Have you got to buy this year's Christmas calendar? If not, you can see a selection of Christmas calendars here. They contain 24 gifts - one for each day until Christmas. A super easy solution where kids can get the toys they love most.

Find the best Christmas calendar for kids 2018. ♥

Schleich Christmas Calendar

New animal or accessory every day in December

Schleich Christmas calendar with wild animals

A wonderful Christmas calendar for the child who loves animals. The Schleich Christmas calendar contains 24 gifts - one for each day of December. The gifts are both animals or accessories, all fitting in with the wild animal theme. A great way to make December more cosy and educational at the same time.

Schleich Christmas calendar in farm theme

On the farm, there should be room for a small dog, and this is one of the things you get in this nice Schleich Christmas calendar. Open a new door every day until Christmas and get animals and accessories that all fit the farm theme. The wait will be a little easier to get through with a Schleich Christmas calendar.

Schleich farm is a popular Christmas gift for children

Playmobil Christmas Calendar

Christmas calendar from the popular Playmobil

Playmobil Christmas calendar with farm accessories and Santa Claus

Nice figures from Playmobil. The Christmas calendar contains lots of parts for the farm. Even if you don't have a farm, you can still get hours of play out of the toys in the Christmas calendar.

Playmobil Christmas Calendar | Ice hockey rink in Christmas theme

Very nice Christmas calendar for children with a total of 24 small gifts until Christmas Eve. Here you get playmobil characters playing ice hockey. Including both Santa Claus and a funny pumpkin head.

Playmobil Christmas Calendar | Ridecenter

Perfect Christmas calendar for the horse-loving girl or boy. There's a real opportunity to play with all the horses. A great gift every day of the Christmas month.

Playmobil Christmas Calendar | Santa's Workshop

Reindeer and preparations for Christmas Eve are busy here. This Christmas calendar for children includes Santa, reindeer and other fun accessories. A total of 24 calendar gifts.

Playmobil Christmas Calendar | The pirates are coming!

Then it's time to hit the road and find the treasure chest. Fun Christmas calendar with Playmobil characters in pirate theme.

Lego City

Lego City Christmas Calendar. A really exciting Lego Christmas calendar for children aged 5 - 12. With Lego City you can build your own city with all kinds of accessories and much more.

Lego Christmas Calendar with Star Wars

The best Christmas calendar for the child who just can't get enough of Star Wars. Here are 24 unique gifts that allow for lots of play this December. A great Christmas calendar for children aged 6 - 14.

Lego Friends Christmas Calendar

Lego Friends has become extremely popular, and it contains many great parts. This Christmas calendar is sure to bring joy to the month of December for the Lego happy child.

Christmas calendar for children - a nice surprise every day

A nice Christmas calendar for children with a total of 24 gifts, brings children joy every day in December. It helps make the wait until Christmas Eve a little more cosy and exciting.

Children can sometimes find it hard to wait until Christmas Eve, and a children's Christmas calendar can make the wait much easier. Children can open a box in the Christmas calendar every morning or afternoon when you get home from nursery or school.

Children have not always been given calendar gifts and Advent presents. The tradition really took off in Denmark in the 1980s and 1990s, when it became more and more common to give children Christmas presents or perhaps a chocolate Christmas calendar.

Many parents do not want to give their children Christmas calendars with sweets or chocolate, as they want to limit the amount of sugar. Therefore, Christmas calendars for children, like the ones shown on this page, are a really good alternative. They do not contain sweets and chocolates, but fun toys that children can enjoy during December.

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