Brio makes very realistic doll carriages, also for older children, and is a very popular choice when it comes to choosing a doll carriage. Here we take a closer look at the popular Brio Doll Carriage.

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Large Brio doll carriage - with lift and adjustable handleBrio Doll Carriage

A really nice Brio doll carriage, here seen in pink. The doll's pram is a bit on the small side, so it's best suited to children aged 2.5 and up, as otherwise they won't be able to put their dolls and teddies in it,The doll's pram has rubber wheels, so there won't be any scratches or marks on the floor when it's used indoors. It's also easy to take outside if your doll needs some fresh air. The wheels are big enough to run well on grass or other uneven terrain. The doll's pram costs DKK 879.95 at Coop.

Brio doll carriagePurple Brio doll carriage

  • Price 599 kr.
  • Retailer: Coop
  • From 3 years
  • Buy here

Doll carriage from Brio with authentic look and design. It has many of the features of a real pram. Among other things, the seat can be folded down. Very nice Brio doll carriage. Includes mattress and shopping basket, so the doll can sleep safe and sound.

Cute little doll carriage from Brio

Another cute Brio doll carriage. This one has swivel wheels at the front, so it's easy to drive around. The doll carriage is shown here in red. Lots of opportunity to play with dolls and teddy bears with this nice Brio Doll Carriage

Brio Doll Carriage - The history behind Brio

Is your little princess also crazy about playing, caring and cuddling with dolls all day long? Then she's not the only one. Luckily, there's lots of great equipment for kids to play authentic games with their dolls.

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In 1884, 24-year-old Ivar Bengtsom and his wife Sissa Persdotter founded the company Brio. They lived on a farm in the small town of Boalt in Sweden. The young couple produced wicker baskets galore, but in the year 1907 the successful wooden toy went into production. Among their toys, they are especially known for their train set, which can be assembled in many creative ways, as well as their strollers and doll carriages. All Brio toys are known for their clean, simple designs that unleash children's creativity and imagination. Children's play is guaranteed to be much more fun with a dolls trolley.

Nothing can stop Brio Doll Carriage

All children love dolls. Brio doll carriages are a faithful replica of the real thing and are perfect for doll-loving girls who want to play role-playing games or take loving care of their dolls. There are many different types of carts for dolls. Brio doll prams have many great and functional details and are elegant in design. The trolleys have sturdy wheels made of rubber which cannot puncture. The wheels ensure a smooth ride for the child. Most models come with a nice mattress, foot brake, storage basket and folding bowls. In bad weather, the padded cover can be fitted and the carrycot can be folded up. The fabric cover and mattress can also be removed and washed. Neither bad weather nor dirty stroller can stop the good play.

For doll-loving girls and boys

The classic and detailed design ensures that children experience great joy and pleasure when playing. The doll trolleys are great for play, where doll-loving girls and boys can use the trolleys to transport the dolls. Many hours of fun are guaranteed. The doll trolleys require adult assistance to assemble. Recommended for children from 3 years, the dolls are about 69 cm high from the handlebars.

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