Motor toys for baby develop and stimulate baby's senses. Colourful motor toys stimulate the sense of sight. Different materials stimulate the sense of touch and teach your baby about his own body.

When the senses are stimulated, your baby's sense of balance develops. It's balance that helps him or her learn to crawl, crawl and walk without falling on his or her tail too many times. Check out the great selection of motor toys at Children in Balance, who specialise in educational and developmental toys.

In the first year of your baby's life, the foundations are laid for good and healthy motor skills and relationships with their body. On this page you will find a selection of the best motor toys for baby.


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Click on the points to read more about motor toys for children of different ages. In each category, toys for both gross and fine motor skills are selected.

A little about motor skills in the first year

In baby's first year, the best motor toys are filled with colours and shapes. Baby first learns to grasp the toy and start shaking it back and forth. At the end of the first year, baby gradually starts to play with it in a different way. For example, stacking the blocks, or putting blankets on the doll. There is a huge amount of development during the first year, and it's great for all babies to be able to move around and explore lots of exciting motor toys. Click here to see the best motor toys for baby's first year.

A little about motor skills in the second year

When the child is one year old, he or she starts walking and running around. A whole new level of mobility comes into play, which also increases the need and opportunity for gross motor development. Play and movement are great to have as part of everyday life. It can be a ride on the treadmill, or going down the slide a few times before bedtime. However, children also benefit from fine motor challenges, such as building with Lego Duplo, Playmobil or similar building blocks. Click here for our pick of the best motor toys for this age.

The best motor toys for baby 0-1 years

Oball - easy to grab and play with

Ideal toy for the very young!

An oball is a great motor toy for baby that she will love. The ball doesn't weigh much and is easy to grasp. It comes in several colours and designs. Baby can use the ball to learn how to grasp. The ball with holes is soft and can be completely flat, making it fun to play with and baby develops her sense of touch. Grasping and throwing the ball strengthens fine motor skills.

Skwish key - classic and ingenious rattle for the little ones

The Skwish rattle has won awards as the best toy for toddlers as it manages to stimulate many of baby's senses. It can be folded, chewed, grabbed, makes sounds and has bright colours that baby can see clearly. The rattle is priced at 249 DKK and is sure to become one of baby's favourite rattles.

Activity stand

An activity stand is a great idea for the little ones. Here they can look at the toys and reach out for them. Strong and bright colours develop the sense of sight. On an activity stand you can change the toys regularly, so they stay exciting for baby to look at.

Shaved eggs - cheap motor toys for baby

Motorically challenging. Fun rattle eggs provide the basis for many different games. You can rattle them to the rhythm of a song. It develops baby's ability to hear the rhythms of language, which supports language development. These rattle eggs are the perfect size for a baby's hand, and the fun rattle sound naturally encourages you to rattle away with the egg. Rattle eggs are inexpensive motor toys that are still super educational and fun to play with.

Tumletop - fun motor toys

Strengthen your child's sense of balance with the tumbler! Round and round - a tumbler teaches your child about space and direction, and it's just fun to spin around.

A tumble top is sure to be a success. It is among the best motor toys for baby, and is also available in many nurseries and day-care centres. Children love a spin and it effectively develops the sense of mazewhich is the understanding of the position of the head in relation to the body.

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Super fun pushchair with buttons and wheels

The trolley is filled with buttons that turn, ball tracks and much more in great colours. The Viga walker develops both gross and fine motor skills thanks to its many details. The walker strengthens gross motor skills. Some children can already start walking with the walker at 8 months of age.

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Why motor toys for baby are important

There are lots of motor toys for baby that develop baby's motor skills. The important thing about motor toys for baby is that they challenge baby and encourage him to use and develop his own senses and willingness to move forward.

Promotes motor development

Make play more fun

Educational toys

Make it more fun for little ones to lie on their tummies


The best motor toys for children 1 -2 years

Skateboard with car - full speed ahead

The fun rolling board can be used as soon as your baby has longer periods of wakefulness. Lay baby on his tummy on the rolling board and gently roll back and forth. Keep eye contact with your baby during this time. Her sense of balance is stimulated, as are the muscles in her back and neck, while she lies on her tummy.

As your child gets older, he or she can move forward on the skateboard by lying on their tummy and pushing forward with their arms. The car can be used as a walker when your child is strong enough to get up into a sitting position. There are many hours of fun and play.

Nice to know!

All bObles products are made of durable EVA foam and contain no harmful substances.

Hop hop - super motor toys for indoor use

At the age of 2, it is really important for the child to be allowed to move and play wildly. To satisfy this need indoors, a bouncy castle is a really good idea. On it, the child can jump around and burn off some gunpowder. The bouncer makes motor sense when the child is 1.5 years - 4 years old. This cute cow is from Krea, and is available in many different colours.

Puky racing bike

A treadmill is a really popular gift idea for children between 1 and 2 years old. At this age, the pace is fast and the child wants to move forward. The bike develops gross motor skills and coordination of the legs. At the same time, balance is practised. In the beginning, it is best to use a four-wheeled treadmill, like the model shown. As the child approaches 2 years, you can start to consider whether the junior is ready for one with two wheels. Puky scooters are available in several models and colours. Remember also to use bike helmetif you are travelling in traffic.

bObles elephant - great motor toys for baby

The elephant can be used for many different games. You can swing on it or jump off it. The only limit is your imagination. A really popular christening or Christmas present.

Nice to know!

All bObles products are made of durable EVA foam and contain no harmful substances.

Lego Duplo Farm

Build, stack, tip over....

Lego Duplo, and other building blocks have been a hit every day. Children get to exercise their fine motor skills, imagination and creativity as they build. Nowadays, there are really many different building blocks to choose from. Click on the button below and see if there is just what you are looking for.

Hama beads and bead plates

These delicate beads have quickly become a big hit among children. This is where fine motor skills are put to the test, but luckily you can get the beads in a large size, called Hama Maxi beads. See also the mange beautiful bead plates and patterns for Hama Beads.