Children love music, and it's even better if you can make it yourself. That's why many people buy musical instruments for children to play. Musical instruments for children are both fun for children and at the same time it is also developmental for them to learn about the rhythms of music and learn more about their musical and creative abilities. Children's musical instruments are slightly smaller than traditional instruments, and naturally easy to handle. On this page we have collected a lot of musical instruments for children, as well as special musical instruments for small children.

Drum with drumsticks

Drumming is really fun for kids, and it's not very difficult. This makes the drum a really good musical instrument for children. This model has great colours on the outside and comes with two drumsticks. The drum also has a strap so you can wear it over your shoulder and drum on it while walking. A wonderful musical instrument that can also be used by children as young as 2 years old.

Triangle for children

An inexpensive musical instrument that's still a lot of fun and can make great sounds. You hold the big triangle by the strap, and hit it with the stick in your other hand. Children need to be about 3 years old to master this musical instrument completely, but you can of course start practising before then. The price is just DKK 69.

Rhythm set from Hape

A lot of fun can come out of this nice wooden rhythm set from the brand Hape. The rhythm set consists of three parts that even the youngest can join in. The rhythm set is therefore a great musical instrument for young children.

Nice drum kit

Then you can play away on this fine drum set. The set can be used by children as young as one year old, as you can drum with your hands to make rhythmic music. The drum kit is therefore a great musical instrument for young children.

Large drum kit on legs

Here's a great drum set that's sure to be a hit with older kids aged 4 and up. The set includes two different sized drums, drumsticks, cymbals and a guiro. A great drum kit for the little band.

Music tree | 4 instruments in one

Four fun musical instruments for children that can be assembled into a beautiful music tree. A fun and different children's musical instrument.

Harmonica - fun music toy

If you master an accordion, you can play beautiful and festive music. The harmonica here is good quality, and perfect if you have a child who just loves music.

Colourful recorder

Beautiful recorder for children who love music. The flute is not a musical instrument for small children, but is more suitable for children from 4 - 5 years and up. The recorder is ideal for practicing to get better at whistling. Learning to master the flute develops the child in many ways. Motor skills, creativity and coordination are all strengthened.

Guitar for kids

Cool guitar that allows the child to play music and become more proficient at playing the strings.

Colourful blocks that can say sounds

Super nice music toy, which is especially suitable for the youngest. All the blocks fit into the frame and children can put the blocks into the box and pick them up again all the time. All the blocks make different sounds. They are transparent so the child can see what it is that is making the sounds. At the same time, the coloured plastic gives a new experience of the world when you look through it. A great musical instrument for young children.

Additional benefit of this music toy

The toy is part of Wonderworld's "Tree+plus" project - which means that every time 1 tree is harvested for Wonderworld's toy production, 2 new trees are planted instead.

Shaved eggs | Musical instrument for young children

The fun little rattle eggs are perfect music toys for the little ones, right down to 3 - 4 months old. The little eggs fit perfectly in a baby's hand and can act a bit like a rattle.

5 reasons why musical instruments are good toys for kids

Children love to listen to music and to dance, sing and move. And of course they should be allowed to do that, because it's really healthy for them. Children develop their musical side when they play and listen to music. Playing with musical instruments allows children to experience the joy of creating something themselves. Here we have listed a total of 5 good reasons why music is good and healthy for children.

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  • Rhythms develop language

    When children sing and hear how language and rhythm fit together, it helps boost their language development. Many children can sing songs at a very early age because the language is allowed to "flow" in a different way. Supplementing this with gestures is extra fun and developmental for the child.

  • Music improves memory

    When children are stimulated at an early age, musicals help to improve their learning ability and memory.

  • Music and song create peace

    Do you remember your mother's and father's bedtime songs? There might be a reason. Music helps to create a calm atmosphere around a child. A song can make a baby relax and listen to a quiet song.

  • Music creates community

    Many dare a little more when the music is playing. When we dance together to a song, it's just so much more fun than dancing without music. In this way, music helps to create community, so we can listen and dance to the same song together.

  • Music and movement cannot be separated

    For children, music and movement are inseparable. You often see children jumping in time to their cries. Very young babies can "jump" when they hear music, which is the wonderful spontaneous movement to music. Movement is healthy and good for children, as well as adults, so that's just another good reason to turn on the music.