Building blocks for baby and kids - Creative toys from 6 months.

When babies are around 6-12 months, they start to develop an interest in shapes, colours and things that go together. Fine motor skills in particular need to be challenged, so that the child can make connections between different toys and wants to be creative. Age-appropriate building blocks or stacking blocks, among other things, allow for fun and imaginative moments where the child learns to both assemble and destroy at the same time. Or build high and then knock the blocks down again. It is also a toy that the whole family can gather around, allowing for quality time together. At the same time, the building blocks can be taken with you wherever you go, as it is easy to just pack up in a bag.


See which building and stacking blocks are popular for both babies and older children further down the article


Building and stacking blocks for baby (from 6 months)

Baby building blocks in particular should be colourful, but it's just as important that they're stimulating to the touch, to enhance baby's senses. The bigger the building blocks or stacking blocks, the better. They need to be manageable so that they are interesting and fun to play with.


                                                               Stacking blocks from B TOYS

Available in 10 pieces, the B TOYS soft blocks are hand-modelled with a total of 60 small relief images that are fun to explore. B TOYS toy collections are created in exciting colours and patterns that stand out in a unique way. These are creative toys that baby can really explore. The blocks can be stacked and because they are so soft it is possible for baby to bite into them and squeeze them. An advantage of the B TOYS blocks is that they can be taken to the bath so the blocks can be used in many contexts and for many hours of fun. B TOYS soft blocks are recommended from 5 months and cost €169.95. You can buy B TOYS stable blocks or other creative toys from B TOYS right here.




Building blocks from Micki in wood

The Micki wooden block set comes in a pack of 26 fun blocks, where only your imagination sets the limits. Here is plenty of opportunity for your baby to have some good and fun hours building, stacking and knocking over the blocks. At the same time, the wooden blocks from Micki come in different shapes and colours to make creative play a whole lot more fun. The Micki building blocks are recommended from 10 months and cost €239. You can buy the block set right now here.

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                                                           Stacking blocks from DJECO

DJECO stacking blocks are available in a pack of 10 blocks in colourful designs. The stacking blocks have both numbers and cute motifs of various animals, so there is the opportunity to practice words with your child. The blocks from DJECO can be stacked, put into each other and also used as puzzles when stacking. The stacking blocks are made of strong cardboard and measure 1 metre when all stacked. There is plenty of scope for many hours of creative play. The stacking blocks are recommended from 1 year and cost DKK 179. You can buy the blocks or other creative toys from DJECO right here.






Mega Blocks from Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price Mega Blocks are slightly larger building blocks made for little hands. There are 60 blocks in a pack which comes in a handy little storage bag, but they can easily be used with other blocks from the Mega Blocks range. First Builder Mega Blocks are award-winning building blocks for children from 1 year. The blocks have many colours and can be combined as you like, so the only limit is your imagination. The building blocks are easy to handle for the little ones as they are slightly larger than normal building blocks. They cost DKK 188. You can buy the popular Mega Blocks from Fisher-Price right now here.





                                                     Building blocks from BRIO in wood

The BRIO building blocks are made of wood and very natural colours. There is also room to be creative, as the building blocks can be used on their own or combined with other children's toys. All BRIO building blocks have a smooth surface with rounded corners and edges, so that the child cannot scratch or hit himself. The building blocks are very simple, but with endless possibilities for creative play for many hours. They are recommended from 1 year. The BRIO building set contains 25 blocks and costs DKK 157. It is also possible to buy more BRIO building blocks in natural wood or in colour, so you can build all kinds of things. You can buy BRIO building blocks in the colours you want right here.

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Building and stacking blocks for children (from 1.5 years)

As the child approaches the age of 1.5, imagination begins to play a greater role in all kinds of play. Here the child begins to be able to divide toys into shapes and colours. To be able to put the building blocks together so that it looks like something specific. Although patience is tested, the understanding of the toy is just a little better.



LEGO DUBLO - "My first bricks"

The LEGO bricks from DUBLO "My first bricks" contain a total of 80 elements in different shapes and colours. Here you can build big or small, depending on your mood. It is possible to build a helicopter, a fish, a bird and much more. The LEGO DUBLO universe can help your child to be creative and also strengthen fine motor development. LEGO DUBLO "My First Bricks" is a great starter set because there are no small parts, making play more manageable. The set is recommended for children from 1.5 years. LEGO DUBLO "My first bricks" costs 149.95 and can be purchased together with other items in the LEGO DUBLO series at here.




                                                      GOKI wooden building blocks

The building blocks from GOKI are made of wood and available in many beautiful colours. This pack contains 100 wooden blocks, all stored in a bag. GOKI is a German brand and is especially known for the high quality of wooden toys for children. The wooden blocks help to strengthen the child's creativity based on fine motor and sensory skills. The wooden building blocks have a smooth surface and are without sharp edges, so that the child cannot cut or hit himself. The wooden blocks are recommended from 2 years. It offers hours of fun for the whole family. GOKI wooden building blocks cost DKK 158 and can be purchased together with other GOKI wooden toys at here.




VILAC wooden building blocks

The building blocks from VILAC are designed by Swedish Ingela P. Arrhenius. They are made of wood and painted to represent different shapes and colours. The set of building blocks contains 50 blocks and can be put together in all imaginable ways. VILAC building blocks are for slightly older children from 3 years. At that age, you start to notice more details and use your imagination even more. With these building blocks, children can build their own characters with different faces and clothes. All the blocks are packed in a nice box that is just right for taking on a trip. The VILAC building blocks cost 399.95 and can be purchased together with other creative toys from VILAC here.

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UNCLE GOOSE wooden building blocks

The wooden building blocks from UNCLE GOOSE have become very popular in wooden toys for children. The wooden blocks come in a nice box of 32 pieces and are made from a sustainable forestry in the USA. All the blocks have nice and calm designs with both numbers, animals and Danish letters. Here the slightly older child can, among other things, practice words and not least strengthen and get a feel for colours and motifs. The building blocks from UNCLE GOOSE are recommended from 2 years. They help to strengthen the child's imagination and are perfect for several hours of fun play where stacking, building and tipping can be done. The wooden blocks from UNCLE GOOSE cost DKK 359.95 and can be purchased right here.





LEGO building bricks

Then we came to the ever popular and creative LEGO toys for kids. The LEGO universe is from 1 year. In the first years it is called LEGO DUBLO, then LEGO Juniors, LEGO Creator, LEGO Friends, LEGO Disney, LEGO City and many more. LEGO has become a staple for many families with children because it is a toy that follows the child's development. This means that the child can play with the bricks at the appropriate stage of development. The only limit is the child's imagination when it comes to playing with LEGO DUBLO as well as regular LEGO for older children. On each LEGO pack there is the recommended age and also a picture of what can be assembled. Among other things, this gives an overview of the possibilities of the different LEGO building blocks. LEGO is always an obvious gift idea, as you can always put together the different building blocks within each series of LEGO. It is a toy that the whole family can gather around and create pleasant moments together. At the same time, it is for both young and old, in other words, for all childlike souls. You can get inspiration for the different LEGO building block series right here here.