A UV beach tent for baby and children is a super smart invention that makes the beach trip much more comfortable for baby and parents. A beach tent with UV protection provides a nice shady place where baby can lie safely and comfortably without being exposed to the sun's dangerous rays. It is recommended that children under the age of 1 be kept in the shade as much as possible, but fortunately you don't have to give up your beach trip at this expense if you choose to purchase a pop-up beach tent.

Here you can read about what you should know about a UV beach tent for baby and how and where you can buy a smart beach tent with UV protection

A UV beach tent for baby is also very practical to use at home in the garden, so the little one can be outside while any older siblings play outside.

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Before you buy uv beach tent for baby

There is a very wide range of uv baby beach tents when you look online and the prices are also very different. Although the tents look quite similar in the pictures, the quality can vary quite a bit. The more expensive uv tents for babies generally have more nice details and are easier to deal with, as well as a lot more durable. A pop-up tent is made of very thin material, and there are often some savings on the cheaper models. You therefore have to decide how much you want to use the tent, and whether it will only be used for baby, or whether there will also be room for older children and perhaps a few bags in the cool shade. If the tent will only be used sporadically, or you want to see if a uv beach tent is for you, then a cheap uv tent might be a good idea. You'll probably find the largest selection of uv beach tents for baby at Babygear. Looking for a cheap beach tent, stop by the big baby and kids store Lekmer. If you're looking for the ultimate and stylish baby tent, then this tent from Faktorfobi worth a look.

You can read much more about the different types of uv baby beach tents further down in the text.

Large selection online

If you want to have many beach tents to choose from, it is recommended to look around at the various online stores. For example Pixizoo or Babygear. Here you'll find a great selection and often the cheapest prices, so you get the most for your money.

Uv beach tent for baby on offer

Up to the summer there are often good deals on uv beach tents, which is worth taking advantage of before the high season when the price often rises again. When you shop online, you can easily look around at several different retailers before you decide to see if there are any good deals on beach tents. There are often great deals on baby beach tents at Pixizoo, which generally has low prices on baby gear.

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Pop up uv beach tent with good ventilation

Here is a really good beach tentwhich is easy to fold and unfold. This uv tent is provided with good ventilation options, as it has insect nets in all openings. The tent measures 120 x 70 x 80 cm, so there is room for more than one person and possibly the packed lunch, so it doesn't get too hot and boring. The tent is very easy to fold and can be carried in a small handy bag. The tent has a UV protection of 50+, which is the highest protection. Here it is shown in a nice green colour. Set at 398 kr. at Babygear.

Cheap uv tent for the beach or garden

If you are looking for a cheap uv beach tent for baby, then this blue tent for 198 kr. a good offer. It has the highest uv protection of 50+. Like the other pop up tents, this can be easily folded and carried in a smart bag. Included with the tent are 4 pegs so it can be easily secured to the ground or in the sand. As the tent only weighs 1kg, it can tip over quickly, especially on the water where it's a bit windier.

L 90 x W 120 x H 80 cm.

Luxurious uv beach tent with smart details (completely without harmful substances)

This pop up tent from Babymoov are in really good quality. It blocks the entire 98% of the sun's harmful rays due to its 50+ UV protection. This particular tent has undergone a number of tests by Think, and there are no harmful substances in the tent, meaning no phalates or similar unwanted chemicals in the tent. A nice security to have when it comes to products for the kids. Unlike many other beach tents, this one is quite large and can accommodate several people. The tent is very quick to pitch, as it practically folds itself up when you open it. It takes a bit of practice to fold it up, but once you get the hang of it, it takes no time at all. Watch the video below. The beach tent is easy to carry around in the included bag. The price is 499 DKK at Factor Phobiawhere you will also find a large selection of sunwear for children.

Dimensions: 98 cm in height - 90 cm in width - 85 cm in depth.

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Smart travel bed with uv protection

This smart travel bed for baby is really practical as it can also be used as protection from the sun when you are outside. The travel cot is easy to set up as it acts as a pop up tent for baby. The travel cot can be used both outside in the garden or as a travel cot, so baby has a safe base even when you're not at home. The travel cot is best suited for babies aged 6 months and under. Once baby has learned to sit up, he or she will quickly be able to tip the tent over, but for little ones it is very useful, especially if you like to stay outside. The travel cot / uv tent for baby has been seen at Pixizoo to 356 kr. Choose from several colours.

Spacious & cheap beach tent

This beach tent is the biggest we've looked at, but also the cheapest. It costs just DKK 149.95 at Lekmer. The tent has UV protection up to 40+, minimising the sun's dangerous rays. The tent creates a nice shaded area with room for more than one person. Inside the tent there are small pockets sewn on to store small items. The tent is pitched with flexible poles that cannot break. A smart beach tent that is perfect for taking to the beach or setting up in the garden to create a cosy area. Read more here.

Travel bed & beach tent from Deryan

For example, this model from Babygear, which can become a nice safe base on the beach, but also function as a travel bed, or cozy place / playground for baby inside. A mattress can be added to make the tent more comfortable. Available in several colours at Babygear to 798 kr.

Uv beach tent and travel bed in one

The great thing about a pop-up uv beach tent for baby is that it's easy to take with you on the go. It takes up next to nothing when folded up, making it really smart to carry around as a travel bed. With a small blanket inside, the uv tent becomes a safe baby playpen/bed that you can easily set up wherever you are. In this way, it is also a travel cot that weighs almost nothing and fits in the car or stroller. A uv beach tent for baby can be useful in several ways.

Pop up beach tent for baby - quick & easy

A pop up beach tent works in the way that it is easy to set up once you have arrived at the beach. Most models fold up to fit into a small bag, making it easy to take with you on your beach trip. The big advantage of a baby uv beach tent is that it doesn't weigh much, so it's not a hassle to carry to and from the beach, where you usually have plenty to carry when you have children with you.

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Sun lounger & picnic blanket are also handy on the beach

In addition to a UV beach tent for baby, it makes sense to bring a picnic blanket or a sleeping mat. It can be placed inside the tent to make the bottom more comfortable to lie on, while providing a cosy base on the beach with partial shade.

In addition, sunscreen, sun hat, towel, food and drink are also things most people bring on a beach trip with children. Some toys that are fun to have outside will help kids get started with fun games. This could be a bucket or a digging cow, for example. See more fun outdoor toys here.

A pop-up beach tent creates nice shade for baby

The sun's rays are harsh, and especially between 12 & 15 when it is recommended to seek shade. This can be a problem if you also want to go to the beach and enjoy the good weather, or just stay outside. With a pop-up beach tent, taking your baby to the beach becomes much easier as you can quickly and easily pitch it and create a nice shady spot for baby. It's even possible to get a proper "bed" that doubles as a shade tent, so baby can nap outside without too much trouble and without being exposed to the sun's rays.

Uv beach tent for baby - avoid the dangerous uv rays

UV radiation is highest in Denmark during the summer months. When it is above 3, it is necessary to protect yourself with sunscreen and shade. A UV beach tent is woven in a certain way so that the sun's rays are reflected back and cannot penetrate. This provides effective extra protection against UV rays. When baby is not in his uv beach tent sunwear or uv swimwear be a good idea. Especially if you're going south, where the sun's rays are extra strong and the UV index is significantly higher.