A place to change your little one is essential, and a changing table is a good solution for many families, as it provides a good changing area and storage space. The reason many parents end up choosing a changing table for their baby is also that it can be turned into a regular dresser when baby no longer needs changing. This way, you get both a good changing space and a good piece of furniture.

Here we've taken a look at what you should check before deciding that a changing table is the best choice for you and your baby.

Below we have highlighted a number of cheap changing table - click here to see them

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What you should consider before buying a baby changing table online

In general, there is a lot of money to be saved by buying online when shopping for baby equipment for the new family member. Prices are cheaper and there is usually a wider selection than in a shop. When looking for the best changing table online, you can also easily browse through several retailers and find the best changing table at the best price.

Remember also to read a changing table is the right choice for you before purchase.

Which changing table is best?

Which model is best for you depends on your needs, desires, budget and how much space you have. Changing tables come in many qualities, with some being a beautiful piece of furniture that you can easily keep in the living room, and others being more suitable for a child's room where it might not matter if it gets drawn on or gets a few nicks.

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On this page, we look at a number of different models, so hopefully you can get a better idea of which is the best baby changing unit for you.

Very stable changing table in neutral design

If you are looking for a changing table that will fit well into almost any home, then this model "Florian" changing table is a good choice. It is made of wood, and is in very good quality. Even if baby lies very uncomfortably, this table will not move out of place. The table has a spacious cabinet and three shelves, so there is plenty of storage space that is easy to access while you are cuddling your baby. The changing surface itself is very wide (88 cm), so you'll have plenty of room for both a changing pad,wash basin and nappies. It's nice and easy to have everything within easy reach.

At just under 1,800 DKK, it's not the cheapest changing table, but it's still a very reasonable price for a beautiful piece of wooden furniture. It can be converted into a regular chest of drawers.

W 88 cm x D 78 and 47 cm x H 90 cm.

Beautiful and aesthetic baby changing unit in solid oak

Very nice changing table for 4.599 kr.

If you like a stylish and quality-conscious look in your home, then this "Carus" baby changing unit is worth considering as a best-in-class baby changing unit. It has three spacious drawers, and is very stable in its design. The drawers have soft close. This is a nice detail that makes sure they do not close without slamming. Smart if you're changing a sleeping baby's nappy. At the same time, it also minimises the risk of little fingers getting caught. There is plenty of space for baby on the changing tray itself, while there is also plenty of room for nappies and a wash basin next to it.

As the changing table is made of solid wood, it will stand stable even if your baby is very wild when being changed. This changing table will blend naturally into any room, so it can be placed in the living room or hallway if that's where you have the changing space. The changing table can be converted into a regular chest of drawers.

Measurements: W 112 cm. D 77cm. H 101 cm.

Leander changing table - Changing table in nice design

The baby furniture from Leander is known for its round shapes and beautiful design. Here is the Leander changing table, which looks great with the curved shape. The advantage of this changing table is that it does not take up much space, but at the same time you get the opportunity to store things on the shelf underneath. The Leander changing table is of really good quality, and the price is therefore also at the higher end. This is seen at Pixizoo for 4.999 kr.

For the changing table you can also buy the special Leander changing cushion. Read more here.

Sebra Cuddly Table

Sebra changing table and sebra baby bed are among the most popular products for baby. They are super good quality, and at the same time look great in the nursery. Here is Sebra changing table in a nice grey color. It costs 4.495 kr. at Pixizoo. The changing table has a very spacious cupboard underneath the changing surface. The doors make it look less cluttered and you have easy access to clothes etc while you are cuddling baby.

Luxury Princess Dresser

If you have a real little princess, then this changing table might be the best baby changing table to her. Not only is it pink, and has a nice crown on it, but it is also in great quality with very fine details. All the knobs are hand turned and are gold painted just like the legs of the changing table. It looks amazing and even has an adorable princess crown in the middle to emphasize the fine look.

The commode is made of white and pink lacquered solid spruce. Here you get a piece of furniture that will last for many years. You get a 10 year warranty when you buy the changing table, so this is a changing table for the discerning buyer who expects the best quality. Nice touch: the drawers have soft close, so they always close without making a noise. It also minimises the risk of little fingers getting caught because the drawer slams shut quickly.

It's not a cheap chest of drawers with the price of 6.959 kr. but on the other hand it's in really good quality and solid wood.

Pushing height 94 cm. Full height 108 cm, width 92 cm, depth 48 cm without and 75 cm with push bar. Price

If you want complete princess style in your girl's room, you can also get other furniture in this range. Among other things, beds. See it all at the retailer HERE.

Cheap changing table from Coop (changing table to be purchased)

If you are looking for a cheap baby changing tablethen this model from Coop is worth a look. It costs just DKK 1,649 and a changing mat can be purchased for DKK 749.

The changing table has three spacious drawers with plenty of room for baby's clothes and other things you want to keep close at hand. The changing tray itself doesn't make any marks on the dresser, so you can easily switch between it being a changing tray or just a regular dresser. It is from the brand Manis-h and is sold at Coop.

Spacious changing table in very good quality

Here is a baby changing table with plenty of room for baby and at the same time plenty of room for diapers and other stuff you need when cuddling. If you're into the stylish look, then this changing unit is worth considering as it looks really nice due to the white high gloss finish and narrow aluminium handles. The three drawers are very spacious, and all have soft close, so they won't make noise or smack hard against little fingers.

As with the other changing tables, the top can be removed so it can be used as a regular chest afterwards.

Price 6.399 kr.

Dimensions: W 116 cm, D 78 or 55 cm, H 102 cm. You get a 10-year guarantee on the chest of drawers.

Cheap changing table - good changing tables that don't cost a fortune

If you think a changing table is a bit too expensive, luckily there are plenty of cheap changing tables that don't take up too much space but still offer plenty of room for baby to be changed. When choosing a baby changing table, think about whether you only want to use it for changing baby, or whether you also want to use it for dressing baby or similar. It's nice to have space next to the changing table, but a small changing table can work well if, for example, there is a need for a changing table. is space underneath or perhaps on a table next to it or similar.

Here we have highlighted a number of cheap baby changing tables.

Very space-saving white changing table

A good choice of changing table if you want a cheap changing table that doesn't take up much space either. Because it doesn't take up much space, it's an obvious choice if you want to have changing space in the bathroom. Under the changing table itself, there are two spacious shelves for nappies and other accessories you need when changing your baby.

The table costs 1.295 kr. Buy the changing table here

Dimensions: (L x W x H): 81 x 66 x 98 cm. Height to change: 88 cm. Certified according to EU safety standard.

Alfred changing table with drawer

Another simple and nice changing table from the brand Alfred. The brand is known for making good and durable furniture for children, without having to cost a fortune.In addition to the drawer, the changing table has two shelves with space for things. Measures 90 x 75 x 55 cm

Foldable changing table with smart details

A foldable changing table is handy if you don't want to leave the changing table out all the time. It folds up completely. A soft padded changing mat is included. The changing table has a built-in bucket with stopper and a long drain hose for easy pouring into the sink, bath or floor drain. So you don't have to turn away from your baby while you're cuddling. Measures: H92 x W44 x D81 cm.

Wall-hung changing table - space-saving solution

Many parents are very happy with their wall-mounted changing table, as it is a very space-saving solution. It is also ideal if you need changing space in the bathroom, because you can then fold up the changing table when you need to take a shower or similar. It takes up just 17 cm of wall space when folded, which is enough for most homes. At the same time, this is also an inexpensive changing table at only DKK 1,399. The wall-mounted changing table has been seen at Pixizoo. Remember to buy a changing pad to the table.

Collapsible changing table

This changing table is smart if you have to take it on holiday or if you have very little space for the changing table. This can easily be folded and placed in the bathroom, for example. The changing table has practical pockets for storage on the side, and a small shelf underneath for towels, nappies or similar. The baby changing table is available at the large baby and children's store Lekmer.

Is a changing table the right choice for you?

Although a changing table is the right choice for many parents, think twice about whether it's right for you. There are many other solutions for creating the best changing space for baby. Especially if space in the home is at a premium, or you're considering a changing area in the bathroom, there are other solutions besides a changing table that you should look into.

Find the best changing table

When you get home with your new baby, the changing area will be one of the places you spend most time. A lot of nappies need changing on a newborn, and nappy time should be nice and cosy. So it's clear that you want the best baby changing table. A changing table is a really smart solution. It has plenty of space for baby's clothes, bedding and changing accessories. At the same time, the changing table can be placed both in the nursery or in the toilet.

The best changing table has plenty of space for a wash basin and washcloths, so you don't have to rely on running water at the changing station. What's more, changing tables have the great advantage that they can be converted into a regular chest of drawers. It can therefore be used for many years - even when your child no longer needs to be changed.

When choosing a baby changing table, or any other kind of changing space, think about what your needs are. Think about it carefully before the baby arrives, so that the changing area is ready as soon as you get home. After all, you'll be using the changing table straight away, and you'll be spending many hours here together.

Advantages of the changing table

A changing table is smart because you get both a changing table and storage in the same piece of furniture. On the changing table you have everything you need within easy reach:

Washcloths, nappies, clothes, dishwasher, towels etc.

If you're unsure about how to set up your baby's changing area, or would like some inspiration, go to our article on changing area design. Read more about changing space design here.

Plenty of storage space

In a chest of drawers you get spacious drawers with room for storage. When you no longer need the changing table, you can remove the changing tray and turn it into a regular chest of drawers. That way, you get 2 pieces of furniture in one. Dressers are often a little more expensive than a changing table. On the other hand, you get a solid piece of furniture that can be used for many years to come.

Dresser or changing table?

En baby changing table take up more space and, generally speaking, cost more than a changing table. On the other hand, you get plenty of storage space. A changing table is as much a piece of furniture as it is a changing table. If you choose a chest of drawers in a neutral, stylish design, it can be used in rooms other than the nursery when changing space is no longer needed.

The benefits of a changing table is that it's cheaper and doesn't take up as much space. A changing table doesn't weigh as much as a chest of drawers, so it's easier to move around. On the other hand, you can only use it as a changing table, and not as a regular chest of drawers afterwards.

How should the changing area be laid out?

Here we have briefly written about the most important features of the baby changing area. There's a lot to keep track of when you become a parent, so we've tried to make it easier with this list.

You can use the list to shop for, or as a checklist to see if you're missing anything.

Changing table or chest of drawers

Of course, it is important to get the best changing table. Higher up on this page you will find a selection of stable and durable baby changing tables.

The changing table is smart because it can be used as a regular dresser when you're done changing your baby. At the same time, it has good storage space.

Choose from great changing tables here. 

Find the right changing mat

A changing mat is indispensable. The cushion is a good, firm cushion and has a small indentation in the middle. Because the sides are slightly higher, it's harder for baby to wriggle away, but you're cuddling him or her. At the same time, baby lies comfortably and softly. The cover of the changing mat is easy to remove and wash. A changing mat with a water-repellent cover is a good idea, as water can easily get on the mat. You can read much more about the choice of changing pads here.


A crib over the changing area gives baby something exciting to look at. It can work well when your baby reaches the age where lying still and being changed is a bit boring.

The commotion looks exciting to baby because it's moving. At the same time it is a nice decoration in the nursery. You can get urns in many varieties. Some can play, others are just really nice.

Diapers and lots of them

Of course, there must be plenty of diapers! If you're pregnant, or have just given birth, you can pick up the many free baby packs with free nappy samples. See all free baby packs on our front page. >>See free baby packages.

Diaper pail or diaper bag?

It's a matter of taste whether you prefer a diaper pail or diaper bags. The diaper pail is smart because you just have to put the diapers in. However, it has to be emptied when it is full, which many people find inconvenient. You'll have to take the nappy bags out several times a day, but you won't need a nappy pail.


Some are lucky to have the changing area next to running water, but most have to buy a basin to fetch water. You can buy one in baby shops, but a plain tub will do too.

Washcloths, towels and creams

Always have plenty of washcloths and clean towels at the changing station. Creams are also a good idea for baby's delicate skin or if he or she gets a red bottom.