A baby nest is a safe and lovely way for baby to sleep and snuggle, as seen in the picture of the home-made baby nest from MamaMilla.

A baby nest is cute, and practical for parents. Since the advent of baby carriers a few years ago, they have become incredibly popular and almost a permanent part of the starter pack that new parents buy. However, the popularity of baby nests also means that there are now so many to choose from. They are available with handles, in junior size, and in a multitude of colours and designs.

Here we take a look at the many different baby carriers so you can find the right one for you & your baby.

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Cute baby nest in powder pink with geometric pattern

This cute baby nest is ideal for little girls. It has a beautiful, delicate powder colour, which is decorated with a geometric pattern. The baby nest has a modern and Nordic look, but is also very cute and cuddly. This is not a cheap baby nest with a normal price of 799 DKK, but on the other hand it is really nice in quality and thought has been put into the details. Read more about this baby nest here.

Baby nest from Sebra

Here is a very nice baynest from Sebra. At the bottom is the beautiful print from Sebra's theme "animals of the forest", which has been very popular. The colour of this baby nest is grey, and is therefore suitable for both sexes. The baby nest is covered with organic cotton, which you can print to put your baby to sleep in. The crib can be adjusted with a smart strap. In this model, you thus avoid cords that you normally don't want around your baby. This baby nest from Sebra has been seen at Pixizoo.

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Baby nest from voksi - a baby nest in very nice design

If you're into neutral design, this nice baby nest from Voksi is definitely worth a look. Voksi is probably best known for their driving bags, but here you can see that they have also made a pretty nice baby nest! It's light grey on the outside and white on the inside. The end connects with a leather strap, so you don't have strings lying around for baby to grab. In front of the closure there is a small piece of mattress, which allows baby to lie comfortably in both directions of the baby nest. At the same time, this piece acts as an extension to the mattress as baby grows. If baby's face is turned towards the edge of the crib, he or she can still breathe, as the crib has an air channel along the edge.

A lovely baby nest with very fine details, where both safety and comfort have been thought of. Choose from several colours!

Pink baby nest from Småfolk

Another nice baby nest that gives baby lots of security and cosiness. This baby crib is from Småfolk, and has a nice design with small dots. Seen at Pixizoo

Baby nest in gender neutral colour

This beautiful baby nest from Mamamilla is a little different from many others, as its green colour makes it suitable for both sexes. It is therefore an obvious baby nest to give as a gift if you don't yet know the gender, or if you just want a nice green baby nest. It's black on the outside and has a smart drawstring at the end that's hidden so baby can't get hold of the strings. A really nice baby nest that your baby is sure to enjoy.

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 Baby nest with handle

This smart baby nest from Babydan is extra practical as you can carry baby around in it. The crib is equipped with smart handles, which make it easy to move baby around even when he or she is sleeping. A wonderful baby nest that is a bit more practical with the handles. Buy at Coop.

Neutral & cheap baby nest

If you're looking for a nice and neutral baby nest that's also affordable, this one from Baby Dan is a good choice. It costs DKK 399.95 at Coopand you get a great quality baby nest. It has no drawstring, so it closes tight all the way round. However, this also means that it cannot be expanded afterwards, which is something to be aware of when choosing this baby nest.

Baby nest DIY - sew your own baby nest

If you can't find a baby nest that suits your needs, making your own is a great and fun option. If you're going to start a baby crib diy project, it's a good idea to buy a pattern so you can make a good baby crib. The advantage here is that you can completely choose from the many beautiful types of fabric. Buy pattern for baby nest here. 

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A nice baby nest for your baby

With its clinging sides, a baby nest can provide the familiar security of a baby lying in the womb. The baby is kept warm and gets a better and more restful night's sleep. Cots have many practical uses. Many parents experience greater security as the sides of the crib ensure that the baby does not fall out. They are also perfect for co-sleeping, and for exercising the baby's neck when lying on his tummy and looking out over the edge of the cushion.

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The cushion edge around the cots has a cord that makes it easy to adjust the size to fit the baby. There are many different baby cots on the market, with price and quality varying from brand to brand. It is important that you consider which crib is right for your child's needs when choosing a crib. Baby carriers are sold in many online shops and stores across the country.

A safe environment for your child

The great thing about a baby nest is that you can take it with you anywhere and create the best and safest environment for your child. It's handy when you're on the move, travelling or just visiting friends and family. The calming effect on the baby makes it feel safe and calm, which creates safe and happy parents.

How to maintain your baby nest

It's important to maintain your baby's nest to ensure it keeps its shape and lasts as long as possible. The material is usually cotton, which can be removed from the mattress and washed in the washing machine. However, it is important to be aware of what material your baby's cot is made of and take this into account when washing it. It is important to be aware that the structure of the mattress can be destroyed if it is washed in the washing machine. You should therefore either remove the fabric and wash it by hand and vacuum clean or disinfect the mattress with a mixture of white vinegar and water (50/50) and dry with a lukewarm cloth. Once the mattress has air-dried, you can re-apply the fabric to your baby's nest. It's a good idea to finish cleaning by shaking the cushion so that it is evenly distributed and thus retains its volume.