The German toy brand Haba produces wooden toys of good quality and which are among the best on the market. Haba is particularly known for designing toys that are suitable for the age of the child and that also help to support the development of the child's play. All the toys have a super nice and colourful design with great details. Haba toys are environmentally conscious and therefore ISO9001 certified.

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We show you toys from the German toy brand Haba, which has designed quality-conscious wooden toys for children. Here is a selection of Haba toys such as puzzles, musical instruments, rattles, play food and building blocks. Get great inspiration for children's gifts whether it's for a birthday or Christmas. Read more here.

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Haba Toys - Good gift idea

German Haba is known for producing fine wooden toys under very high quality standards. There is a huge range of Haba toys for a wide age group, including both babies and older children. It is therefore a great gift idea, because there are toys to cover almost every interest. The price range is also very varied, so the chosen gift can suit a particular occasion. Take a look in our guide of Haba toys below. Maybe you can be inspired for a great gift idea this run up to Christmas.

Below you can find a selection of Haba toys such as rattles, puzzles, musical instruments, building blocks and play food.

Noah's Ark in wood

Super fine wooden Noah's Ark with accompanying wooden animals and figures. Includes 1 ladder, 12 figures, Noah, his wife, 2 elephants, 2 zebras, 2 giraffes, 2 lions, 1 rooster and 1 hen. The figures are all 2.5 cm thick so they are especially easy for little ones to hold. The sheet itself measures 26 x 16 x 23 cm. and is recommended from 1.5 years.

Camera in wood

Smart wooden camera with fun effects. There are rings on the side of the camera that can rattle. The camera trigger itself beeps when pressed. There is also mirror foil where the flash is, which also glitters in backlight. The camera measures 9 x 14 cm. and has super fine details.

Wooden medical case

Nice medical case for everything you need to examine and treat your doll, teddy bear or parents. The case is made of metal, but with wooden handles. Includes syringe, plaster, bandage and containers to look like medicine. Recommended from 3 years due to small parts.

Hammer mosaic

Nice and creative set with hammer mosaic. Here is both the fairy castle for the girls and the pirate ship for the boys. The set includes a hammer board, hammer, nails and wooden motifs to build either the fairytale castle or the pirate ship. It's free play and children can build as they please. Here creativity can really be unleashed. Recommended from 3 years.

Ball in wood

A fun ball where colourful balls are put together with elastic cords. The balls can be pushed around, back and forth. The ball is especially good for challenging the child's fine motor skills and here time can easily be spent studying colours, shapes and playing with the ball. It measures 12 x 10 cm.


Nice xylophone in beautiful colours that helps to develop the child's sense of rhythm and at the same time teaches about different tones. Here you can really explore the world of music. The xylophone measures 17 x 12 cm. and is recommended for children aged 2 and over.

Colourful puzzle with motifs

A cute colourful wooden puzzle with motifs of animals, clothes, fruit, vegetables and other everyday items. The puzzle contains 20 pieces and each piece measures 6 x 5 cm. Here your child can reinforce learning about colours and general vocabulary. Recommended from 2 years.


Nice wooden puzzle. The puzzle has pieces with the numbers 1-10 and pieces with 10 different animals. On the pieces with the animals there is the number of animals corresponding to the number placed above the piece with the specific animal. The pieces have knobs to make it easier for the child to place the puzzle. Here the child can really practice numbers, colours and animal names. The puzzle measures 51.5 x 16 cm. Recommended from 2 years.

Domino Race in wood

Here is a fun wooden domino set with 263 pieces. It includes a bell tower, 22 pieces to build the track itself and 240 pieces to create the domino effect. It can easily be a game for the whole family, so the child can have help putting together the track with all the pieces. Some of the pieces have animal motifs so animal names and colours can really be learned. Each piece measures 4 x 2 x 0.5 cm and is recommended from 3 years.

Music Eggs

Fine and colourful rattle eggs made of wood. They are super good for stimulating baby's senses while challenging the grasping complex. Cute gift idea that is sure to be a hit over time. Recommended from 2 years.

Portable play kitchen

Smart and simple wooden play kitchen that is portable with two hot plates and knobs that can be turned. The play kitchen can be placed over table edges or a window sill, for example. Super smart without taking up unnecessary space and can easily be stored away again. It measures 37 x 21 cm. and is recommended from 3 years.

Cream puffs in wood

Delicious wooden cream puffs to complement your play food. Perfect for the small grocery store. The cream balls come in a nice box and contain 6 cream balls. They are a nice size so they are easy for the child to play with. Recommended from 3 years.

Pasta legemad

With this bag of pasta screws and wooden loops available in either white or coloured, you can really cook up some food in small homes. The pasta is wrapped in a bag and looks quite lifelike. Super nice for the play kitchen.

Ice cream cone in wood

A wooden ice cream scoop for the little sweet tooth. Here you can really play ice cream shop. The fine ice cream cone measures 8 cm and is therefore a nice size for the little ones to hold and play with. Recommended from 3 years. The price is for 1 wooden ice cream cone.

Shopping net with vegetables

Here is a nice shopping net with vegetables in wood. In the net there are vegetables such as mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, carrots and a parsnip. The vegetables are sized so that it is easy for the child to hold with small hands. Perfect gift idea for the little chef. Recommended from 3 years.