Toy trains and train sets have for many years been popular and much loved toys with children. The opportunity to build your own train set and watch the toy train whizz by is just super fun. Especially if the train set has fun details like hills, tunnels, switchbacks and many of the other fun things you can get for train sets.

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Brio trains and toy trains

Brio train sets and toy trains are probably the most popular and classic in train sets and toy trains. There are almost endless possibilities to build and construct your very own train. There are a multitude of accessories for Brio train sets to choose from. These include a Brio fire station, police station, road signs, stations and much more.

You can see a selection of Brio train sets and accessories below

Brio train sets and toy trains are a great Christmas or birthday gift for children. You can keep collecting all the accessories and build a really big train with lots of details. You can buy Brio trains here and here.

My first railway - with battery trains

A great starter set if your child doesn't already have a Brio train set. The set includes a train in a nice size, where the train can run around in a circle. There are also two hills on the track, which make the ride a little more exciting.

The train is battery-powered, so you can watch the little train whizz around the track. A really nice train track that can provide many fun hours.

Luxury train in plastic box - the perfect gift

You get a nice and big Brio train set with many combination possibilities. In total, the set contains 54 parts that will provide children with many hours of fun. The set comes in a plastic box, so it doesn't take up much space when it's cleaned up. The train set is a really nice Christmas or birthday gift for the child from 1 - 5 years.

The train set contains:

  • a battery-powered locomotive with lights
  • ordinary cranes
  • a rolling crane
  • high bridge
  • truck
  • skinner
  • containers
  • and much more

Brio Fire Station - can be connected to the train track

A nice fire station that can be connected to the Brio train, but which can also be played with separately. The fire station is on two levels and includes a clever slide so firefighters can quickly get down to the fire engines. The fire station comes with two beautiful fire engines.

A nice set with trees and a train with wagons

The train can run endlessly around in the classic 8 number shape. The set includes some trees and a station. A nice little set that works well as a complement to the Brio train set, or can be played with on its own.

Goki trains - natural colored trains

The cute trains from Goki Nature have a nice and Nordic expression. The trains are natural coloured and produced in a sustainable way. The wood is solid beech wood from forests in Europe. The cute little trains are creative toys that give rise to many games. They are especially good for the little ones. The trains are recommended from 9 months.

Locomotive with two wagons

Very cute train set for the little ones. The train consists of a locomotive and a freight car as well as a passenger car. The nice set is a nice christening or birthday present. It will also look great as a decoration in the nursery, while providing an opportunity for play and fun.

Locomotive with freight car and goods

Load the freight wagon and drive off with the load. This nice set gives rise to the fun putte-in-play when the train has to be loaded. The cute train can run across the floor. Nothing will happen if your child sucks on the train, as it contains no colouring or anything similar. The train has a cord so it can be pulled along.

Hape train sets - High quality: wooden toy train set

The cute trains from Goki Nature have a nice and Nordic expression. The trains are natural coloured and produced in a sustainable way. The wood is solid beech wood from forests in Europe. The cute little trains are creative toys that give rise to many games. They are especially good for the little ones. The trains are recommended from 9 months.

Giant Hape Mighty Mountain Mine

A great toy to play with for hours. All toys from Hape are in super quality, and made of wood. This great train set has really many fun features, and will no doubt delight the train-loving child. Best suited for children over the age of 3.

On your journey through the railway, you'll encounter a bit of everything:

1. Start from the top of the mountain and head down. The crane is used to load the train with supplies. The train spirals deeper into the mine.

2. On the way down, the train comes through the tunnel with a waterfall. It is possible to remove the tunnel wall and turn it upside down to stop the magical liquid.

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3. Navigate your way past the various hazards and features. Cross the bridge and the rope bridge.

4. Ring the warning bell and stop at the repair station if necessary.

5. Use the conveyor belt to transport ore from the bottom of the mine to the third level. Then load it into your train and drive it up to the surface.

Winner of the Toy Award for Best Preschool Toy 2017: Hape Mighty Mountain Mine

Fun Hape train track with colorful bridge

Super nice little train from Hape with a nice colorful toy train. The train has a colourful bridge that the train can cross. In addition, there is a small forest with trees. Trains can run around and around in a circle, which makes the train track really fun to play with.

Fun Hape train - good for younger children

Another train from Hape, where the colors are turned up. This train is particularly suitable for the youngest (1-3 years) as it also has a ball track that little fingers will love to fiddle with. The trains themselves are small, round circles on wheels that are really easy to handle. A great gift idea for Christmas or birthday.

Oball train track - super fun for the little ones

Oball has won awards for its colourful and beautiful baby toys. Oball toys are characterised by being easy for little hands to grasp, while also being easy and fun to move around and play with. Oball has also developed a train set for the little ones, which features the characteristic Oballs as little trains.

Oball train track with fun features

This nice train set from Oball has a few more features than so many other train sets. There's a cool bridge, track switch and a handle you can turn up and down that allows the train to run. There is also a crane that can lift the trains around. All the trains have faces so they are fun and lifelike for the kids.

The train track can be assembled in several ways, so it can be played with in more than one way.

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KidKraft - big train tracks for hours of play

Kidkraft has been designing and manufacturing quality wooden toys since 1968, and is one of the largest manufacturers in the United States. The quality of their toys is top notch and the great design appeals to many children and adults. In fact, their toys are so popular and durable that they are often used in daycare centres.

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Here we have chosen to mention two train tracks from KidKraft, both designed on a play table. This makes it more comfortable for children to stand up and play for longer periods of time. At the same time, it is easy to have more children playing - there is room for everyone around the table.

Kidkraft Toy Train - Large train track with waterfall on board

Here is a train track where there is really the opportunity to play a lot. It's much more comfortable for the kids to stand up and play than to be on the floor. The table measures 122 x 81 cm. The train track is compatible with the toy trains from Brio and Thomas Train. The train track comes in a smart storage box, so it's easy to pack away and take out again when it's time to play. The construction is very stable and durable. The train weighs a total of 3 kg.


Nice toy table with train and toy train

This train set includes over 80 accessories for the beautiful train set. The train can run on three levels, both under the bridge and high up. The set also includes a crane that can raise and lower goods. The table is conveniently designed with rounded edges to prevent scratching and scuffing. Underneath the table are two large toy bins, which are super handy when it comes to storing lots of small parts. The table is large enough for two children to play on. The city is filled with little people and lots of signs. Possible for many hours of play and fun. The train weighs over 20kg.

Ikea train - the cheap alternative

If you find the other train services on the market a little over your budget, there is the option of choosing a cheaper alternative. Namely, the wooden train set from Ikea. It's compatible with the Brio Train, so you can easily use the two together.

Train with toy train - only 89 kr.

A really nice little set for the toddler. The train track is compatible with Brio trains, so it can also nicely complement than current train track.