A stroller board is a good solution if you have two children, one in the stroller and the older one who wants to walk but also needs to rest.

See different versions of a universal stroller stand below

When choosing a standing board, there are many different options. There are several different versions of a universal stroller stand that you can use on almost any stroller or pushchair. In addition, there are stroller boards that are specifically designed for, for example, Emmaljunga or Odder prams. These will typically be slightly more expensive than the universal ones. Here we have mainly chosen to highlight the universal standing boards, as you get a good standing board for the money, and can choose between several different ones.

Sibling board from Basson

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How to use a sibling board for the pram?

A stroller board is mounted at the bottom of the stroller. The board itself has space for the big sibling to stand while the little one lies in the pushchair. When the child stands on the board, he or she will be surrounded by both the handlebars of the stroller and the arms of the adult. The sibling board can therefore also act as a safe place where you have more control over the child. It's handy if you're travelling in busy areas or other places where it's nice to have the child within easy reach. The big advantage of a stroller standing board is that your child can walk on his own, but also stand up super easily on the board if he needs a rest. Many people use a standing board on the way to or from nursery, where they also have their little one with them.

As an alternative to a standing board, consider a sibling seat.

Which standing board fits my pram?

If you're not sure which standing board is best for your stroller, we recommend you look through the list below. Here we have written about which strollers the selected boards are suitable for.

Babyjogger standing board for pram

A sibling board that can be mounted on all Babyjogger strollers. It can hold up to 20 kg and is perfect for older siblings who have tired legs and need a rest. The footrest is easy to attach to the stroller. You can use Babyjogger standing board whether you have Babyjogger City Elite, Mini or one of the other variants.

Easy Rider standing board

  • Universal standing board - fits most trolleys

One of the most popular steel boards is this Easy Rider standing board which fits the vast majority of trolleys. The footboard is approved for children up to 20 kg, which is suitable for children up to about 5 years of age. The board itself has an anti-slip coating, so the child stands firmly on the board. The wheels flash in the dark, which gives extra visibility if you are out early in the morning or late at night. You can also purchase a seat for this Easy Rider standing board.

Trillebror standing board from Babytrold

This Trillebror standing board is a popular choice as it is both cheap and practical. At the same time, it is a good size and probably the best standing board if it is used a lot. It fits Babytrold Cozy and X-cellent pushchairs, and a few other pushchairs, but not all. The footboard is a good size for your baby to stand safely and comfortably on if his legs are tired or you have to walk in a busy area. This standing board can be used for children up to 5 years old, who can easily still get tired legs on long walks.

Trillebror light Stand for pram or pushchair

  • Small standing board that fits the Babytrold Star and Supreme prams.

This Trillebror standing board is not so big, and is therefore a bit more handy to pedal around with. It is also available in a larger version, as described above. This small standing board is a good choice if it is to be used on a smaller pram or pushchair, and you don't want it to take up too much space when not in use. A really nice and cheap standing board, which is sold at Coop.

Universal standing board for pram

  • Fits most strollers - including pushchairs

This smart standing board fits almost all strollers, as it is a universal standing board. It is sold at the large online baby and children's store Lekmer.dk. The special thing about this standing board is that it doesn't take up much space. It is therefore ideal for those who may not need a standing board very often, but still want the option for an older sibling to take a rest on longer walks. This model has an extra wheel, which gives it good stability despite its small size. In addition, the wheels have suspension, which provides a much more comfortable ride for the child. On this sibling board, there is a strap from which it can be hung when not in use.

Sibling board for pram | Buggy Board with great colours

  • Universal stroller stand with different design

This beautiful standing board differs from many of the others we have mentioned here, mostly because of its beautiful colours. See more colours here. It is not a very big standing board, so it is recommended to be used for children from about 2 years. It is possible to buy a saddle for this standing board so that the child can also sit down if he or she needs to. A fun detail that you don't see on the more common standing boards.

Saddle for Buggy Board - so the child can rest his legs

  • Smart little saddle for the standing board from Buggy Board

Bumprider sibling board for pram

  • Universal stroller stand with good suspension

The standing board from Bumprider is another compact standing board with some extra nice details. There is good suspension in the board, which makes it much more comfortable to stand on and ride around with. It is easy to assemble and no tools are needed. You can therefore quickly and easily assemble the standing board as soon as you receive it. The footboard is shaped to fit two small feet. The compact size means it's less of a hassle to move around when not in use. If you choose the standing board from Bumprider, you are free to choose from several different colours. See them all here.

Cybex standing board for pram

  • Simple and nice design - fits Cybex Priam

Beautiful and simple standing board that fits the Cybex Priam stroller. This model is from Cybex, and has only one but large wheel, which gives the standing board a nice and simple design. The surface of the standing board itself is rough, giving the child a better footing. Perfect for trips with two children, one of whom wants to walk on his own but also needs to rest.

Sibling seat for pram - fits all prams

  • Sibling seat approved for 15 kg.

An alternative to a standing board is a sibling seat like this one from Babydan. It is a universal model, which means it can be fitted to all prams. Therefore, this model can be bought at a lower price than the sibling seats that are made for a pram of a particular brand. This sibling seat for pushchairs is approved for 15 kg. The seat is fitted so that it does not squish or hit the little one in the pram.

It's a great alternative to a standing board, especially if big brother or sister wants to get up and sit down, rather than stand on a standing board. It is a good choice for young children under 2 years. With a sibling seat, the big child can sit and rest while the little one lies in the stroller.

Sibling board - easy way to take two children on a trip

When a new baby joins the family, most people think about how they can get around most easily with both children. Especially if there are not many years between the children, finding the right solution can be a challenge. A child of 2 or 3 still gets tired quickly in the legs, but at the same time wants to walk by himself whenever possible. A pram sibling board, or standing board as it is also known, is a good solution to this. On a stroller stand, the older child can easily and quickly stand up when his or her legs get tired. It's also handy if you're going on a long trip, or perhaps travelling in a busy area where it's nice to have both children under control. A stroller footboard is also an inexpensive solution if the sibling seat is used as an alternative to a sibling stroller.

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A cheap sibling board - choose a universal model

If you want a cheap sibling board, it's a good idea to look for a universal sibling board. That is, one that fits the vast majority of pushchairs. These are a lot cheaper than if you choose to buy an Emmaljunga stroller board or Odder stroller board if you have one of these strollers. Standing boards for these types of prams cost around £1,000 at the normal price. Here we recommend that you look through the list above, where we mention standing boards with prices starting at 349 DKK.

A standing board for the pram that can be used up to 5 years

Standing boards can generally be used by children up to 20 kg, which is usually around the age of 5. This is also the age at which most children no longer need to stand on a standing board, preferring to walk independently all the time. A standing board will therefore be an investment that can be used for many years to come.

Sibling seat - a pram seat for the big sibling

Another option for taking two small children on a trip is a sibling seat, such as debt from Babydan. A sibling seat is fitted on top of the pushchair, where the older child can sit while the younger one lies down in the pushchair. It's a good choice if the big child is 1.5 - 2 years old and still needs to sit down and be kept under control.

Have you considered a double stroller?

If your older child still needs naps, a sibling or double pushchair could be a good option for you to consider too.

When you have children, you want to naturally have the best equipment to transport them around in. It's about safe and good comfort for the child and a comfortable carriage that is easy to drive. When it comes to choosing the right twin pushchair, the features come into their own. It's still about the optimum comfort for the children, but certainly also for the person driving the pushchair. In a sibling pushchair, two children quickly become heavy to carry around, while the pushchair is also wider than a normal pushchair. There may be some things that you prioritise over others, so it's all about finding the right twin folding pushchair to suit your family.

Guide to the right sibling pushchair

If you want to know more about which sibling carriages are on the market, you can read our guide to it right here. Your needs as a family may be different, as some go on more outings than others, for example. Most families choose equipment according to how much space you have in the car, if you have a car.

Take a look here and see which double stroller suits your needs.