There's plenty to buy when you have a baby. Some of the more necessary items include a pushchair, a cot and a car seat if you have a car. But there's also a lot of baby gear on the market that really isn't strictly necessary and that most people won't miss if it's saved up.

Here we have collected 5 examples of unnecessary things for baby.

Table of contents

Bath thermometer

A bath thermometer is used to measure the temperature of your baby's bathtub before you let your little bundle of joy bathe in it. The water should be 38 - 40 degrees, which fits in pretty perfectly with your own body temperature. So you can just feel the water with your hand or elbow, and if the water feels just a little bit warm or neither warm nor cold, then it's a perfect baby bath.

Are you the type who wants to be absolutely sure anyway? Then you can buy a bath thermometer here.

Lead bucket

A diaper pail sounds practical - in theory. But in practice, it's really just a hassle to empty the diaper pail regularly, change the bags, and keep so many diapers inside. It's easier to throw them in a small nappy bag, and then out straight away.

If you'd like to see if a nappy bucket is for you, you can get one for free in the Babysam baby pack - see more here.

Head / tail pad

A head/tail dish is a dish with two compartments where you can have water for the head in one compartment and water for the butt in the other compartment. A head/tail dish usually costs quite a lot, and inyou can make do with an ordinary plastic tray or two for the purpose.

If a head/tail dish is the right solution for you, you can see several variants here.

Baby alarm with video

While it can be a nice reassurance to look at your lovely sleeping baby all the time, a regular baby monitor where you can just hear the baby is usually enough. These are so sound-sensitive that you can hear virtually any movement. If you feel it's necessary to invest in a video baby monitor, you can buy one at Coolshop at the normal price of 1.799 kr.