With summer comes great beach trips for the whole family. Children learn a lot from playing on the beach, and of course they need beach toys for that. Here we've written about great beach toys that are fun for kids to bring along. Beach toys should be able to withstand large amounts of sand and water and also be easy to take along on trips.

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The best beach toys for kids

A list of what to check when looking for the best beach toys for the kids.

  • The toy must be able to withstand sand and water
  • The toys must be easy to take with you on trips
  • Beach toys should be suitable for use with water, stones, etc.

It's worth remembering that beach toys should be portable. Toys that don't take up too much space and that children can carry to and from the car are ideal. When you go to the beach with the kids, you have plenty to carry, so it makes sense to minimise the luggage with some practical beach toys that are also great fun.

See a selection of great beach toys and other beach essentials for kids below.

Sweet duck

A beach animal is probably among the most obvious beach toys. It's fun to take into the water because you can lie on top of it and float around. At the same time, it provides good, practical safety for children when they are swimming, as a bathing animal makes it easier to stay afloat. This one is fun as it is shaped like a cute bath duck.It has an opening so ma doesn't have to put it over his head, but can just "squeeze" it on. Seen at Lirumlarumleg.

Fishing net - catch crabs and other fun at the water's edge

A populated beach may not be teeming with animals, but children can still get a lot of fun out of this fishing net. It's an inexpensive way to create lots of opportunities for learning and exploring nature. Kids can catch old crabs or maybe rocks or jellyfish in the fish net. Available at Lirumlarumleg in several colours.

Folbar bucket - very easy to carry on a trip

A bucket is indispensable on the beach. This version is extra smart as a beach toy as it folds up, making it very easy to carry in the car or similar without taking up too much space. The bucket is made of a soft material, which also makes it fun for children to play with. It is available for purchase here, where you can choose from many colours.

Very large beach animal - the coolest beach toy!

If you want to draw some attention to yourself, this unicorn is a good choice. It's a beach animal that you can carry with you to the beach. It is very large and has fine space for an adult as seen in the picture. The bathing animal is very colourful and you might need a pump to get air into it if you don't want to completely lose your breath. It is seen for 599,95 kr. here.

Freesbee - the obvious game on the beach

En freesbee is a very simple toy that can nevertheless provide endless fun moments on the beach or outdoors in general. It flies differently depending on the wind and who is throwing, and it's a game that seems fun for both children and adults of all ages. An easy and inexpensive way to create hours of play at the beach.

Remember the sunscreen...

En sunscreen is of course indispensable on the beach trip. If you don't already have one, this delicious sunscreen is worth considering. It has the highest protection and is suitable for children.

Cement mixer - fun to play with on the beach

Fun cement mixer to play with sand and water. Toys for the beach should be arguably among the best outdoor toys. Playing in on the beach is a big hit for kids of all ages. The beach is a great place for creativity and for children to make sand cakes and sand castles. In the cement mixer you can mix sand and water to make your own cement. A sure hit as a beach toy.

Garden tools for children

Children love to dig holes and rake in the sand. These garden tools will therefore certainly be a hit as a beach toy. The set includes two shovels and a rake. So there's plenty of opportunity to get digging holes and raking sand on the beach. These great gardening tools for kids don't have sharp edges and the handles are rounded. At the same time, they're naturally child-friendly in size so kids can easily handle them while playing.

Ring game for the beach

And ring game is a really good idea to bring to the beach along with the other beach toys. This toy allows several children or the whole family to play together and have fun. The ring game here is particularly good for children, as it has bright colours and characters that make it extra exciting.

A bucket and shovel is a huge hit on the beach

A set like this, with a bucket and shovel, is the perfect beach toy. Most kids can really spend a lot of time with it. You can shovel sand with the bucket and ski the sand with the included sieve. The set comes with a bucket, a shovel, a sieve and two nice shapes that you can use to make sand cakes or sand castles. They can also be used to put water in and empty again. Choose from several colours here.

Turtle wheelbarrow with lots of accessories

This cute wheelbarrow is among the most popular beach toys at the retailer Only4Kids. It's almost always a hit for kids to load toys into a container and then wheel them around. This wheelbarrow is made of plastic, so it's not too heavy and therefore easy for even the smallest children to wheel around. The material also makes it easy to wash, and it's not heavy to carry around. The wheelbarrow comes with various accessories that are also fun toys for the beach or the sandpit at home.

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Swimming pools for water and land

Fun beach balls are perfect for taking to the beach. A few fun little balls like these can bring a lot of joy both in the water and up on the beach. Lightweight and filled with air, the fun balls will float on top of the water. They can be bought cheaply his

Bathing animals for the beach

To make playing in the water really fun, fun water toys and beach animals are a great way to go swimming when you're at the beach. A bathing animal also provides security when the child is bathing, as it works well to hold on to and more easily stay afloat. In addition, it is easier for parents to keep an eye on their child at all times when they have a large bathing animal with them. A good tip is to tie a string in the bathing animal which also sticks to the child. This avoids the dangerous situation where a child chases its bathing animal out to sea and ends up getting too far out.

Great shark - a fun bathing animal

The bathing animal is easily inflated and your child has a wonderful playmate for the pool. This shark can be used both for play and as a support if your child feels more secure with something to hold while playing in the pool. Buy the shark or another bathing animal right here.

Bathing wings - when learning to swim

If your child is not yet comfortable swimming in the water, a pair of swim wings is a good investment. It helps your child stay upright and is a great support when learning to splash around in deeper water. They give the child a sense of security and extra support. The wings are ideal to use at home in the pool at home in the garden, or at the swimming pool, as a good support and a safe start. The wings can also be taken on holiday. You can buy the swim wings for less here. 

Beach tent for children - perfect for the smallest babies & children

A UV beach tent is a super practical invention that makes beach trips much more comfortable for both baby and parents. A beach tent with UV protection provides a lovely, cool shade where baby can lie safely and comfortably without being exposed to the sun's dangerous rays. You can read much more about beach tents here.

Pop up uv beach tent with good ventilation

Here is a really good beach tentwhich is easy to fold and unfold. Simply take it out of the pack and it will open itself. The tent has good ventilation as it has insect screens in all openings. The tent is very easy to fold, with a bit of practice, and can be carried in a small handy bag. The tent has a UV protection of 50+, which is the highest protection. Here it is shown in a nice green colour. Set at 398 kr. at Babygear.

Smart travel bed with UV protection - perfect on the beach

This smart travel bed for baby is really practical as it can also be used as protection from the sun when you are at the beach. It's easy to pitch as the tent acts as a pop up baby tent. So there's no need to stand around fiddling with the tent, it straightens itself out in seconds. The beach tent is best suited for babies 6 months and under. Once baby has learned to sit up, he or she will quickly be able to tip the tent over, but for little ones the bed is very useful, especially if you enjoy lovely beach trips. The travel bed / uv tent for baby has been seen at Pixizoo to 356 kr. Choose from several colours.

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Wear swim sandals on the beach - perfect for kids

Bathing sandals are perfect for the beach, so the child does not hit the sharp stones or burn on hot sand. They are also very useful in swimming pools or by a pool, where children will get a better footing with a pair of sandals. Bathing sandals are made to be worn on the beach, so they may get wet. For example, these great swim sandals from Adidas. They fit snugly on the child's foot because of the mesh that goes all the way up around the ankle. The swim shoes are made of a quick-drying material, so your child's feet will dry quickly after a swim. The sole is incredibly flexible and goes slightly up around the snout to protect it.

The swim shoes cost 199 kr. right here.

See many more swim sandals and swim shoes for kids here.

The best beach toys for kids

Children have always loved playing on the beach, where there is plenty of sand and water. Here there is a real opportunity to explore rocks and animals, get dirty and so on. With good beach toys for kids, hours can go by making sand castles or splashing with water. Often, all it takes is a bucket and a shovel to entertain kids on the beach. Fun playtime at the beach helps children develop and they learn a lot about nature while using their senses. The best toys for the beach are of course good quality and durable, as beach toys need to be able to withstand getting wet and dirty more than the toys you use inside the living room or the children's room. They must be able to withstand both sand and water.

What you need to know about beach toys and other outdoor toys

When you buy beach toys, it doesn't matter which one you choose. First of all, it should be well suited for use on the beach, where there is plenty of sand and water. This means that it should be strong in its materials, so that sand and other debris can't settle in too many places, causing the toy to malfunction. In addition, it must be able to withstand a good amount of water, as the children will be using the toy at the beach and in the water. Last but not least, it should of course be fun to play with on the beach, and lend itself to fun games with sand, water and stones.