For many years, a ball pit for children has been a very popular gift and a toy that children love. Here, we have taken a closer look at ball rinks for children, and looked at the ball rinks to choose from.

You can get a roller coaster for both big kids and little kids. Younger children may need the help of an older sibling or their parents to assemble the ball pit. But they can still help set the ball in motion, and have fun watching the ball move through the track.

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A ball track is a good toy

Where does the ball go? A marble run teaches children to use their logic and fine motor skills. The fun can last for hours.

  • Haba ball track
  • Hape ball track
  • Quercetti ball track for children
  • Hubelino ball track

For older children (kindergarten and school), you can get the beautiful wooden ball tracks from Hape. These are really good toys for children, where both fine motor skills and logic are challenged and developed.

See below the text how to build your own ball track of toilet rolls!

Looking for a wooden ball track?

Hape ball track in wood

Nice build-your-own ball track from Hape. The ball tracks can be assembled in a myriad of ways, so there are unlimited possibilities for play. The child's motor skills are greatly developed and logic is put to the test. Hape Quadrilla ball track are very popular gifts for children.

Age: from 4 years and up

Hape ball track with 174 parts

Very nice ball track containing 174 parts. The ball track can be put together in many ways and there are many hours of play with this toy.

Hape Quadrilla ball track with roundabout

Watch the ball go round and round in the roundabout that you get with this Hape ball track. A fun game for children over 4 years. The game requires great motor skills and logic.

Giant ball track with 197 parts

Here you get many parts to play with. There are endless possibilities to put together the ball track so that the ball goes fast down there. For example, build it like a cyclone as seen here. The Hape Quadrilla ball track is a great gift idea for children. Both as a Christmas gift and a birthday present.

Quercetti ball track

Quercetti is an Italian family-owned company, best known for their building and construction toys. A Quercetti marble run is of good quality. The ball track is made of plastic, and therefore has nice colours. In addition, they are much cheaper than a wooden ball track. The Migoga marble run is particularly popular.

Quercetti ball track - maxi

Here you get a really big ball track of 213 parts. The marble run challenges both motor skills and logic, which is why this marble run is best suited for children aged 8 and over. A ball track must be assembled correctly for the ball to roll through the track. Therefore, a marble run is a very educational toy that develops children. This set costs 419,95 kr. Age: from 8 years.

Small ball track for the youngest (from 3 years)

One of the more simple ball tracks, suitable for the youngest children. The ball track is easy to manage with 22 parts that can be assembled in different ways. The ball measures 4.5cm in diameter, and can make a sound as it runs down the track. A great choice of ball track for children! This set costs 299,95 kr. Age: from 3 years.

Haba ball track in wood

The Haba wooden ball track is an incredibly good quality toy that can last for many years. You can buy all kinds of accessories and extensions for Haba ball tracks. It is therefore an ideal Christmas or birthday gift - even if the child already has parts from the Haba ball track. Age: from 4 years.

Haba ball track - giant basic package

A nice ball track with 77 parts. The ball track is in really good quality. A wooden marble run will last for many years. The material is solid beech. If your child wants to start with a marble run, this is a good package to start with. The basic package here costs DKK 1,499.95.

Haba ball track - horizontal track

A fun addition to the ball track. Assemble the set to form a long downhill track. The ball runs fast downwards, gaining high speed without stopping. The ball track is made of solid beech. Price DKK 299.95.

Two snake tracks

Expand the ball track with two fun snake tracks where the ball will wind its way quickly through the track. A fun addition to the basic pack. You might be lucky to find Haba ball track on offer for Black Friday. The price of the two tracks is DKK 249.95.

Hubeline ball track - 200 parts

The biggest package from Hubeline. Here you get all the possibilities to build the fun ball track from Hubelino. The marble run comes in bright colours and there's plenty of opportunity to watch the marble whiz by.

Base plate on which to build the spherical track

Hubelino can be combined with the popular Lego Duplo. This means that you can build a marble run on this building board. It is a good idea to buy the Hubelino ball track plate, as it will then stand firmly.

Ball track starter set with 85 parts

A great starter set if your child wants to start playing with the Hubelino ball track. The kit contains 85 parts that can be assembled in different fun ways. The price of the starter set is 578 DKK. A good choice if you don't have any Hubelino ball track already.

Fisher Price ball pit - giraffe ball pit for the youngest

Here is a ball track from Fisherprice that is super fun for the little ones. It can be used from 9 months. Three balls are included for the giraffe. When you press the giraffe, it can also make sounds and light up.

You can buy the Fisher Price marble run at Heaven4kids.

Small ball track from Plantoys

A cute little ball track from Plantoys in pretty pastel colours. The ball track is quite simple and will therefore be fun for younger children. Watch the ball spin back and forth in the track while making funny sounds. The ball track is made of sustainable wood.

Jungle-themed ball track

Create your own jungle with this beautiful ball track. The set contains 41 pieces and 10 glass balls. Like all other ball tracks, this one can be built in different ways. From 3 years. The price is 250 kr.

Why marbles are good toys

A marble run makes great demands on children's motor skills. Assembling the ball track and seeing how it works is a creative process. Creating something is fun for young and old alike, and it can take a long time to assemble and disassemble, and try again and again.

Ball track in wood

A wooden marble run is durable and can be played with for a long time. It's a good idea to choose a wooden bouncy castle as it's comfortable to play with. That's why wooden playgrounds are most often used in nurseries and kindergartens.

The best roller coasters

There are many different ball tracks. Here we have listed the best, which are also the ones we have come to here.

  • Haba ball track
  • Hape ball track
  • Quercetti ball track for children
  • Hubelino ball track
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If you buy a ball pit from one of these brands, you're guaranteed the best ball pit.

How to create your own ball track

Why not be a little extra creative and build your very own ball track? You can build your own ball track quite easily, and (almost) for free. All you need to do is save some empty toilet rolls and kitchen rolls, as well as a roll of sticky tape, duct tape and the like.

You will need:

  • Empty toilet rolls and kitchen rolls (empty rolls from gift wrap are extra fun)
  • A roll of sticky tape or tape
  • A glass ball
  • A thing

How to do it

Join the rolls with the adhesive tape to form a long tube. You can make the ball track by cutting the rolls diagonally and then putting them together.

You can build the ball track on a cardboard box to create levels more easily.

How to make corners in your ball track.

Let your imagination run wild

Set up the ball track on a sofa or chair and watch the ball speed downwards.

In fact, there are no limits to how you can build your ball track. Let the ball land in a bowl, roll through a milk carton or whatever else you can think of.

Have fun !

Example of homemade ball track. Picture: The Pinterested Parent.

Toys that challenge motor skills and logic

Now that we've had a look at ball tracks, it's obvious to look at other toys that also challenge motor and logical development. Building, constructing and creating something yourself is very beneficial for a child's development. So it's a good idea to think about this when choosing toys for your little Einstein.

Brio Train

Assemble your own train track by putting the train tracks together to form a ring. Now the train can go round! The train can also be assembled in other creative ways. Let your little train driver use his imagination to create his own universe with Brio Train. Many accessories can be purchased.

Buy train tracks here

Lego bricks

Lego has been one of the biggest toy giants for many years. Building and constructing your very own buildings with only your imagination as the limit is a fun and creative game for children.

There are now really many different kinds of Lego. Lego City, for example, is for older children aged 6-12. Lego Duplo is for young children aged 2 to 5.

See more about Lego Duplo here

Buy Lego City here

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