Carrycot for pram, pushchair and car seat

If you're researching which is the best carrier bag, check out our review of the best carrier bags on the market and how to use them. Also read what you need to be aware of before deciding on which driving bag to get.

If you already know what you're looking for, you can jump straight in and read about our picks for the best baby carriers.

Scroll down and see if you can find the right carrier for you and your child.

Which driving bag is best?

It all depends on how you want to use the bag. When choosing which carrier you want, the first thing to consider is the vehicle in which you will be using the carrier.

If you're looking for a carrycot, you probably already have one. If you're looking for a new one, or perhaps need to buy another, find out more about twin folding prams here. If you have a second child on the way and don't have much of an age difference, a sibling stroller indispensable!

If you just want a small stroller that doesn't take up much space and is easy to carry in the car, consider an umbrella stroller.

Carrycot for stroller

A stroller carrycot must have holes for the 5-point harness, which is almost always attached to the stroller. In addition, you need to think about how big the stroller is. Both in terms of length, but also in general. A large carrycot, such as. will often be too bulky in a pushchair. Then go for one that is a little thinner and lighter in it.

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Carrycot for car seat

Of course, a car seat bag is completely different from a stroller bag. Firstly, it is slightly smaller and secondly, it is designed to fit on a car seat. Don't choose one that's too bulky, as it will quickly get too hot inside the car. Also check how long the right of withdrawal is in case the carrycot doesn't fit your car seat after all.

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Carrycot for pram

A pushchair bag is a good idea if you are expecting a baby in winter. It will keep your baby warm and comfortable, and you won't have to buy the smallest sizes of sleeping bag. There is plenty of room in the pram, so you can choose to buy one of the larger and really nice carrycots, such as the. voksi or sleepbag.

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What is a driving bag used for?

Many parents wonder if a carrier bag is necessary. You can do without a sleeping bag, but it's just really nice to have in the cold Danish months, especially if your baby sleeps outside. It also makes it easier to tuck your baby in and saves you the cost of sleeping bags, which your baby will outgrow.

The travel bag fits more snugly around baby than when using a duvet. The bag is warmer because it surrounds baby. Many babies feel more secure when they are put in a sleeping bag, which also makes most parents very happy with their sleeping bag.

A baby carrier keeps baby warm in the cold.

How is a driving bag used?

The carrycot must be placed in the stroller or pushchair. The harnesses are pulled through the holes in the carrycot. When you put your baby in the carrycot, you don't have to dress him as much as usual. Most sleep with a small hat and maybe an extra jumper.

You can use the bag during the winter months, typically from September/October to April/May, depending on the weather.

A travel bag is handy in the combi stroller. Read about station wagons here

Which driving bag is best: Good carrycots for prams and pushchairs

Here we've selected some of the best bags to help you decide which bag you prefer.

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Classic Voksi bag

  • 2.199 krwax bag classic

Buy the baby changing bag with free shipping here

The Voksi bag is probably the best known baby carrier. It's nice and warm and made of beautiful high-quality materials. It has a wool filling which makes the bag temperproof.

A carrier plate and summer duvet can be added to the wax bag, so you can get the most out of the lovely bag. Choose from many great colours.

Driving bag from Kaiser - Thermo Fleece driving bagKaiser fleece driving bag

  • Price 488 kr.
  • Most popular in Germany!
  • Holes for harness and reflectors

Buy the delicious driving bag down fleece here

Very popular stroller bag, and at a reasonable price. You get a lot for your money here. Available in several great colours.

Carrycot for car seat

  • Price 368 kr.
  • Good quality
  • Non-slip surface

Buy your car seat bag here- ships today

Keep your baby warm to and from the car with this stylish car seat bag. A great product at a great price!

Reima driving bagReima driving bag with pocket

  • 748 kr.
  • Smart front pocket
  • Suitable for children from 0 - 6 months.

Buy a Reima sleeping bag here

Practical carrycot that opens on both sides, making it easy to get baby in and out of the bag. A great stroller bag.

Summer driving bag Summer driving bag

  • 399 kr.
  • Nice and soft, and not too warm

Buy your summer stroller bag here

A really great bag for the summer. The carrycot is made of cotton and is nice and soft.

Sleepbag driving bag

  • 1.709 kr. Sleepbag driving bag
  • Thoughtful design

⇒ Buy sleepbag driving bag here

Sleepbag is one of the new ride bags on the market. Your baby will lie really soft and warm on the lovely plush. Sleepbag is also available in a mini version, perfect for strollers or prams.

Blue driving bag from Kaiser

  • 488 kr.
  • Beautiful blue color

Buy the blue stroller bag right here

If you like colour, this pretty blue driving bag is a good choice. It's lined with lovely thermal fleece and baby is sure to sleep soundly in it.

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Voksi Classic - Forrest Black

  • 1.799 kr.
  • Fantastic bag

Buy your wax bag with free shipping here

The classic, beautiful wax bag, here in black. The bassinet is lined with wool, and both a summer duvet and a carrycot can be purchased. You get it all with this travel bag.

Carrying tray for wax bag

With the carrier plate, the wax bag can also be used as a lift! Buy a carrier plate for Voksi Classic here. 

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  • 5-point harness

Price: 699 kr. Go to dealer.

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Cute pram cushion with face

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Measurements: approx. 50 x 40 cm.Material: 100% Cotton.

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