Here we've taken a look at the different baby sleepsuits to choose from. The popular wool sleepsuits are especially popular for baby when he or she is sleeping out in the prams. A fleece baby sleepsuit is also a good choice. Fleece is a nice warm material that is also easy to wash and maintain.

Below you can see a great selection of different lovely sleepsuits for baby.

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Why sleeping suits are practical

In Denmark, the weather is very changeable and it is also common for babies to sleep outside at midday. That's why sleepsuits are really practical to use for baby. It's super easy to put baby in a suit on top of normal clothes. So baby can stay warm in autumn and winter. Even on long walks, a nice baby sleepsuit can come in handy.

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Coldsuit in wool from Mikk-line

Lovely wool sleepsuit that tempers baby's body temperature, making it a good choice for sleeping in the pram. The sleepsuit closes with buttons and has a hood, so baby can stay nice and warm with a regular thin hat underneath. There are wide ribbed edges at the sleeves and legs, which ensure that the sleepsuit fits properly. You can therefore easily buy it 1 - 2 sizes larger than baby is currently using. The edges can be easily folded up to start with.

The cold suit is made of 90 % merino wool and 10 % polyester. It can be purchased at Kids-World for 449,95 kr. It is available up to size 86.

Småfolk sleepsuit with pandas (reversible)

Småfolk makes children's clothes with the cutest pictures and patterns. This beautiful baby sleepsuit is no exception. It has little pandas on it. If you want a different look, just turn the suit inside out and you'll have a cute penguin onesie!The suit has a hood and ribbing at the arms and feet. It's super easy to get baby into the suit as there's a zip all the way down the leg. A lovely suit for baby when it's nap time. The suit costs 449,95 kr. It is available up to size 86.

Hummel sleepsuit

Very nice and warm sleepsuit from Hummel. The suit is very popular for babies as it is both breathable and stain resistant. The sleepsuit has a detachable hood, and good ribbing. It has the Hummel logo on the chest on the hood. Inside the sleepsuit is nice soft cotton. The Hummel sleepsuit is also ideal for use as a transitional suit. The price is 479,95 kr.

Joha sleepsuit for baby

The Joha baby sleepsuit is another of the most popular suits. Joha makes really nice products in soft wool that doesn't scratch. Wool is popular to use for babies as it regulates the body temperature. This way, baby doesn't get too cold or too hot and sweaty. This is because wool wicks sweat away from the body. This sleepsuit from Joha is made from a super soft wool blend, and fastens with buttons. It is made from 100% merino wool, which is the softest wool. Buy the sleepsuit at Kids-World for 399,95 kr.

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Joha sleepsuit with two zippers

Lovely sleepsuit from Joha with two zippers. It doesn't get any easier to get baby into the sleepsuit. Made from the softest merino wool, it works well to temper baby. The sleepsuit can be used in autumn and winter, and is great for baby to sleep in. A clever feature of this sleepsuit is that there are turn-ups at the hands and feet. It is therefore not necessary to also buy mittens and booties for baby.

Great details of Joha sleepsuit

  • 2 zippers, so the suit is easy to take off and on
  • Bends at hands and feet
  • Perfect for autumn, winter and spring

How to wash Joha sleepsuit

Wash the sleeping bag on the delicate cycle / wool wash and use wool detergent. You can buy this in the supermarket. Then roll the sleeping bag in a towel and hang it up. Then the sleeping bag is almost dry.

Joha sleepsuit in 100% merino wool

Nice pink sleepsuit for the girl who will sleep in the pram. This sleepsuit from Joha has a zipper, so it is super easy to open and close. It's hoodless, so you can add a nice hat to match the season. The suit has cuffs at the hands and feet, so there's no need for mittens or booties. A great sleepsuit that makes sure baby is neither too cold nor too warm.

Fleece sleepsuit from Reima

Lovely warm fleece sleepsuit. Reima makes good quality outerwear for children. This grey fleece suit can be worn by both sexes. It is practical with a zipper all the way down to the leg. The suit has a nice collar so baby doesn't get cold around the neck. The fleece suit can be fastened as the lining of a playsuit with Play Layers snaps. The cooling suit is available in many colours.

It is a cheap sleeping suit with its price of 298 kr.

Fleece cooling suit - super soft

A lovely soft sleepsuit for baby, from the brand småfolk. It is made of teddy fleece, which means that it is a bit "longhaired", and incredibly soft. When you buy this baby sleepsuit, be aware that it is a little big in size. The nappy suit has cuffs at the hands and feet, so you don't need to buy mittens and booties as well. A really great hooded sleepsuit. You can buy it for DKK 398 at Babygear.

Warm transitional suit from Minymo

Nice suit that's warm enough to use as a regular outerwear if baby needs to sit up in the pram and follow. The suit has a pocket in the middle. It is lined with teddy fleece but is smooth in the sleeves. It is therefore easy to put on baby. The suit has elasticated sleeves and legs. The hood is nice and warm so baby doesn't get cold around the head. This lovely suit can be used either as a sleepsuit or as a transitional suit before it gets cold enough for a flight suit. There is a small leather flap on the front of the suit with a Minymo logo. The price is 499,95 kr. at Kids-world.

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Luxury baby sleepsuit from Petit by Sofie Schnoor

This is a Petit by Sofie Schnoor jumpsuit in the girls' version. It is also available in a more boyish version with an army pattern. See them both here. The suit is good to use as a transitional suit in autumn and spring. The suit has two zips so it is easy to put on and take off. A stylish suit that can be used as a nappy suit and as a transitional suit when your child is playing in the nursery or daycare. The price is DKK 699.95.

Cheap sleepsuit from Minymo - only 148 kr.

If you're looking for a nice warm sleepsuit for baby without having to make a big dent in the kids' savings, this fleece baby sleepsuit is a great option. It has a full zip, so it's very easy to put baby in when it's time for a trip in the pram. It's hoodless, so you can top it off with a cosy little hat. The suit is available from Babygear for just DKK 148.

Celavi cheap fleece sleepsuit

Only 164 kr. for this suit. A lovely sleepsuit for baby, in warm fleece. The suit has long arms and legs, and has a zipper that goes all the way down to the leg. The fleece suit does not lose its shape after washing, and it can be washed with the other clothes. It's perfect for wearing under rainwear, or in the car seat on those chilly days. A great sleepsuit that won't break the budget.

Mikk-line sleepsuit in wool

Lovely wool suit from Mikk-line with zipper. The suit is in a neutral grey colour that goes with most things. It has a nice high collar so baby doesn't get cold around the neck. Add an elephant hat on those really cold days and baby is guaranteed to stay nice and warm. One of the most popular baby coats. Wool tempers baby and keeps him warm, but without overdoing it. The price is DKK 399.95.

Wool or fleece baby cooling suit?

While some swear by wool, others are happy with fleece. It can be hard to decide what's the best sleepsuit for baby. That's why we've written a bit about what to look for.

Wool sweater: Joha or Mikk-line

A wool sleepsuit is often a bit expensive. The price is between 4 and 500 DKK. The most popular woollen sleepsuits are from Joha and Mikk-line. Wool regulates the temperature so baby doesn't get too cold or too hot. In addition, wool is wonderfully soft and a natural material. Wool should be washed on a delicate cycle with wool soap.

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A Joha sleepsuit is easy to put on your baby, because of the two zippers. Many sleepsuits have only one zip, but with this one it's possible to open the suit all the way and get baby inside. At the same time, the suit has cuffs at the hands and feet, which makes it really practical. So little hands and feet are kept nice and warm.

Buy Joha sleepsuit here

Fleece cold suit

Fleece is nice and warm, and therefore a good choice for baby's sleepsuit. A fleece sleepsuit is often slightly cheaper than a wool one, as it is a synthetic material and therefore cheaper to produce. A fleece suit is good for children who have very sensitive and itchy skin, as wool can sometimes be itchy on sensitive skin.

The sleepsuit shown is in fleece, and is great as an extra layer on top of baby's clothes. It is made by Celavi, and costs only DKK 164.

Get answers to your questions about sleep suits

Here we've answered the most common questions asked about cooling suits.

What is a driving suit?

A baby sleepsuit is a warm sleepsuit that baby can be put into when she is sleeping in the pram or pushchair. A sleepsuit is very easy to put on and take off again. It is a suit with both arms and legs, which also makes the suit warm as it does not split in the middle.

The cooling suit is used to put on baby on top of the clothes, so that it cools as an extra layer.

Cold suit - when?

Yes, when do you use a driving suit? Age-wise, you can use the sleepsuit from day 1. When it's cold and baby is going to sleep in the pram or you're going for a walk, the sleepsuit is a really good idea.

Otherwise, the baby sleepsuit is useful in these situations:

  • In a pram or pushchair
  • In the car seat (and to and from the car)
  • In a carrier or wrap
  • For naptime in the nursery or daycare
  • Under the rainwear

What driving suit?

It can be hard to choose which jumpsuit. It's important to consider whether it will be used only for sleeping or will also serve as a kind of outerwear. In this case, it is most practical to choose a transitional suit. You will find examples of these further up in the text.

What size?

We recommend that you always choose a sleepsuit 1 - 2 sizes larger than baby is currently wearing. Firstly, it doesn't matter if baby doesn't fill the suit up completely, as it will still be nice and warm. Secondly, it would be a shame if baby could only use his expensive sleepsuit for a few months. Start with a size 68, rather than the very small sizes 50-56.