Free baby starter packs have become a hit, with several stores offering products for the first time with baby. To get your hands on a starter pack from Rema1000, register via the link below. You will then receive a confirmation email, which should appear in your local Rema1000 store within 7 days. You will be given a bag of products for the first time as a new parent, so you have the opportunity to try out and compare the different products on the market.

To order the free baby starter pack from Rema1000 - see link further down the page.

Read on if you're curious to find out what's in this baby starter pack from Rema1000. After a description of the exact contents, we will give our assessment of the baby pack.

Table of contents

Rema1000 Newborn diapers

Rema1000 Newborn diapers in size 1, which corresponds to 2-4 kg. The diaper pack contains 28 diapers, so there is plenty of opportunity to test the diapers on your baby. The diapers from Rema100 are super absorbent in soft material. The diapers from Rema1000 are without dyes, perfumes and lotions which is why they are designed especially for children with sensitive skin. At the same time, the diapers from Rema100 are Swan-labelled and developed in close cooperation with the Asthma-Allergy Association.

Rema1000 Wet Wipes

Rema1000 Wipes with a total of 100 pcs. The wipes are made of 50% viscose and 50% polyester. They are super practical and can be used for diaper changes, as a cleansing wipe after a meal or perhaps for a possible trip if water is not available all the time. The wipes from Rema1000 are fragrance-free and they are especially suitable for delicate baby skin. At the same time, they are Swan-labelled and some of the most environmentally friendly wipes on the market.

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Rema1000 Foam washcloths

Rema1000 Foam washcloths with a total of 50 pieces. The foam washcloths are extra thick and soft. They are also soap and perfume free. Foam washcloths are especially good for nappy changes, as they are good for sensitive baby skin and at the same time they are super practical to clean with. A foam washcloth from Rema1000 measures 19×19 cm. with a thickness of 3.5 mm. They are made of polyether which is a flexible foam material.

Rema1000 Kids Shampoo

Rema1000 Kids Shampoo which contains 250 ml. The shampoo is fragrance-free, dye-free and developed in cooperation with the Asthma-Allergy Association. The shampoo has a good size and can last for many baths with baby.

Rema1000 Swimming diapers

Rema1000 Swimsuits in size. Small, which corresponds to 7-12 kg. The package contains 2 swimming diapers. The swim diapers are super comfortable because they are soft, have an anatomical fit that facilitates movement for the child and then it fits tightly so that accidents do not occur while in the pool. The Rema1000 swim diapers are designed for sensitive skin and do not contain dyes, perfumes or lotions.


MAM soother in a green shade with a fine print of 2 elephants. This MAM soother is suitable from 0-6 months and is made of silicone. It is an original MAM pacifier that is free of chemical substances such as BPA (Bisphenol A) and BPS (Bisphenol S). Super cute pacifier for the first time.

Brochures on "Safety for your child" and "Discount with attitude"

2 Brochures on "Safety for your child" and "Discount with attitude" from Rema1000. The brochure on "Safety for your child's sake" is published by Varefakta and deals with safety in relation to prams, high chairs, baby carriers, soothers, personal care, beds, nappies, feeding bottles and crockery/utensils. The brochure explains the requirements of Varefakta and why it is a good idea to choose products for your little one with Varefakta. Read more in the brochure.

The brochure on "Discount with attitude" from Rema1000 tells a little about why you should focus on animal welfare, avoid food waste and also gives inspiration for organics. At the same time, the brochure guides you through the Rema1000 digital world in terms of meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and much more. Also read more about the different collaborations Rema1000 has entered into.

The baby pack from Rema1000 can be ordered at the link below and will be available for pick-up in your local Rema100 store after 7 days once you have received a confirmation email.

Our assessment of the baby package from Rema1000

This baby starter pack from Rema1000 is very relevant and especially useful in the first time with baby, because it contains good and practical products such as diapers, wipes, foam washcloths and shampoo. As a mother-to-be, you suddenly have to decide which products to use on your baby. With the Rema1000 baby starter pack, you have the opportunity to try out their everyday care products and find out if they are something you want to continue with. The fact that it comes with a few extra cozy things for baby is just the icing on the cake. One must say that Rema1000 manages to spoil the mothers-to-be.

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