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The shopping list is long when the new baby arrives. But one thing is certain. It's especially important to invest in good quality equipment. A good baby alarm is a must-have so it's possible to keep an eye on your sleeping baby from a distance. A baby monitor can provide reassurance wherever or however your baby sleeps.


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We recommend

Neonate BC5800D

This Neonate model has a range of up to 800 metres and a battery life of up to 80 hours. That means you don't have to worry about where you are with your baby. The Neonate baby monitor does exactly what it needs to do with basic features, excellent sound quality and a very attractive price. We therefore recommend the Neonate BC5800D for those who want a baby monitor that is easy to use and that just works. You can buy the Neonate BC5800D right now here.






Choosing a Baby Alarm - The Main Parameters

 When it comes to finding the right baby alarm, you need to get an overview of the parameters that are most important to you, so that it gives you peace of mind and makes your everyday life easier. Baby alarms are different and finding the right one can be a jungle. You therefore need to consider what needs it will cover. For example, whether the baby or child will be napping at home, in the garden or in the yard. This is particularly important for the signal range and coverage of the baby monitor.

In addition, there is the price which will of course have some correlation to quality. Therefore, you should be prepared that investing in a good baby monitor will cost you. If there are some who fear radiation, then there is no need to worry. Products today are both measured and tested.



The most popular baby monitors 2017

                                               Smart Nova

This baby monitor from Smart Nova has both a top design, great quality and some of the best features that are a must-have for a baby monitor. First of all, the Smart Nova has built-in rechargeable lithium (Li-ion) batteries, giving the alarm a standby time of up to 72 hours. This means battery recharging in just 5-6 hours. Smart Nova has a range of up to 450 metres, but should the connection fail, the alarm will sound. There is also vibration as well as talk back function which means parents can talk back to the child. In addition, the Smart Nova has a built-in temperature gauge, so you can easily get an overview of the temperature your child is sleeping in. The Smart Nova package includes the parent and baby unit, lithium (Li-ion) batteries for both units, hand straps for the alarm, 2 chargers and a manual. The Smart Nova costs DKK 1,299 and can be purchased right here.

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Super Nova D8

The Super Nova baby monitor has a great design and a host of ingenious features. Like Smart Nova, Super Nova has rechargeable lithium (Li-ion) batteries. These batteries can also withstand being charged, unlike other types of batteries. The Super Nova has a battery life of up to 35 hours. Unlike the Smart Nova, this Super Nova has built-in sleep timer that gives you an overview of how long your child has slept. In addition, vibration, temperature gauge and night light in the baby unit. The Super Nova has a range of up to 800 metres, although less at walls and buildings. The Super Nova package includes the parent and baby unit, lithium (Li-ion) batteries for both units, hand straps for the alarm, 2 chargers and a manual. The Super Nova costs DKK 1,399 and can be purchased from here.



                                                         Neonate BC5800D

This baby alarm from Neonate is super smart in design and has become particularly popular in the baby equipment market. The alarm also has the rechargeable lithium (Li-ion) batteries which provide a battery life of up to 80 hours, with a charge of only 3-4 hours. At the same time, the Neonate BC5800D has a long range of 800 metres. In addition, it has an alarm that informs you about battery life, range as well as temperature measurement. The Neonate baby monitor has a good digital sound quality and microphone sensitivity. Neonate BC5800D costs 960 DKK and can be purchased right here.





Neonate BC6500D

This baby monitor from Neonate is an updated version of model BC5800D. It offers up to 90 hours of battery life with the equally smart rechargeable lithium batteries, a range of 800 metres and a powerful signal with 100% digital sound quality. This extended version also offers "talcum powder" function, where it is possible to communicate with your baby through the alarm. It is also possible to connect up to three baby units. Design and quality are similar to the Neonate BC5800D, but with a handful more features that make the whole experience even smarter. Neonate BC6500D costs 1.295 kr. and can be purchased right here.

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                                                Hubby for smartphone

This smart Nabby baby monitor is compatible with tablets, iphone and android and has a super easy setup. The alarm has a battery life of up to 70 hours, with a full charge taking around 1 hour. However, it only has a range of 340 metres, even less in densely populated areas. It is therefore particularly suitable for when your child is sleeping indoors. Cable included so it is possible to charge it in either a computer or iphone/android charger. Nabby for smartphone costs DKK 958 and can be purchased here.






Philips SCD506/01

This newer avent DECT baby alarm has an improved super clear sound connection, a soothing night light with accompanying lullabies. The alarm has a range of 50 metres indoors and 330 metres outdoors. It's also cordless for up to 24 hours and with temperature measurement. The Philips SCD506/01 was voted a "Good Buy" in the TÆNK test in January 2017. Here is a baby alarm with the most basic functions, but without a digital screen. Still, it stands out by also being present for baby by both having a night light as well as lullabies. The Philips SCD506/01 costs 749 DKK and is available here.




We recommend

Neonate BC5800D

A baby monitor should have a good long range so you don't have to worry about where you are when baby is sleeping. Also, it can be beneficial to have a long battery life so you don't have to charge the alarm as often. This is especially useful if you're often on the move. If you want a standard baby alarm that has all the basic features built in, has excellent sound quality and in particular can compete on price, then our warmest recommendation goes to the Neonate BC5800D. This model has become extremely popular because it is easy to operate and just works like a baby monitor should. You can buy the Neonate BC5800D right now here.

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Setting the baby alarm

Before you try out your new baby monitor, there are a few things you should pay special attention to before use.

  • You should set the temperature so that you know when it's too hot and too cold for baby. Several alarms can be manually set so that it will beep when the temperature reaches what it is set to. For example, the minimum temperature can be set to -8 degrees, as it is not suggested that babies sleep outside at -10 degrees. It thus gives you a warning about the temperature itself.
  • On several baby monitors, the microphone sensitivity can be adjusted depending on whether the monitor is close to baby or further away. It may be a good idea to look into this so that not all the noise goes through the alarm when it is in use, but only what you need to hear. Remember to check the microphone sensitivity each time you use the alarm, as sleeping patterns can vary depending on where you are with baby.
  • The most important thing when setting the baby monitor is the range. Pay attention to whether both units find each other. On some baby monitors you can press "parent unit" see if "baby unit" is on. Here, most will either beep or flash if it can't catch the signal. Just be aware of this.




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