Everyone wants the best stroller for their baby. A pram or pushchair is an essential part of the starter pack you need when you have a baby. The best pushchair for you depends on your needs and wishes.

In this guide to choosing a pushchair, we've made it easier to see what you can get for your money

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The best stroller for you & your baby

Some families benefit most from a small pushchair, for example a pram, which can easily fit in the car and is easy to manoeuvre around shops and the street. Others enjoy having a large pram, which can hold a child up to the age of 3 and is great for outdoor walks all year round. Still others may consider a sibling carriageif they have children close to each other. On this page, we've taken a look at both prams and pushchairs that offer great value for money.

At the bottom, you can read more in-depth about what you need to consider when finding the best pushchair. For example. the pros and cons of a wagon, pushchair, fixed or swivel wheels and much more.

How to choose a stroller?

If it's your first child, you may not have spent much time researching prams. You'll soon discover that there are many models, qualities and price ranges in pushchairs. To decide which is the best pushchair for you, you should consider the following

  • Pram or pushchair

    A pram has a large 97 cm capacity, while a pushchair is smaller and requires a change to a pushchair when the child is about 1 year old.

  • Fixed wheels or castors

    Swivel wheels make it easy to turn on a 25-ear in shops and on public transport. On uneven terrain, fixed wheels are the most comfortable to ride.

  • Brand name or a cheap pram

    If you choose a cheap stroller and buy it online, you can save up to 50 % of the price. If you look for a pushchair online, it's possible to get a lot for your money. If you're more into popular brands like Emmaljunga or Odder, you can choose from fashionable colours and enjoy a great looking pushchair with good resale value.

At the bottom of the post you will find a detailed guide to choosing a pushchair. If you want to read more about choosing the best pushchair, click here to jump straight to the guide on which stroller.

Borrow money for a pram, car seat or other baby equipment

Bid for the best stroller for you & your baby

Several of the best strollers where you get a lot for the money!

Babytrold stroller - Good & cheap pram

The pram from Babytrold is a good choice if you are looking for a robust and practical stroller. The stroller comes with both a carrycot and a small changing bag. With this pushchair you get a lot for your money. The stroller doesn't have the fanciest details or design, but it is a good choice for those who want a good stroller at a very fair price. The stroller has a nice soft mattress so baby is comfortable. It has a large sleeping area of 95 cm. The stroller is sold at Coop. 

Hauck pushchair - incl. pushchair, stroller & car seat

  • Low-cost wagon with 3-in-1 solution

In this cheap combi stroller, you get three ways to transport your child. There's both a carrycot for when baby is very young, a pushchair for later use and the set also includes a compatible car seat that can be fitted to the frame. With this combi stroller, you get a complete solution for transporting baby at an affordable price. Hauck pushchair is a light little trolley that can fit in most cars.

Trille pram - Another good pram for the price

  • Includes carrycot and small changing bag

Another good stroller, priced slightly lower than the Babytrold model. Classic pushchair with fixed wheels that are comfortable to roll along in. The stroller from Trille comes with both a carrycot and a changing bag. Trille pushchairs are among the best pushchairs if you are looking for an affordable pushchair without compromising on safety. It is safety approved and is equipped with reflectors that increase visibility in traffic. It has a large sleeping area of 97 cm. Trille pushchairs are popular because you get a good quality pushchair that can be used for a long time. At the same time, Trille pushchairs are priced at a level that most people can afford.

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List of who sells Trille:

My Own World 


Bugaboo Cameleon - with carrycot or stroller

The Bugaboo pram is not necessarily a cheap pram, but nevertheless a pram that is becoming more and more popular. This Bugaboo stroller can be used from newborn up until the child no longer needs a stroller. So here you have a pram with a very long life. When baby is small, you can use the pushchair with a lift, and when baby learns to sit up, you can switch to the stroller part.

It's a great choice for parents who don't mind standing out and appreciate a good hug. Like all other Bogabo strollers, this model is packed with neat features like UV protection in the fabric, swivel front wheels that lock into place and a spacious shopping basket underneath. The lift is very easy to remove and can actually be done with just one hand. Definitely a brilliant feature for busy parents. Here the model is seen in a nice grey/green colour, but you can choose from many others. See them all here. 

Silver Cross Wave duo / combi stroller in Nordic design

  • Stroller base & stroller part included in the price
  • Sun protection factor 50+ in kaleche

Silver Cross has many years of experience in making prams. This model is one of their new and modern strollers, which is both easy to carry around but still has the Nordic and elegant look that most people associate with Silver Cross. The stroller is called the Wave duo stroller, and both the stroller box and stroller part are included in the price. It's a small compact pushchair that's great for city driving. It is not the cheapest pushchair. The reason why the price is in the higher range is the nice details such as good suspension in the wheels. This makes a world of difference when you are pedalling along. In addition, there is sun factor 50+ in the canopy, as well as other nice details that make this stroller a bit of a luxury combi stroller. It is available cheaply in several places online, including the big baby and children's store Lekmer. 

Emmaljunga Big Star Supreme

  • Price starts from 8.499 kr.
  • Beautiful fashionable stroller with nice details

The large stroller from Emmaljunga is a popular choice that you see many of on the street. Every year Emmeljunga makes new colours that follow fashion. The stroller has good suspension, built-in fly net and sun canopy and a good insulated stroller box. The Emmaljunga pushchair has a large lying area of 98 cm. The Emmaljunga pushchair is available with both fixed and swivel wheels. Both a baby bag and a carrycot are optional extras. This is an expensive but stylish stroller that many parents love.

Odder Zip pram

  • Price starts from 9.999 kr.
  • Popular stroller with practical details

Danish quality at its best. The Odder pushchair is one of the most luxurious pushchairs, but also costs more than many other pushchairs. Here, the details have been thought about.In the front leather is a zipper, which makes it easy to take your baby up and down. It also allows you to open the zipper on hot days without taking the front cover off completely. This way you can shield from the wind without baby getting too hot. The carrycot has ventilation, a sunshade and an inside pocket for pacifiers or baby alarms.The design is characterised by Nordic simplicity. The Odder pushchair is easy to fold and does not take up much space compared to the pushchair's large 97 cm width.


Find the best stroller for your family

Choosing the right stroller for you and your baby is one of the biggest decisions you can make as a parent-to-be. Shopping for a stroller is important. It's expensive. And it has to be just right. That's why we've written a comprehensive guide to which stroller will hopefully leave you best equipped to choose the best stroller for your little bundle of joy.

In the guide we will discuss the size of the stroller, the cost of a stroller, fixed wheels or swivel wheels and finally the advantages and disadvantages of a combi stroller and a stroller.

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Big or small stroller?

Whether you choose a large or small pushchair depends on how you plan to use it. Small prams are undeniably easier to get around in, and also a lot cheaper. However, the comfort is not always as good for baby, and a small pushchair should be replaced with a stroller by the time the child is 1 year old.

Large pram

It matters whether your child will be sleeping outside, or the stroller will just be used for walks and occasional midday strolls. A large pushchair feels easy to ride because the large wheels provide good suspension. A large pushchair is great for long walks, even on uneven terrain. You also get more space in the undercarriage, and if you have a big baby, it still has plenty of room to lie on. Conversely, it's a hassle to carry inside to shop, and it might not fit in your car without having to be completely disassembled first.

  • Large lying area (97 cm)
  • Good space in the shopping basket
  • Perfect if baby needs to sleep in their own pram in daycare
  • Clumsy to get around in small shops
  • You will need to supplement with a stroller over time

Small pram

A small pram can usually hold your child until they are no older than 1 year. On the other hand, a small pushchair is easy to get around with and you can usually buy both a pushchair and a car seat that fits on the frame. Small pushchairs don't always insulate as well in cold months, but they naturally take up less space in the car and on trains and buses.

  • Easy to carry by car and public transport
  • You can often add a stroller & car seat
  • Is often cheap in purchase price
  • Especially the cheap small wagons are not insulated so well
  • Small wheels make it difficult to drive on uneven terrain

How much does a pram cost?

The prams we have looked at here cost from around DKK 3,000 up to DKK 10,000. Consider how much of your starter pack budget should go towards buying a pushchair.

Fixed wheels or castors?

When it comes to choosing a pushchair, you need to decide whether it should have fixed wheels or swivel wheels. Here, we will briefly explain what castors and fixed wheels are, so that you are better prepared for your choice.It is a good idea to go to a physical store and try both fixed wheels and castors. Remember that the stroller will feel different when the baby is in the stroller and there is more weight on it. See the pros and cons of both wheel types below.

Stroller with swivel wheels

Turning wheels can turn in all directions. A pushchair with wheels is easy to manoeuvre, even if space is limited. Often, only the front two wheels are swivel wheels, while the rear two wheels are swivel wheels. On some trolleys it is possible to lock the front wheels so that they cannot turn.

  • Easy to manoeuvre and turn in narrow shops
  • Ideal if you live in an urban environment
  • Difficult to ride on cobblestones and other uneven terrain
  • The small swivel wheels in particular often mean that you have to "hold back" to stop the trolley going the wrong way

Stroller with fixed wheels

A pram with fixed wheels typically have larger wheels that cannot turn. Therefore, when you need to turn the pushchair, you need to press down slightly on the handlebars so that the front wheels lift slightly. The wheels stay firm and roll easily over cobbles or other uneven terrain.

  • Comfortable to ride on long distances
  • Suitable for the picnic, in the park or other uneven terrain
  • With fixed wheels, you can pull the trolley backwards if the sun shines straight into the trolley
  • Makes it harder to turn the trolley where there is not much space
  • Fills a bit more, which is important e.g. in the car

Stroller or pram?

The difference between a pram and a pushchair is that the pram has a large carrycot with a large load capacity. A pram, on the other hand, is smaller, but a pushchair part can be added to the frame.

You should choose a stroller if...

The pushchair is the right choice for you if you want your child to sleep outside as long as possible, don't need it for short trips to the shops, and have room for it in the car if you have one.

A pram has a large capacity. The child can sleep in the pushchair up to the age of 3. Many parents are happy that their children can sleep safely in their own pushchair in the day nursery or crèche. There is plenty of room in a pushchair for a wax bag or other carrycot, so your child is always warm when it comes to sleeping. Because the pushchair is bigger, it also has a large basket

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You should choose a combi stroller if...

The Kombi is the right choice for you if you want a pushchair that's easy to manoeuvre. It's good if you often travel in shopping centres or on busy streets. The advantage is also that you get a good stroller in the same purchase, which the child can use up to the age of 4. With a combi stroller, you get two strollers in one. Most people switch to a pushchair when their child is around one year old. You can get cheap prams for as little as around €3,000.

Practical accessories for the pram

As you will be using the stroller a lot during the first year, it is good to have the basic and necessary equipment for it. Here, we'll go over what equipment you should consider and what "traps" you should watch out for.

Mattress for pram

Most baby shops recommend buying a new mattress for the pushchair instead of using the one that comes with it. However, it is not necessarily best to buy a new pram mattress straight away from the shop, as unfortunately this is often seen as a way of getting more money out of parents-to-be. Make sure you read up on which mattresses you should choose, and check carefully that the one that comes with the pushchair really isn't good enough. Remember that babies don't weigh much and therefore don't need a particularly thick mattress.

If you choose to buy a mattress, go for one that is not too soft. If you prefer an organic and hypoallergenic mattress, we recommend reading more about pram mattresses with kapok fibres - click here to read our post on this.

En good stroller harness for stroller

You don't need to buy a stroller harness from the start, as most babies don't need it until they're around 6 months old. When baby can turn over onto his tummy by himself, however, it is recommended to start using a stroller harness. Of course, the harness needs to be safe and comfortable for your baby to wear and sleep in. The harness should be adjustable to fit your child exactly, and adjusted as your child grows. Buy a safety-approved stroller harness

Rain cover for pram

A rain cover is a must. In Denmark, it rains often, and to protect the stroller, maintain durability and protect your child from moisture and rain, you need a rain cover. Rain covers come in many different qualities, colours and patterns. Rain covers come in small bags that can be hung on the side of the pram. That way, it's always nearby when it suddenly starts raining. When choosing a rain cover, look for one that doesn't contain PVC or other harmful chemicals that can unfortunately be found in rainwear and rain covers. Look for stroller rain cover here

Fly net for pram

When your child sleeps outside in a pram, pushchair or pushchair, a fly net or mosquito net is needed to keep animals and insects away.Several pram models, including Emmaljunga, come with a fly net for the pram. It is integrated into the shell, so you just have to pull it out over the stroller body. For other models, you need to buy a fly or mosquito net separately. Fortunately, a fly net doesn't cost a lot. Buy cheap fly netting here

Lift for pram

For most of the strollers we have mentioned, a lift is included in the price. For Emmaljunga and Odder, however, the lift is an extra accessory and must be purchased in addition to the stroller. Please note that different lifts fit different types of prams and pushchairs. A pushchair lift can be very practical at the beginning, when you can carry it around the house while your newborn sleeps safely in the lift. Many newborns feel very comfortable with their carrycot as the world doesn't get too big. That's why it's also a good idea to let your baby sleep in the carrycot in the cot, to create more security. It's also easy to move the lift into the pram if you're going for a walk and the baby is asleep in the pram lift.