The Jellycat range of luxury soft toys has become a hit with children of all ages in record time. Initially, there was a lot of focus on the classic Jellycat rabbits in different sizes and colours. Later, countless stuffed animals with incredibly beautiful and realistic expressions joined the Jellycat series. The stuffed animals from Jellycat are known for being sophisticated, very unique and incredibly soft. They have become a permanent fixture in every child's family and there is ample opportunity to continually expand this wonderful collection.

See the cute stuffed animals from Jellycat further down the page.

We write a little about why the Jellycat teddy bears are a perfect gift idea and show you a wide selection within the Jellycat series of both the classic rabbits as well as a lot of the different stuffed animals. Take a look here.

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Jellycat - A perfect gift idea

The cute Jellycat stuffed animals are perfect as a maternity gift, birthday present, Christmas present or a "just because" gift for children of all ages. The teddies have gone straight into children's hearts and their deliciously soft quality has made them children's best friend. The stuffed animals are just an ideal gift idea because the Jellycat range includes teddy bears that have different expressions, sizes and colours. This means that there is plenty of opportunity to find a teddy bear to suit just the right occasion and recipient. The teddy bears in the smaller sizes are lightweight and can therefore be easily taken on trips. The different stuffed animals are also super cute to have in your child's room. Here, it can be a good idea to include the teddy bears in the child's learning process, so that you can practise animal names and colours together. Jellycat stuffed animals are just a great gift and will delight any child, big or small.

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See the classic rabbits from Jellycat below

Rabbit rattle

Cute little Bashful rabbit squeaker rattle which is perfect for the little one. The rabbit is super soft and makes a funny sound if you squeeze it on your tummy.

Rabbit futter

Lovely booties with Bashful rabbit. The linings are in the well-known soft fabric that the teddy bears are also made of. They measure 10 cm and come in a cute little bag. Perfect gift idea.

Rabbit with liberty fabric

Cute Bashful rabbit in a nice blossom pink color with liberty fabric on paws and in ears. Super nice gift idea for the little one. The rabbit measures 31 cm. Available in several colours.

Classic rabbit

Cute Bashful rabbit from Jellycat in a nice light blue colour. The rabbit is soft and cuddly for a new little one. It measures 28 cm.

Rabbit cuddly toy

Nice Bashful rabbit as cuddle cloth. The rabbit is just as soft as the bigger teddy bears, but just has a sucking cloth to hold on to. The cuddle cloth measures 33 cm and is available in several colours.

Giant Jellycat rabbit

HUGE Bashful rabbit measuring a whopping 67 cm. The rabbit is deliciously soft and perfect for cuddling. It has a cute expression with the long ears and arms. Available in Beige and Cream.

See the different stuffed animals from Jellycat below


Really adorable little Fuddlewuddle elephant in the softest quality. A teddy bear ready to be cuddled by the little ones. The elephant measures 23 cm.


Cute and super soft penguin stuffed animal that will look great in your child's room. The penguin measures 23 cm. and is an ideal gift idea for a little one.


Cool Cordy roy dino teddy bear from the Jellycat range. It is made of a soft wide-striped velvet and measures 26 cm.


Cute little owl in neutral colours. The owl measures 25 cm and is an ideal gift for the new member of the family or circle of friends.


Elegant and adorable Odette ostrich from the Jellycat range. The teddy has a super nice warm fur and funny long legs. Very nice details. It measures 49 cm.


Super cute Bashful giraffe that has a big soft body and long legs. Perfect for cuddling. The giraffe has cute details and measures 31 cm.


Cool Fuddlewuddle lion that has a fluffy mane and a nice crepe fur. The lion has a cute expression and is nice and soft. It measures 31 cm.


Merryday cat is a cute grey teddy bear with an irresistible expression. The cat has long arms, chubby feet and a long tail. It measures 41 cm.


Classic and very cute Bartholomew bear in brown. It's super soft and will be baby's best friend right from the start. It measures a full 36 cm.

Ballerina elephant

Nice ballerina Darcey elephant made of nice velour. The teddy has long legs with ballerina shoes on the feet, a ballerina skirt and a nice bow behind one ear. The elephant measures 33 cm.


Cool Cordy Roy fox in a soft orange velvet with a lovely expression. Perfect gift idea and super cute for the decor of the children's room. It measures 41 cm.


Nice and cuddly little Fuddlewuddle donkey made of a nice soft crepe fur. The donkey has long ears and a fine black mane. It measures 23 cm.