Many parents agree that time with baby goes too fast. From standing with a tiny newborn to walking hand in hand with your child on the first day of school can feel like seconds to some. Memories and experiences are something you want to cherish, but sometimes things just move fast. But you can change that with the help of the 'Book of Children'. The book comes in many different versions and designs, but simply means that you can insert pictures and write text for different experiences, memories, milestones and highlights that you have with your child on an ongoing basis. Some of the books can already be written in during pregnancy, as it can be about the parents' suggestions for the baby's name, where they met and much more. At the same time, there may be chapters that each deal with the child's experiences and memories year by year.

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Read more about the different editions and get inspired about which "Children's Book" you like best, so you can start immortalising memories now.

Let the "Child's Book" immortalise the greatest events

Parenting involves a lot of planning and also various practical activities. It can therefore be difficult to keep track of children's ongoing development. However, the "Book of Children" can help with this. There are many different editions of the "Book of Children". Most have headings so that you can simply note down any event. In other places, you can write longer texts and add pictures when the time is right. Each book is super cute to keep and you can read and look at pictures from previous years with your child. This can be both a fun and educational process for your child. Read along below where we show you the best memory books for your child.

Children's book - See the different versions below

"My first years" - Memories and memories

This edition from Specialday is made in a binder version. The book is divided into My Birth, The Early Years, My Development and Celebrations and Hiding. There is the possibility to write texts, insert pictures and cut-outs according to each topic. These can include scan images, thoughts and feelings before and after the baby is born. These are thoughts and memories of pregnancy, birth, christening and the whole development of the child in the early years. The book has several small pockets where it is possible to store the baby's first lock of hair, drawings, vaccination cards, greetings and much more. Super nice to be able to store all the memories in one place so that all the important events are remembered. It is also possible to purchase extra pages for text and photo pockets. The book measures 24 x 5 x 28 cm. and is available in Pink, Green and Grey.

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"Child's first book" from Design Letters

This cute book can be filled in from pregnancy to memories and experiences, as well as for the birth and christening. There's also plenty of space for photos and notes so you can write a little about the past months with your little one. The book is made in a strong and fine quality. As a nice detail, the book has an elastic band on the outside, which helps to keep the book closed and all the memories hidden inside. Design Letters' first baby book is available in black, pink and turquoise.

"My first years" from SpecialDay

In this child's book you have the opportunity to store information, pictures and fun memories. The book is in hardback and is therefore a slightly smaller version than the binder version. It is a super scrapbook that can really perpetuate the first wonderful memories with your child. This book starts from birth and continues until your child turns 7. There is plenty of space for notes, footprints, the first lock of hair and lots of photos. The book is available in a girl's and a boy's edition.

The child book "From birth to confirmation"

Cute book in great colours and designs. This book gives you the opportunity to collect all the wonderful memories, milestones and experiences with your child right up to their confirmation day. There's room to write about birthdays, christenings, first teeth, first words, first day at school and much, much more. There is also space for family and friends to write a little greeting to the child on the so-called guest pages. This children's book "From Birth to Confirmation" is available in both a boys' and girls' edition.

The child's first book by Simone Thorup Eriksen

This cute book about the baby's first time is a classic scrapbook. Here you can write all the important information, experiences and memories with and about the child that you just must not forget. It's also super fun to take the book out after a while and read and look at old photos with your child. There is room for notes and lots of pictures. Super cute memory book with a nice design. The book measures 24.9 x 17.8 cm. and contains 94 pages.

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The child's book - My first memories

This nice memory book from Moulin Roty is made of cardboard with small drawers. The drawers can be used to store your child's first memories, such as the first hair toot, the first picture, the first tooth, a handprint and much more. There is also a pocket for the child's drawings, paper and pictures. Inside the book, a nice family tree has been painted where you can put pictures of the immediate family. Then you can look through the book with your child after a while and look back on the wonderful memories and experiences. The book is written in English and is designed with Moulin Roty's well-known animal motifs. The book measures 29 x 23 x 9 cm.

Commemorative book from Design Letters

Design Letters has also produced this book, which can be described as a memoir of the first 7 years of a child's life. There is space for the child's first drawings, writing about the child's first words, there is space to write about the first 7 birthdays and how the first start at school went. This memory book is therefore brilliant for remembering all the wonderful moments during the first 7 years of your child's life. The book is made of good quality, thick pages. At the same time, the book has a smart detail with an elastic band that keeps the book closed and keeps all the memories hidden inside the book. The book is in English, measures 30 x 22 cm. and is available in both a girls' and boys' edition.

"My first year" - The rabbits at the Vigen

This baby book contains 40 pages to store all the amazing experiences and memories of your baby's first year. There's space to write about the pregnancy, the birth itself, first words, first steps and much more. The book has space for lots of photos and notes so you can make a beautiful scrapbook. It's great to take the book out after a few years and look at the beautiful pictures with your baby.

"My first years" - Memories and memories

This commemorative book is a special edition of the baby book from Specialdays for their 10th anniversary. This means that this book has gold details in a beautiful design with cute illustrations. You can write about the pregnancy, the birth itself and everything from the first year of your baby's life. It's a great way to collect all your thoughts, experiences and precious memories with and about your baby during the early days. It's also super fun to look back on, as this book is sure to be treasured for years to come. The book contains 180 pages, measures 23.5 x 23.5 cm and is available in both a boy's and girl's version.

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"The child's book" from Jan Wades

With this cute book, you can record all the big and small experiences of your baby's first year of life. You can write about the birth itself, the christening, the first teeth, the first words and much more. There's space for photos and notes so you can recreate those amazing moments together. It's a great way to remember all the fun and good times you had with your baby. The baby book from Jan Wades measures 26.6 x 26.5 cm and comes in purple.

"The Book of the Child" from With White

This memory book is made in ring binder, so you can easily add more pages to the book. At the same time, it is possible to add the child's drawings, cut-outs and pictures. So you can fill the book with everything from your child's first year of memories and experiences. The memory book starts from pregnancy and goes all the way to the child's 6th birthday and first day at school. This means that there is plenty of opportunity to write about all the wonderful moments with and about the baby. Everything in the book is hand-painted and in 80 pages of completely neutral colours.

"My childhood" from Specialday

Nice scrapbook so all the great memories and experiences with the child can be remembered. This book can be used from birth right up to the child's confirmation or 15th birthday. The book itself is made in ring binder with pockets for pictures and other special items, maps and pages for notes. It is also possible to purchase extra pages for text and pockets for pictures. The memory book is a good way to remember all the special and good memories and experiences with the child. When the book is completed, the child can be presented with the book, which can be a source of pleasant nostalgia and reminiscences about childhood memories and special moments. The book measures 24 x 5 x 28 cm and is available in a neutral version.

"The child's book" - An obvious gift idea 

"The baby's book" is an obvious gift idea for either a baby shower, as a maternity gift or for the baby's christening. What the many different editions of the "Baby's Book" have in common is that they all help to collect highlights and experiences that the child goes through in the first years. The book helps to immortalise all the wonderful memories with and about the baby. "The Book of the Child is therefore a book that all parents can enjoy with their children for many years to come.