Cushion - Find the best cushion for baby

A changing mat or a so-called changing cushion should be a permanent fixture when changing your baby. It can be advantageous to have precisely because it is a firm pillow with a small indentation so that the baby lies comfortably and safely while changing, unlike an ordinary pillow. Once the baby is born, much of the first time will be spent at the changing table. So make the changing area as comfortable and cosy as possible.

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Cushions for every taste

There are many different changing pads or cushions as they are called. Some are made of water-repellent material, which means they can be kicked off. Where others are made of plain fabric that can be taken off and washed if needed. There are advantages and disadvantages to both materials. The changing pads that are easy to clean and can also be kicked off can seem cold and less soft for the baby to lie on. However, cloth changing pads are softer and more comfortable. However, when it comes to cleaning, it is much easier to hose down a cushion in the nick of time than to wash, dry and re-cover the cushion with fabric. It's a matter of taste and what you feel works best for you. However, the changing pads all aim to make changing time as comfortable as possible for your little one and for you.

It is also possible to get changing pads or cushions in many different colours, designs and price ranges, so there is something for everyone. This also means that the changing mat can quickly become part of the décor of the changing table and even the nursery. There are countless different changing pads for boys and girls. Also in completely neutral colours if you prefer a calmer style or don't yet know the sex of your baby.


Popular changing pads


The pillow from Müsli is nice and in a very simple navy striped look. It is made of butter soft cotton with a coated surface which makes it easy to clean. The pillow has a good thickness so baby gets a comfortable nappy time. The cover is easily removable and can be easily washed. The cushion itself comes in a nice mule bag, which can then be used for toys. The cushion is also available in the colour Rose and costs DKK 299. Buy Müsli changing mat here

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Petit By Sofie Schnoor

The cushion from Petit Sofie Schnoor is made in a timeless design. Here in the colour Rose. Attention has been paid to detail with a focus on comfort and functionality. The cushion is made of organic cotton with a coated surface and a good thickness that ensures baby a comfortable cushion. The cover is easily removable and can be easily cleaned. The cushion is also available in Blue and Ocean and costs DKK 349. Buy Petit By Sofie Schnoor changing mat here




The Ocean Grey cushion from Filibabba is a delicious organic cushion where both quality and design are paramount. The cover is made of organic GOTS certified cotton and can easily be removed and washed. The cushion from Filibabba can be particularly useful if you like neutral and soft colours or if you don't know the gender of your baby yet. The cushion is also available in Dusty Rose or Nordic Blue and costs DKK 399. Buy the Filibabba changing mat here








The cushion from Liewood is made in a quilted and very aesthetic design with attention to detail. Here in the colour Sweet Rose. It is made of organic cotton with a coated surface that makes it easy to clean. The cushion is made of very nice quality with a good thickness that gives baby a nice comfort. The cover is removable with a zipper and therefore easy to clean. The cushion is also available in Dumbo Grey and costs DKK 449.

An addition to the Liewood changing mat is a cover that can be purchased extra. This makes the actual cleaning a lot easier because you can have another changing mat to wash while you do it. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to refresh the changing mat and give it a new look for a while. The cover is form-fitting, but incredibly easy to put on. You can get two covers for DKK 349. Buy both the Liewood changing mat and the cover here




The Leander Matty Dusty Grey cushion is made of soft moulded foam (PUR). This means that PUR contains neither harmful nor endocrine disrupting substances. The cushion has a waterproof surface and is very easy to clean and hose off. There is a non-slip base that keeps the changing mat firmly on the table or other smooth surfaces. This version is in neutral grey which is ideal for both sexes and is a full 70 cm long (5 cm longer than the regular changing pads). The cushion is also available in Pale Blue or Soft Pink and costs DKK 749. Buy the Leander changing mat here

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We recommend

Cuddle time with a newborn or older baby is an important part of well-being, as you can have many good times at the changing table. That's why it's important to make the changing area a safe place for baby, and preferably as cosy and comfortable as possible.

Recommendation No 1 (Filibabba)

To make the choice of the best baby changing mat a little easier, here are two recommendations.

If you like the latest design and want a softer and more comfortable baby changing mat, then the Filibabba changing mat is the way to go. It comes with a removable cover so it can be easily washed in the washing machine. The cushion is 65 cm, which corresponds to the traditional measurements. The cushion or so-called changing cushion is available in the colours Ocean Grey, Dusty Rose or Nordic Blue and costs DKK 399. You can buy the shown cushions from Filibabba here.


Recommendation No 2 (Leander)

If you prefer a more simple and calm style, value a firm base for napping and can clean the nappy quickly and conveniently without having to run the washing machine, then our recommendation would go to the nappy from Leander. It's also 5cm longer than traditional changing pads, making changing time a whole lot more fun as baby gets older. As previously described, the changing mat is available in Dusty Grey, Pale Blue or Soft Pink and costs DKK 749.

You can buy the shown changing pads from Leander here.

On the move with baby

When you are on the move with baby, a situation may arise where there is no changing place nearby. It is particularly suitable to equip yourself with a changing mat, so that it is possible to change everywhere while baby is lying on a comfortable surface during changing time.

A changing mat is available both in a fabric version and as a disposable mat. The fabric version is, as the word suggests, more comfortable with filling and can be described as a blanket. In short, the disposable changing mat is a piece of thick paper that is thrown away after the diaper change.

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Cushion from Liewood

Liewood has made a changing mat, here in the colour Sweet Rose, that is perfect for various outings. It is possible to fold the changing mat so that it takes up minimal space in the changing bag. The mat is kept in a stylish quilted design and is lightly padded. The changing mat is also available in Dumbo Grey and costs DKK 279.

You can buy the delicious Liewood changing mat here.



Cushion from Barnabé aime le café

French Barnabé aime le café has made an incredibly beautiful changing mat in beautiful liberty fabric. This changing mat is also ideal for outings or places where it is necessary to lay baby on a clean and comfortable surface. This mat folds up into a nice little bag, so it takes up minimal space in your changing bag. The changing mat is also available in other designs and costs DKK 399.

You can buy the unique changing mat from Barnabé aime le café here.





Cushion from Konges Sløjd

Konges Sløjd has produced a so-called changing mat. It is suitable for attaching to the changing pad with Velcro straps, so that you avoid various cloth diapers or towels when changing diapers when you are on the move, for example. It is a practical and soft mat that is easy to fold and take with you in your changing bag. The changing mat even fits all types of changing mats if you can find one where you are, but still want to lay your baby on your own clean surface. If you are not into the other types of changing pad designs, this changing mat can be placed on a completely neutral changing pad in your home. This way, it is possible to add a chosen design while making cleaning easier than with a regular fabric changing pad. The changing mat is available in the colours Botanic Granite Blue, Old Iron and Marshmallow and costs 199,95 kr.

You can buy the smart changing mat from Konges Sløjd here.