Stroller cushion | Choose from many great ones, or make your own (Stroller cushion diy)!

A pram cushion is a cushion specially designed for use in a pram. It has a backrest and two armrests to make sure your baby is as comfortable as possible when you're out and about. The pushchair cushion can be used from the moment your baby wants to sit up and follow his surroundings more closely. The stroller cushion can also be used in the lift, so baby can sit up with a nice cushion in the back.

Stroller cushions have become very popular in recent years, and you can now choose from many beautiful colours and patterns.

See many great pram cushions here. 

If you want a unique pram cushion, you can make it yourself. It's not that difficult.

Stroller cushion diy: See here how to easily sew your own pram cushion!

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Super cute pram cushion with face

This pillow from Roommate is in a great quality and gives good support to baby. The pillow is hand sewn.

Measurements: approx. 50 x 40 cm.Material: 100% Cotton.

Price: 299 kr. Buy it here. 


Cream cushion with balloons

This beautiful pram cushion from Småfolk can be used for both boys and girls with its neutral, classic look.

The cover is 100% cotton. Set at 249 kr.

Buy here. 


Stroller cushion in jungle print

Småfolk are known and loved for their beautiful patterns, and this pram cushion with fun jungle print is no exception.

Any lazy boy or girl will enjoy sitting on this cushion and watching the animals. Price: 249 kr. Buy the pram cushion here. 


Green pillow with tractor pattern

Is junior into big tractors? Then this pram cushion is just the thing for him or her. It's adorned with beautiful pictures.

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The cushion has a lovely green colour that can be worn by both sexes.

Buy the pillow here.

Foot stroller cushion for baby in durable material

The pram cushion from Babydan is made of a durable fabric that is easy to wipe if it gets wet.

The price of the pram cushion from Babydan is 298 kr.

Buy it at Babygear HERE


Cushion in soft pink

Really cute pram cushion from Småfolk with rabbits and balloons.

The pillow costs 249 DKK and can be bought here.  



Pram cushions with small apples

The classic pattern from Småfolk looks great on these cushions, in three beautiful colours. See them all here.

Stone Blue

Silver Pink







White or black pram cushion with feathers

Beautiful pram cushion from MamaMilla.

  • Equipped with a handle at the bottom, so it is easy to carry
  • Is sewn in two colors, so it can be reversed as needed
  • Can be made completely flat so it doesn't take up much space in the bottom of the pram
  • Made of 100 % organic cotton. Fill is the finest non-woven cotton that stays where it should

MamaMilla pram cushions are undoubtedly a luxury cushion, with the extra useful details. The price is 349 kr.

Buy them here

Stroller cushion diy: How to sew your own stroller cushion!

Of course, if you're feeling creative, you can also sew your own pram cushion. You don't actually need to be that experienced with the sewing machine to get started, as the cushion is pretty easy to make.


Buy pram cushion pattern and fabric

Pattern for pram cushion. See more here.

First you need to decide which fabric you want. For children, I recommend sewing in cotton, as it is a natural material and also easy to maintain. It is a good idea to wash the fabric before sewing the cushion, as cotton usually shrinks around 5%.

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In Stofgigaten they have over 500 different fabrics, including very nice children's fabrics in all kinds of patterns. So you're sure to find something you like.

See their children's fabric here.

You can also buy the pram cushion pattern in Stofgigaten for DKK 65. Then it's straight to work.

Buy the pram cushion pattern here.

Play with colours: choose two types of fabric for your pram cushion

The best thing about pram cushion diy is that you can decide for yourself. Who says the whole pram cushion has to be made from the same fabric? Choose e.g. a nice patterned fabric for the backrest and armrests, and a plain fabric for the middle pieces. Search around the web for inspiration. There are MANY great pram cushion diy that you can take inspiration from.

Filling for pram cushion

For the pram cushion you need 375 grams of filling. I would recommend choosing polyester filling as it holds its shape well, even after washing. Unfortunately, cotton filling tends to collect in lumps, and that would be a shame with such a nice pillow.

 Pram cushion - when?

Before your baby has learned to sit on their own, the pram cushion can act as a good back support. The armrests prevent him or her from tipping over and hitting the sides of the pushchair.

Also use the pram cushion in the lift. Here is the Babydan pram cushion in use. See the cushion here.

Before the child can sit up, remember that the child should only sit with support for short periods. This could be a short trip to the shops, for example, where he or she wants to follow what is happening.

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As your child grows, the cushion serves as a nice soft backrest, making the ride in the stroller more comfortable.

The pram cushion can also be used inside the home, and not just on trips. For example, as shown in the picture, the pram cushion allows baby to sit up and look around. With a pram cushion, the lift can almost act as a complement to a pushchair.

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Use the pillow from around 6 months.

If you have to put an age on when the pillow can be used, it would be around 6 months. This is the age when most babies will be able to sit unaided, and they will benefit greatly from a pushchair cushion.


The pram cushion provides better comfort

Many children sit a little unsteadily when they have just learned to sit. This can be avoided with a pushchair cushion that is equipped with soft armrests.