Children typically move to a junior bed when they are 2-3 years old. If you're looking for a junior bed that's a little different and maybe up for some play, take a look here. A junior bed can look many ways, and there's nothing wrong with having a bed that's also conducive to play. A fun and different junior bed adds a little something extra to your child's room. That's why we've put together a range of junior beds for children who want a different bed.

Pirate ship with sails

If your child is a real pirate, this bed is sure to delight. Made from high-quality wood, the pirate bed is shaped like a real ship. There are decks, ropes, sails and much more. The little pirate will love lying down to snooze in this cool bed, from which you can dream away on the great seas.

Mattress Size: 190 x 90 cm (not included)
Size: 130 x 240 cm.

A carriage for the princess with sofa and storage

When nothing is good enough for the princess, this junior bed is definitely an option. It's a beautiful tub that's perfect for the real princess. The junior bed is really nicely decorated with wheels and a beautiful roof over it, so you really get the feeling of sitting in a carriage. At the front of the bed is a small sofa with two spacious drawers underneath.

Cool wooden racing car with built-in bed frame

This bed is in really good quality. It is made of wood and is produced for one of the largest manufacturers for children, namely Kidkraft. The bed is both fun and colourful, and a great place to sleep for car-loving children. At the end of the bed there is a built-in bench, where you can store various things. The junior bed fits mattresses of 70 * 140 cm.

  • Size: 190 cm L x 75 cm W x 45 cm H

High bed with tent in Cars / Cars theme

If your child also loves the film Cars, this bed will undoubtedly be a huge hit. It's decorated with cool images of cars from the popular film. It's a high bed with a decorative tent underneath, where there's plenty of room to snuggle up. A different junior bed that also gives more space in the nursery.

Remember a good junior duvet and junior pillow

Junior duvet with kapok fibres, 100 x 130 cm.

Beautiful junior duvet that, like the junior pillow, is hypoallergenic, organic and sustainable. The junior duvet is also temperature regulating, which means you can get rid of the heat when sleeping with the duvet. A very nice junior duvet from Cocoon.

Cocoon also makes duvets and pillows for adults. See more here.