Almost all parents of young children need one or more feeding bottles. Even if you are breastfeeding, you can benefit a lot from a bottle. It can be used for water or for milk to supplement breastfeeding. But it can be difficult to know which bottle is best. Full-time bottle-feeding often uses 6-7 bottles a day for the first four months of life.

Here we look at the different feeding bottles we have found on the market. Children prefer different soothers and bottles, so hopefully you can find the best one below.

Feeding bottles similar to the breast

A lot has happened in the world of feeding bottles in recent years. Manufacturers have become really good at making bottles that are so much like a mother's breast that more and more children are accepting the bottle. At the same time, bottles have come onto the market that can stay warm and toasty. That way, your baby can have nice warm milk at the perfect temperature, even when you're on the go. It really has made life a lot easier for all those mothers who bottle-feed their babies.

On this page, we have collected a selection of feeding bottles with different practical functions.

Phillips Avent - is among the most popular feeding bottles

For many parents, Phillips Avent is the best choice when deciding which bottle to use. Avent bottles come in several sizes, so you can change them as baby needs bigger and bigger portions.

Avent feeding bottles are available in a regular version, called classic, and in another series called anti-colic. The anti-colic bottles have an extra focus on preventing baby from breathing in when they suck.

The bottles are easy to disassemble and reassemble. They are of course microwave safe. The bottles can be bought at Babygear or at the local pharmacy.

MAM feeding bottles

MAM feeding bottles are, like Phillips Avent, some of the very popular bottles. They are easy to disassemble and reassemble, and come in a variety of colours and patterns. So there's something nice for baby to look at.

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The great thing about the Mam bottles is that they can be sterilised in the microwave without any extra accessories. They can be taken apart so that the bottom can be removed. This way you can sterilise the bottle without having to buy a steriliser etc. Another thing that makes life easier with a bottle baby.

Perhaps the smartest feeding bottle on the market?

This bottle from Liam Go is a fairly new bottle on the market. It can be warmed up in 4 minutes, no matter where you are. The included heating cartridge uses neither electricity nor batteries. It is heated by a chemical reaction. A very clever solution for when your little one gets hungry!
Liam Go bottles are available in different sizes and colours. Read more about the concept at Babygear

Feeding bottles in glass from Hevea

Hevea has chosen to meet the growing demand for glass feeding bottles, rather than plastic. More and more people are looking to avoid plastic in their daily consumption. If you would like to serve baby's food in a very hygienic glass feeding bottle with a natural rubber teat, then these feeding bottles are definitely the right choice. Babygear.

Anti-colic feeding bottle from Tommy Tippee

This bottle has put extra emphasis on minimising air intake when baby is feeding, as well as reminding as much as possible of mum's breast.

The bottle itself is as soft as skin, and feels very pliable and comfortable in baby's mouth. The bottle is ergonomically designed so baby can be close to mum or dad when feeding. Also available as a large feeding bottle starter set, so you have everything you need when baby is feeding. Microwave and dishwasher safe.


Until the baby is four months old, bottles must be sterilised after each use.

This is made for Avent bottles, but you can also get sterilisers made for MAM bottles or other variants.

It is cumbersome to do it by pouring boiling water over, and even more cumbersome to do it in a pan. Besides, the bottles quickly become chalky and dull to look at.

It is easy to sterilise the bottles in a microwaveable steriliser. This is made for Phillips Avent bottles. The bottles are sterilised with steam that penetrates all the nooks and crannies. It is also easy to sterilize pacifiers and breast pumps in the sterilizer.

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Buy steriliser for bottles here. 

Nursing pillowGrey forest nursing pillow from Sebra

A nursing pillow is a large pillow shaped to fit around you. So baby can lie comfortably while you breastfeed, or bottle feed.

If you are in doubt about which breastfeeding pillow is best, you can see many more here.

Which feeding bottle is best?

If you are not breastfeeding your baby, you are probably giving him or her formula through a bottle. Here it can be difficult to know which bottle is best to use. Many people ask which bottle is best, but the answer can only be found in your baby.  


Advice on choosing the right feeding bottle 

When it comes to choosing the best feeding bottle for your baby, you'll initially be groping in the dark. You'll probably read a lot of reviews, and manufacturers' recommendations about their own product. But when it comes to which bottle is best, only your baby can give you the right answer. A feeding bottle can look a ton of different ways, and how the teat looks has a lot to say when it comes to which feeding bottle is best for your baby. The teat can have different lengths, widths and angles, so it's all about finding the teat that your baby will accept and can therefore manage to get the liquid out of. The hole in the teat also comes into play when deciding which bottle is best. If the hole is too big, your baby will drink the liquid quickly and may have trouble keeping it in. If the hole is too small, the baby will have difficulty getting the liquid out, which can lead to frustration at feeding times.  


Listen to your baby's signals and choose the bottle accordingly. 

It can be tempting to buy a lot of the same feeding bottle. Especially if all the reviews say this bottle is the best, and healthiest, for your baby to use. But at the end of the day, only your baby can tell you which bottle is best. That's why you should start by buying one bottle, and then try it out with your baby to find the right bottle.

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Best feeding bottle for newborn

If you have problems breastfeeding, you can give your baby the right amount of nutrition by giving him or her formula in a bottle. Your baby can use a feeding bottle from a very young age, and parents want to make sure that their newborn baby is getting the best feeding bottle. The best feeding bottle for a newborn depends on what your baby finds easiest to receive, so it can be difficult to find the best feeding bottle for a newborn.  


Find the best feeding bottle for your newborn 

When finding the best bottle for a newborn, it's all about listening to baby and reading his or her cues. Newborns have a natural urge to feed by mouth and at the breast. That's why it's a good idea to try a bottle with a small teat that fits your baby's mouth. The best feeding bottle for a newborn is exactly the one that compliments your baby best. If your baby gets his or her fluids from a bottle that is too big, he or she may have problems with the amount of fluid and be more likely to throw it up again. A newborn has a small mouth and needs to really learn how it all works to suck in nourishment. That's why it's important to listen to your baby and how he or she may react to the bottle. This also applies to how your baby accepts the soother, as this too can be of different sizes and shapes, which will affect how your baby is able to use the bottle. The best feeding bottle for newborns is therefore one that compliments the baby's small mouth and is not too difficult for the baby to get liquid out of.  


Skip the reviews and try it out 

Reviews can guide you in the direction you think is best for your baby, but in reality you will only find the best bottle for your newborn by trying it out