An activity blanket is a great toy for the very young, as it helps stimulate the child's senses and motor skills. Most activity blankets feature colourful designs and great educational activity toys. At first, baby will just learn to focus on the exciting colourful objects and shapes. Later, baby will also be able to reach and touch the toys or the activity blanket itself on their own. Baby's development is great because as a parent you can see new progress every day. You can therefore make this learning process even more fun for baby by investing in an activity rug.

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We make suggestions for the best activity blankets for baby. There are many different designs to choose from, so just find one that you think is perfect for your baby. Read more below.

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Monkey Island activity blanket from Tiny Love

Super nice and colourful activity blanket with mirror, rattles and a funny monkey that plays music when baby presses it on his tummy. A cushion is included with the activity blanket so baby can exercise his neck and be stimulated at the same time. Often entertainment is needed for baby to enjoy lying on his tummy, so this cushion is a brilliant idea. The activity blanket has removable hangers so the blanket itself can be washed and measures 85 x 75 cm in total.

Activity blanket from Lilliputiens

Lovely and soft activity blanket that helps to stimulate and develop baby's senses and motor skills. The activity blanket itself is shaped like a star motif that has both different activities and textures. It is therefore both exciting for baby to look at and touch. The blanket is easy to fold up when not in use or on the go. It can also be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. A great activity blanket and an ideal gift for your little one.

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Activity blanket from Lamaze

With this activity blanket, baby can really strengthen his upper body, as he has to lie on his stomach on the swivel base. Here, baby can look and explore all the exciting colourful activities on the blanket while turning 360 degrees. This is a great way for baby to exercise their back and neck muscles in a fun way. The swivel base can also be removed so baby can sit or lie directly on the activity mat itself. Super fun entertainment and ideal gift idea.

Activity blanket from Done By Deer

Super nice activity blanket in soft and quilted design. The activity blanket itself comes with 5 activity toys such as two balls, an elephant, a crocodile and a mirror. The balls make sound when moved, the elephant has bells in its tummy, the crocodile crackles to the touch and then there's the mirror which is always a hit for baby to discover himself. The activity toys can be easily attached with Velcro and there is easily room for more toys on the activity blanket. It measures 48 x 90 cm and is made of 100% polyester.

Activity blanket from Skip Hop

This activity blanket is in a super cute camping look inspired by designs from the forest. It also comes with a cushion to help baby strengthen his neck muscles. The cushion can also be ideal as a support when baby is learning to sit on their own. The activity blanket itself has pendants that both light up and play music. Super soft activity blanket in nice design and beautiful colours.

Activity blanket for a real princess

Super cute activity blanket for little girls. The activity blanket itself is a large blanket with the option of folding up the edges. The blanket measures 90 x 100 cm. The activity bar can be removed so baby can lie on the blanket alone. The activity blanket comes with 5 rattles that all have different functions, a mirror so baby can see himself and a music board with lights that baby can activate himself. A great activity blanket for the little princess and a great gift idea.

Activity blanket from Moulin Roty

Nice and simple activity blanket in nice quality. The blanket itself is in nice thick and very soft cotton with cute design of animals. On the hangers there are activity toys such as leaves with mirror, so baby has the opportunity to see himself. There is also a cloud with fabric details that has a rattle inside and a bird that squeaks and has a squeak effect. This nice activity blanket can give baby some nice moments of playing and learning. Ideal as a gift idea.

Activity blanket - When?

There may be different ideas about when a baby will benefit most from lying on an activity mat. A baby starts to be able to focus on certain things and see colours from around 6 weeks. By this time, most people will also have mastered breastfeeding and settled into a good rhythm with baby. There will always be some periods, such as the 'tiger jumps', when baby will need more reassurance and attention. In general, an activity blanket will be particularly beneficial and useful from around 6-8 weeks of age, right through to 6 months of age when there is significant motor progress. When you start to use the activity blanket, remember to get used to baby lying on his back and on his tummy in order to stimulate the different senses and motor skills. The activity blanket is ideal for exercising and provides some fun and educational moments for your baby.

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Activity blanket - How long?

Your baby has so far learned to focus, hold/grasp things, listen, push and press things when playing on the activity blanket. When baby reaches 6 months of age, great motor progress will be made. This may mean that around this age, your baby may not be able to satisfy his curiosity by just lying on the activity mat. Most babies will start crawling from 6-10 months. However, some children skip the crawling stage. But as so much is happening to your baby during this time, it may be toys that can do more that have become more exciting. Toys with sounds and that can move are generally a big hit from 6 months. If you have chosen an activity blanket where the hangers with toys can be removed, then it is obvious to continue using the blanket. Here your baby can start to sit up and play. This means that your child can use the activity blanket over a longer period of time. See the many different activity blankets above.