Bouncy cows and other fun bouncy animals - Great toys!

Looking for a great birthday present or similar for a 2 year old, or do you have a 2 year old who doesn't own a bouncy castle, take a look at these fun bouncy castles. The bouncy house is a huge hit when your child is about 2 years old until about 4 years old. Back in the 80s and 90s, bouncy balls were all the rage, and a bouncy house is an evolution of these for very young children. Bouncy balls are of course still super fun, so of course it's still an option. However, this is often only when the child is a little older.

There are several good reasons to buy a jumping cow (or other jumping animal). Firstly, it's great fun, but the child also gets a lot out of being active and jumping around. When your child jumps around indoors and outdoors, it strengthens their ability to balance, as well as a lot of physical skills. We tend to sit very still, and children often sit more still than children used to. That's why it's a great idea to buy active toys like a bouncy cage to help your child develop their body. But above all, it's just great fun, and for many children a bouncy toy quickly ends up being one of their most popular toys.

Below we list some of the best mare cows you can easily buy online.

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Green jumping cage from Krea

Krea delivers quality toys, and this green bouncy cow is no exception. Lots of fun hours of play for children aged 1 year to 4 years.
A bouncer like this helps develop the child's sense of maze, which is important for memory development, among other things.

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A fantastic toy!

You can buy this lovely green bouncy cow here


Red jumping cage from Krea

Red bouncy animal for those active hours of play in the living room. Personally this is my favourite and know that many children feel the same way!
Although red is not the normal colour of a cow, kids love the red jumping cow! It doesn't cost much to invest in a bouncing animal like this one from Krea, and it's for hundreds of hours of play!

You can buy this lovely red bouncy cow here




Black and white jumping cage from Kidzz Farm

If you want your child's bouncy animal to look like a real cow, this is probably the best option. It's an incredibly fun bouncy animal, and it's great to see your child bouncing around with their bouncy animal.
This is a great way to allow your child to be active without creating danger to themselves or the home.

You can buy this lovely black and white bouncy cow here




Black jumping cage from Kidzz Farm

Black bouncing animal toys from Kidzz Farm are popular to give children as birthday presents both when they turn 2 and 3, and there are lots of hours of play in the charming animal!
The jumping animal can take up to 80 kg!

You can buy this lovely black bouncy cow here




Other really fun jumping animals

You don't necessarily have to choose a jumping cow. There are other fun bouncy toys that your child is sure to love too. We've found a few examples of some of the really fun ones.

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Hippo Bouncy Boing from B Toys

If you don't want your bouncy animal to be a cow, this hippo is sure to be a hit. Strengthen your child's balance by letting them jump around on a hippo!
This is a great way to give your child lots of motor play and expression!

You can buy this lovely jumping hippo here




BS Budenspeel Hoppedyr - Horse pink

Hop on this jumping horse, or is it more like a jumping donkey? It's certainly fun and your child will be able to spend many hours in active play with this bouncy horse.
The jumping animal can handle 40 kg weight.

You can buy this colourful hobby horse here


Strengthen your child's motor skills with a bouncy animal

When you choose to buy active toys such as a bouncy castle or some of the other bouncy animals, you will greatly influence your child's motor skills in the right direction. Best of all, playing with a bouncy castle is far from boring.

The best thing about a bouncing animal


  • Kids love bouncy animals!
  • Strengthens your child's balance and motor skills!
  • Cheap toy!
  • Good for active play both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to clean!
  • Super easy to buy online and get delivered within a few days!

So all in all, a bouncy animal is a great gift for a child from 1.5-2 years to 4 years old.