A tricycle for children is an old classic that will probably never go out of fashion. It's a cute little bike that's a great way to introduce your child to a bike with pedals. Most children are very happy with their tricycle and can learn to pedal safely and easily before they need a proper two-wheeled bike. For example, this red tricycle from Cycling partner.

A tricycle can be used from the age of 1 - 1.5 years and up until the child doesn't find it fun anymore or has outgrown it.

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Before you buy a tricycle

When it comes to finding the best tricycle for your child, the first thing you need to think about is what it will look like and whether it will suit your child. Make sure you read the description of the height of the bike before you buy.

Most tricycles come with a small rear cargo box, but some models also come with a small trolley that can be hooked on, giving even more space for toys or whatever your child wants to carry around. The models without a load compartment have the advantage of weighing less and are therefore easier for the child to move around, for example the model from Puky.

A tricycle is best suited for outdoor use, so check that the wheels are sturdy and can withstand riding on asphalt or grass. A tricycle is fairly easy to maintain, but it's still a good idea to have some oil for the pedals, which you can treat with after removing sand and dirt.

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If you buy a tricycle online

If you choose to buy a tricycle for children online, there are a number of benefits to be had. For example, you can easily surf the web and find the best price, and you might even be lucky enough to find a tricycle on sale. There are many variants to choose from and online you can easily browse through the different ones to find the right one. You can find tricycles at places like Children in Balance or at Cycling partner. 

Tricycle from Puky

Children's bikes from Puky are known for being incredibly good quality, whether it's a tricycle like this one or a scooter or treadmill. This tricycle doesn't weigh very much and is therefore easy for the child to manoeuvre around on. It is suitable for children from about 80 cm. The child sits comfortably and stably on the seat and can easily turn the pedals. The bike costs DKK 449.95 at Børn i Balance - buy here.

The classic red tricycle

This model is probably the best known type of tricycle, and in fact can be called the classic tricycle. It has a nice little load compartment for toys and the saddle is height adjustable. It's red and white and just a really nice bike that kids can use from around 1.5 years old. The bike is available in several colours if you don't like the red one. Seen at Cykelparter for 579 kr. - Buy here.

The ultimate tricycle - is also a stroller

This tricycle is ideal for the child who loves to be active, but still needs to get moving sometimes. The bike costs 1,899 DKK and also functions as a stroller with handlebars and storage space. This way, you can pedal away with your child and transport yourself in a way that's fun for the child and easy for the parents. It can be purchased here.

Very nice tricycle in retro design

This tricycle is very different from others as it appears nice and special in its appearance. If you want an aesthetically pleasing tricycle that stands out a bit, this is a good choice. It can be used from 2.5-5 years. The frame is sturdy and timeless and your child can ride in style. The bike costs 1.199, 95 kr. at Lirumlarumleg - click here.

Tricycle (can be changed to a two-wheeler)

Another tricycle with a slightly different design than many other tricycles. This bike stands out because it can actually be converted into a two-wheeler, which makes higher demands on balance. Be aware though that this bike doesn't have pedals, so it's really more of a running bike with three wheels. It can be bought at Lirumlarumleg right here.

Tricycle or treadmill?

Tricycles are a fun way to get around and most children love their tricycle. It gives them the opportunity to ride around on a bike that has really good balance and that the child can practice on without the risk of accidents. In terms of age, a tricycle is suitable for children aged between 2 and 4, depending on their height. Some children will be able to use it even longer, but this will vary from child to child. Many tricycles are not very high and therefore not easy for a very tall child to ride. A treadmill is probably a better choice here, which you can read more about below.

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Advantages of a treadmill

If you're considering investing in both a tricycle and a road bike, or one of the two, you'll find there's quite a difference. A two-wheel bike is more challenging, while a four-wheel bike may be a bit easier for your child to get around on.

A racing bike is a great way for your child to prepare for a real bike. On a treadmill, balance is really practised and challenged, while coordination might come into play a bit more on a tricycle. Advantages of a treadmill are:

  • Preparing your child for a real bike
  • The child can move forward
  • Balance is developed and strengthened
  • Can be used for a long time

You can see much more about road bikes here.