able to help you decide. This is difficult if you're making a baby room for a future toddler or a toddler who doesn't yet have a say in the decor. 

You can choose to go in the direction of the stylish decor, where the brightly coloured toys are packed well away and it is instead delicate colours or the grey / white scale that is mostly used. You can also opt for a more colourful room where there's room to show off toys.

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Fun packed lunches for kids are an easy way to make lunch a little more inviting. Some children actually eat more if the food is served in a fun and inviting way. At nursery or school, a fun lunchbox for kids is the perfect way to do this! Here we have collected a number of ideas for fun [...]

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Adult bedding for children

Many children sleep with an adult duvet when they are 4-6 years old or older. Some children simply go straight from baby duvets to adult duvets, which is why you need adult duvets for children.

An adult duvet usually measures 140 * 200 cm. There isn't a huge selection of adult bedding for children, but here we've put together a selection of nice and cosy adult bedding for children. You can see a large selection of

See different adult bedding for children below

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Weaning the pacifier - When to wean the pacifier?

It's great when your little one finds peace and comfort in his or her soother. But there comes a time when you wonder if it's time to wean. On this page, you can read about when it's time to wean and how you can [...]

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One of the first big questions new parents have to consider is: When can baby have a pacifier? It's a question to which there is no precise answer. All babies have different needs and conditions that affect whether they want or need a soother at all. Find out [...]

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Baby Swing Cradle - The best swing cradle for baby

A baby crib is completely different from other cribs and baby beds, as it is actually a piece of fabric. Baby therefore hangs in a kind of hammock. The fabric wraps around baby and makes many babies settle down and sleep really well in their carrycot. A baby sling is also called a spring cradle, as it hangs from a spring. This [...]