Pillow for baby - When can baby use a pillow?

As new parents, there are many things about your child's well-being that you haven't yet learned. You are uncertain about your new role and you only want the best for your child. There are many things that come naturally with parenthood, but there are also some things to be aware of. However, many parents are aware that an infant's cranial bones are very soft and that you therefore need to take into account where, how and with what the baby will lie. However, when it comes to when a baby should use a pillow, opinions can be divided.

If you want to know more about why you shouldn't let your baby sleep with a pillow and when it's optimal to introduce a pillow to your child, then you should read below where we write about good advice.

2 crucial reasons why infants should not use pillows

We inform you here about 2 crucial reasons why you should wait to introduce a pillow for your baby. There can be many divided opinions on when a baby should sleep with a pillow. We offer our opinion and hope it will give you some background knowledge. Read more below.



The infant's soft cranial bones

An infant has very soft bones in the skull and is therefore very susceptible to pressure from the surface on which the infant is placed. At the same time, it is important to take into account how the baby's head is positioned, as the positioning of the head should be varied. This is because the infant's skull may grow askew and be shaped to the surface if the head is positioned in the same way each time. However, this can be prevented by varying the position of the infant's head so that pressure is evenly distributed on the skull bones.

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Infant temperature regulation is reduced

An easy and reliable way to assess the baby's temperature is to feel the baby's neck. If the baby is too hot, the neck will be sweaty and warm. Conversely, if the child is comfortable, the skin temperature will reflect this. An infant gives off heat through the head because the skin around the head makes up a large percentage of the child's total skin surface. This also means that if the infant is encamped with a pillow, this can interfere with the natural temperature regulation so that the infant does not have the opportunity to release excess heat to the surrounding environment. This can result in the infant achieving an elevated body temperature and possibly becoming restless as a result.


When should the pillow for baby be introduced?

Of course, it is very individual when you want to let your child sleep with a pillow for the first time. Some parents choose to wait until their child asks for a pillow, while others introduce the pillow sooner. Some experts suggest that you should at least introduce a pillow to your child around the age of 3, as the child's head is so large that it needs some support at night. It is a good idea to choose a child-sized pillow that is not too thick.


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