Many parents ask themselves; when does baby crawl? And it can be frustrating to see your little pooch lying on its tummy, while the other babies in the mother's group are on all fours. But don't worry. Your baby will crawl, it's just a question of when.

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When does baby crawl?

Babies typically start crawling when they are between 8 - 12 months old. Some a little earlier, others later. Babies learn to crawl by lying on their tummies and crawling forward. Then babies start to pull their legs up underneath them and gradually get on all fours.

Babies typically crawl when they are between 8 - 12 months old.

When baby has been standing on all fours and "rocking" back and forth for some time, he begins to come forward with crossing movements. And then slowly it starts to go faster, and soon the little one is all over the place.

How to get your baby to crawl

If your baby is not showing signs of starting to crawl, there are several things you can do to encourage or speed up the crawling phase.

  • Put baby on your tummy

    Make sure you lay your baby on his tummy, as this is where he learns to move forward. If your little one complains about lying on his tummy, wait a while before turning over. It's often temperament that ultimately motivates baby to move forward.

  • Support behind the feet

    Support behind your baby's feet when she's lying on her tummy. Baby will "take off" from your feet and discover that moving forward is fun. Put a really exciting toy in front of baby so she's motivated to move forward.

  • Play a lot of tumbling games

    Dancing, twirling and tumbling are important for baby's motor development. You can use tumbling toys to make play more fun, but you can also just dance around with your baby, practising cold turkey and the like.

Bobble's tumbling toy

Teach your baby to crawl by tumbling around on the fun bubble toy. It provides plenty of opportunity for tummy time, and challenges balance in all sorts of ways.


Stimulate the sense of balance with a sensory swing. It can both turn and spin, which is effective for strengthening the child's motor development.

Crawl tunnel

A crawling tunnel is effective in strengthening baby's desire to crawl. It's exciting to move into the tunnel and out again on the other side. The crawl tunnel is fun for children of many ages, so it can be used for many years.