These bathing animals grow mould

You know those cute little rubber bath toys that kids love to play with when they're in the bath? Studies have shown that they easily create optimal conditions for mould and other harmful fungi. TV2 reports today. The fungi get optimal living conditions because the water is not drained completely.

Photo: TV2

This is what the bathing animal looked like inside

When the bathing animal was cut open, a disgusting sight appeared. It was completely black, and filled with flakes of harmful fungi. Not so nice when the little one sucks on the bath animal and might swallow the water.

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This bath toy is the one to go for

Wooden submarine. Perfect beach toy. Buy here

If you want to avoid the risk of mould altogether, I'd recommend steering clear of the cute little rubber animals. Instead, go for bath toys that are easy to wash and dry. For example, an ordinary bucket, and a few cups. This can be a lot of fun for the little ones, and the toys can get a trip in the dishwasher regularly.


Wooden sailing boat - safe bathing toy

Children's bath toys don't have to be plastic. Plantoys has made a range of really nice wooden boats that work perfectly as children's bath toys. The boat has no holes where water can get in without being seen. Therefore, the boat is a great alternative to traditional bath toys.

This boat is a little more expensive than many other beach toys, but it's safe. As a bonus, it's also produced in an environmentally friendly way. You can choose between several versions of Plantoys bath toys for children here

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