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A Brio pushchair develops your child's motor skills, encouraging him or her to move forward and get better at walking.

A pushchair is good for all children.

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The Brio Stroller has a good balance and does not tip. There's also space to carry toys around, or perhaps teddy bears and dolls.


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Baby carriage - when?

How old does baby have to be before the baby walker is a hit is a question that often comes up. Of course, when a baby walker becomes a hit varies from baby to baby. Some are only 8 months old before they can stand up and trundle quietly along, while others are 12 - 14 months old before they get going. It all depends on how far along baby is in his development. Either way, the Brio stroller will support baby where he or she is in their development.


Is a walker a good idea?

In short: yes!

The classic Brio pushchair has been popular for many years. On this page you can find out where to buy a cheap Brio pushchair. It's great for children who are learning and walking, but don't quite have the balance themselves yet. The Bridge Stroller can be used to prop up so baby can move forward. The handlebar of the Brio stroller can be adjusted so that the stroller is easy to walk with and cannot tip over.

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Initially, the handlebars should be set to lean slightly forward. This way, the stroller provides really good support for baby as he walks along. Later, when the baby is walking steadily, the handlebars can be adjusted so that the stroller is not so "heavy" to turn. Similarly, the wheels can be adjusted to be tight or loose. When they are tight, the carriage runs more slowly, minimising the risk of accidents.

Why the Brio Stroller is a good choice

The Brio stroller is a classic that has been used for many years by babies to learn to walk. The stroller is stable and is super good to lean on when you are still a little unsteady on your feet. The handlebar of the walker has two different settings. When the handlebars are in the holes furthest away from the baby, the walker has a more stable balance and cannot tip over. Once the child is more comfortable walking, the handlebars can be placed in the other holes to make the stroller easier to manoeuvre.

  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Adjustable wheels
  • Can also be used by older children

The wheels can also be adjusted to be either tight or loose. When they're tight, the pushchair can't easily trundle off quickly, minimising the chance of baby tipping over.