Now that you've landed on this page, we assume you're looking for the best sandbox for the kids.

Here, we've chosen to highlight some of the best children's sandboxes from a range of retailers, so you can find one that suits your needs and your children's wishes.

When finding the best sandbox for your child, it's a good idea to consider the following before you buy.

How much space do you have?

If you have a larger garden with plenty of space, you'll probably benefit most from a wooden sandpit. Wooden sandboxes are generally a little more expensive than plastic ones, but they last longer and look nicer in the landscape. If you have a permanent place for the sandpit in your garden, a wooden one will be the best sandpit for you.

However, if it is to be placed on a smaller terrace, a plastic sandpit would be the best choice.

How old is your child/children?

If the sandbox is mainly used by a single child aged 1-2, a small sandbox will be enough to entertain the child. If you have older children aged 5 - 6 and upwards, they will certainly benefit more from a larger sandbox with plenty of space for toys.

Wooden hexagonal sandbox - very good quality

The first sandbox we mention is this nice sandbox from the retailer Sundleg. The hexagonal sandbox is the best sandbox if you value aesthetics and beauty in your garden. It's not a cheap sandbox, but it's made of good, strong materials that will last. The sandbox is made of strong pressure-treated boards that have a long durability, even in Danish weather. The corners are made of sturdy UV-resistant plastic, so they won't fade in the sun. On all sides of the sandbox there are comfortable seats where children can sit comfortably while playing.

Cheap sandbox in pine

Larch wood sandpit - Practical sandpit with lid

This sandbox is sold at 10-4 construction market, which has a large selection online of sandboxes, swing sets and other play equipment for children. This version is a sandbox in oiled larch wood, which is the best type of wood for sandboxes. The lid of the sandbox also functions as small benches, which is a very practical and smart detail. You therefore don't need to buy the sandpit net to keep it covered at night or during the winter months. For the price, this is a good bet for the best sandbox if you have the space for it.

The ordinary sandbox - price includes sand!

Here's the best sandbox if you're looking for an easy solution - you get sand for the sandbox included in the price (240 kg total). The sand is naturally designed for sandboxes, and is environmentally friendly and completely additive-free. The sandpit itself is made of wood and has seating boards on each side, so children can sit comfortably and play.
Delivery: The sand is delivered in 20 kg bags. You have to assemble the sandbox yourself, but detailed instructions are included.

Fun sandbox - also for playing with water

Here's a fun and slightly different sandbox that will be a particular hit with little ones. The frame consists of compartments for water. Playing with water and sand has always, and will always be, a really fun game for children on a hot summer's day. There are no sharp corners on this sandbox, so you can let the kids play wildly in the sandbox. This plastic sandbox is made of high quality plastic that is resistant to ultraviolet rays. The colours therefore stay bright and beautiful. It comes with protection for under and over the sandbox.

Sandbox table - the different sandbox

This sandbox is the best sandbox if you like the idea that it can be used in different ways. When not playing with sand, you can put a lid on the table to make it function like a regular picnic table. Water can also be poured in instead of sand. That gives kids a whole 3 ways to play with this table! If you want a sandbox that allows you to build beautiful sandcastles and dig holes, a more traditional model is probably the best sandbox for you.

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The table is made by Plum, a family company from England. Plum manufactures quality products to suit the vast majority of gardens. Plum's products are approved for children in the EU - including Denmark.

Choose the best sandbox

Children can spend hours playing in a sandbox. In the sandbox, children can use their imagination when building sandcastles or baking sand cakes. Children as young as 8-9 months can get great pleasure from playing in a sandbox. To choose the best sandbox for your child or children, it is of course important to consider your personal needs.

Wooden sandboxes are durable and look good in the landscape. The best sandbox is a larch sandbox, which is a soft wood very suitable for sandboxes. However, a plastic sandbox can also be an excellent solution that is not so expensive.Consider how much money you want to spend on the sandbox. They come in many sizes and qualities. On this page we have listed both cheap sandboxes and those that cost a little more but really have attention to detail. To find the best sandbox for your needs, it is a good idea to look at several different retailers. You can save a lot of money if you research the market before you buy. Of course, the easiest way is to use this page as a starting point to find the best sandbox and where to buy it cheap. Also be clear from the start what type of sandbox you want to invest in. If it's only going to be used occasionally, perhaps at the grandparents' house, then a plastic sandpit might be the best choice.

However, if it is to be used every day, and by several children, then I would recommend a wooden sandbox. Preferably larch wood, which is the best material for sandboxes. It's soft and durable.

Placement of your new sandbox

How big the new sandpit should be depends, of course, on how much space you have. It is a good idea to place the sandpit in a shaded area so that the children are not sitting in direct sunlight when they play. Place a parasol by the sandpit too. Avoid placing the sandbox under a tree, as the sand will quickly become filled with leaves, making it less exciting to play with.

Why children love to play with sand

You may have wondered why your child comes home day after day with sand in their hair, under their nails and on their clothes. But there's a reason: the sandpit is often the most popular place in the playground. It's a great place to play with all the fun sandbox toys, build sandcastles and make beautiful sand cakes. A sandpit is great for children of all ages and you can play alone or together in a sandpit. Playing with sand is always different and there are no strict rules or specific ways to do it, which appeals to children's imagination.

  • Playing in the sandbox is fun for children of all ages
  • You have to use your senses and imagination
  • The game is always different
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Sand for sandbox: what not to do

It may be tempting to pick up free sand from gravel pits or industry, but this is discouraged by health authorities as the sand may be dirty and contain chemical residues. Sand for the sandpit should be fine and not contain large stones or other debris. It is different from other sand as it dries quickly and is good for making sand castles and sand cakes.

In DIY stores you can buy sandbox sand - for example right here. Order it online so you don't have to lug it home. When buying sand for sandboxes, choose:

  • beach sand
  • washed sand

Why you should cover the sandpit when not in use

The lid ensures that the sand stays clean and fine for longer, as leaves and dirt do not mix so easily with the sand. Air must be able to get to the sand so that it can dry. Otherwise, moisture and condensation will form under the lid, which will give rise to fungus and mould.A sandbox with a lid is good because you can close it to prevent cats from getting into the sandbox. It also keeps leaves and dirt away from the sand, which makes it last longer. During the winter when the sandpit is not in use, it is also a good idea to put a lid on it. When choosing a sandbox with a lid, it is best for the sand if air can get through the lid. This ensures that the sand can dry and prevents mould and dirt from growing in the sand. A sandpit should ideally be covered by a lid when not in use.

Types of lids for sandboxes

If you choose a sandbox without a lid, you can still keep cats and other animals away from the sandbox with the help of a sandbox net. The net is easy to place over the sand at night or in winter, when the sandpit is not used for a long time.

Digging shoe for sandbox

A sandbox needs toys, of course. A sandbox digger is fun to play with because it can scoop sand. A sandbox digger differs from other toys in that it is a little bigger, a little more durable and can handle both sand and water.

See a lot of nice dung cows for the sandbox here

Best sandbox in pressure-treated wood

If you choose a sandbox made of pressure-treated wood, you've chosen the best and most durable sandbox. Pressure-treated wood has undergone a chemical process that makes it extra durable to be outside all year round. At the same time, the wood requires minimal maintenance. When choosing a pressure-treated wood sandbox, choose one that has been thoroughly tested and approved. In the past, pressure-treated wood had a bad reputation because it could contain toxic chemical residues.