Which rocking horse is best? Cute wooden rocking horses

Children have played on a rocking horse for many years and many generations. It's a classic toy that holds up to lots of fun. Especially

Wooden rocking chairs can last for many years and are often passed on as they are hard to wear out.

See a large selection of rocking horses here.

Children love to swing on a rocking horse and it also helps to strengthen their balance. The rocking horse is a great gift, both for Christmas and birthdays.

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How to choose a rocking horse

When choosing the best rocking horse for children, it's important to find one made of good, durable material. The frame itself, which stands on the floor, should be made of wood, as it is very durable.

In addition, the rocking horse should have a little weight so that it has an optimal balance and does not tip over so easily.

Finally, it can be an advantage to choose a rocking horse with the CE mark. This applies to toys in general. The CE mark is your guarantee that the product meets all requirements to be sold in Europe. This means that the product has undergone a series of relevant tests to check whether the product is safe and sound.

Rocking horse with hanger

Viha rocking horse with hanger. Very good for the little ones. 699 kr. Buy here.

Which rocking horse is best?

Here we summarise what to look for when choosing which rocking chair to give your child.

  • Durable material
  • The tracks should be made of wood
  • The rocking horse must have a good balance
  • Look for the CE mark
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Rocking horse - when can children play with a rocking horse?

  • From about 2 years - 10 years

Children will typically be around 2 years old before they are old enough to play with a rocking horse. By that age, they have a pretty good handle on walking and standing, which makes them a lot more secure on their feet. Especially when they're getting off and on the horse.

Other children will be around 3 years old before they are completely comfortable with their rocking horse. It all depends on the model and design of the rocking horse.

What also makes the rocking chair a great gift for children is that it can be used for many years to come. Children as young as 10 can still have fun with their rocking horse.


Rocking horses for small children

  • From 12 months.

There are rocking horses designed specifically for small children. Then the rocking chair has a kind of chair with backrest, rather than the tractional seat.

It is also possible to get a rocking horse with a hoop around the seat. These kinds of rocking stones can be used by children as young as 12 months. Scroll further down to see which rocking chairs are available. You're sure to find the best rocking horse for your child.


List of rocking horses

Here we have gathered a selection of the best rocking horses, so you can get to know which rocking horse you prefer.

Rocking elephant - can both rock and roll!Bodil Gyngelefant

  • Price 949 kr.
  • Bodil elephant!
  • CE marked
  • Buy here

Bodil elephant is a popular elephant, which is widely given in for christenings or 1st birthday.

The elephant can both run on the wheels or they can be tilted up so that it is a rocking horse instead.

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rocking horseCool rocking horse with saddlebags

Price 929 kr. Super cute expression! CE marked

Buy here

Are you ready for the Wild West? With your rocking horse, you'll be moving fast.

The horse has harness, stirrups and saddle bags.

Luxury wooden rocking horseWooden rocking horse

  • Price 4.595,95 kr.
  • Luxury and stylish
  • Ergonomically correct
  • Can be used from 6 months!
  • Read more here

Here you get a rocking horse a little out of the ordinary. The rocking horse can be used from 6 months due to the safe seat. The wooden rocking horse has a beautiful and stylish look, and will look great in any living room or nursery.

Rocking chair with stainsCute rocking horse with spots

699 kr. Lively expression!

Here is a classically shaped wooden rocking horse with spots. The rocking horse has a cute and lively look.You can certainly spend many fun hours on this cute rocking horse!

You can buy the rocking horse here

Colourful rocker with seatGyngelarve

  • Price 561 kr.
  • Good for the little ones!
  • Comfortable seat
  • Buy here

Colourful rocking larva. The rocking horse is good for the little ones because of the comfortable seat. The caterpillar is made of exceptional quality and therefore has a long life.

Spotted rocking horseBeautiful rocking horse that can twirl

699 kr. Press the horse on the ear and it will whinny and clap its hooves.

Buy the rocking chair with free shipping here!

Cute rocking horse in fleece with blanket and saddle. Great gift idea that will give rise to many hours of fun.


Hoppeko - fun alternative to the rocking horse!

A bouncy castle, or other bouncy animal, is a fun alternative to the rocking horse. Instead of rocking back and forth, the bouncy castle lets you jump up and down.

Just like on the rocking horse, the child needs to be active to get some fun out of the game, which is of course really healthy. Children today sit more still than children did in the past, so it's good to provide toys that encourage physical activity.

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When children jump on their jumping cow, or jumping animal, they strengthen their balance and the jumping cow quickly becomes as popular as the rocking horse.

Black and white bouncing cage

  • Price 279 kr. Very cute bouncing cage from Kidzz Farm.

The black and white colours make the cow look like a real cow and make a great gift idea for children. It can hold up to 80 kg! The cow encourages physical activity and jumping on it is a really fun game.

You can buy this nice bouncing cage here

Pink horse

Price 245 kr.

If your child loves colour, this pretty horse is sure to delight. It has a cute expression and can withstand a weight of 40 kg. The ears are easy to hold.

You can buy the beautiful jumping horse here