24 calendar gift ideas 2018 | Complete list of calendar gift for girl!

The month of December is the holiday season for calendar gifts. There are 24 different calendar gifts to find, and it is very nice if you do not have to be out at the very last minute and find all the gifts.

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That's why we've put together a complete list of 24 calendar gifts that are especially suitable for girls. On this list you'll find calendar gifts that don't cost too much, so the overall price won't be too high.

Here you can buy calendar gifts

A selection of pages where there are selected calendar gifts 🙂

Buy calendar gifts and Christmas gifts at Børnenes Kartel - click here


Buy great calendar gifts at Babytoys - click here


See many cheap calendar gifts and Christmas gifts at Legebutikken - click here


Buy a Christmas calendar at Legen.dk - click here

Find the best calendar gifts 2018

Buying calendar gifts online saves you time and money. Online, it's easy to see which toys would make good calendar gifts.

In addition, you can sort the selection so that you only see toys that are neither too bulky nor too cheap. Cheap calendar gifts are good to give, as it will keep the total price down for all 24 calendar gifts. Another advantage of buying online is that you can do it at your leisure in good time before Christmas. Then you have plenty of time to wrap them and get them ready for the month of December. The best calendar gifts are not too expensive, are fun to open in the morning, don't have to take up a lot of space, and it's a good idea if some of the calendar gifts are useful or practical; e.g. a pair of mittens or a hat.

  • Not too expensive
  • Fun and cozy to open in the morning
  • Does not take up much space in the home
  • Can be useful or practical

Good calendar gift ideas don't actually have to be toys or other material goods. It can also be a family trip to the woods, or tobogganing if the weather is nice. Many parents find this a good way to teach children to appreciate other things. See lots of cheap calendar gifts here

Buy all your calendar gifts in one place and save money

In our list of the best calendar gifts 2017, we suggest buying the calendar gifts from the same place as far as possible. That way, you save a lot of money on shipping, and not least, you avoid spending a lot of time and hassle finding the best calendar gifts. By buying everything at once, you can get calendar gift shopping done quickly and easily. See Gucca's great selection of cheap calendar gifts. 


Buy ready-made gift calendars here

Make it easier for yourself and buy a ready-made Christmas calendar with e.g. Brio trains, Playmobil or Lego Friends.






3 gode tips til kalendergaverne ↓

Even if you buy smaller gifts for 50 - 100 DKK, it adds up quickly before you finish them all. So here are 3 useful tips you might find useful when buying calendar gifts 2017.

#1 Buy a box LEGO Duplo, and divide the blocks over several days

There are many different bricks in a LEGO duplo pack, so why not make them last a little longer by dividing them over several days.

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#2 Give small snacks as calendar gifts (raisins, smoothies, etc.)

A packet of raisins and a fruit smoothie is a lovely calendar gift to receive. Yum!

#3 Free activities you can do together

It could be a toboggan ride, or a trip to the library or the forest. It's a good way to teach children to appreciate not only material goods, but also family fun.


24 calendar gift ideas for girl

Here we have collected 24 calendar gift ideas that might be especially good for boys, but can of course also be given to girls. You can use the list as inspiration, or buy them complete list by going to the retailers via the links next to the product. We have chosen that all the calendar gifts are from Gucca, so you save shipping costs

December 1st calendar gift: Mumitrold puzzle

Cute puzzle with 4 pieces with Mumi. The Moomins are loved and known from TV, and something that most children know. The puzzle comes in a handy box with a sliding lid, so the pieces are organised and easy to pack away. A cosy calendar gift that provides learning opportunities. Buy the puzzle here for 89,95 kr. 

December 2nd: Schleich Giraffe

The popular animals from Schleich are realistic in both size and appearance. The animals are very popular because children can learn what the animals really look like. Schleich animals are perfect for playing farm or safari. Another animal for the collection makes a great calendar gift. Buy the fine Schleich giraffe here for 89.95 kr.

3 December: (1st Sunday in Advent)

On the 4 Sundays leading up to Christmas, many children receive a slightly larger calendar gift, or as it is also called, an Advent gift. A good Advent gift could be this Snow White dress-up outfit. Children love to dress up, and especially if they can be characters they know from TV and Disney movies. You can buy the cute dress set here for 209,95 kr. 


4 December: pita bread 

Cooking is a hit with most children. Both boys and girls love to imitate everything the grown-ups do, which is why play food is a perfect calendar gift. If children already have a play kitchen, these fine pita breads are a great addition to their kitchen. Buy the pita breads here for 89,95 kr.


December 5: LEGO Friends Sticker Book

Fun LEGO Friends stickers that kids are sure to have lots of fun with. The stickers are really nice and colourful. The book contains no less than 1,000 different stickers that can be used again and again. The stickers can be bought for DKK 99.95 right here. 

December 6 calendar gift: LEGO Lunchbox

Packed lunches will be a little more fun to eat from this beautiful green lunchbox from Lego. The Lego lunchbox is also available in other colours and you can see them all on Gucca.co.uk. The lunchbox is a fun calendar gift that can be used right away. The food box costs 79,95 kr, and can be bought right here. 

December 7th calendar gift: modelling wax

Model wax is a really fun calendar gift. It doesn't have to be that expensive to acquire, and at the same time is something that can be spent many fun hours with. The modelling wax is great for children of pretty much any age, as it's a creative game and you can shape whatever you want. Modelling wax is a fun activity for kids to do when they get home from school or nursery. The cost of the modelling wax is 89.95 DKK. You get 10 tubs with a total of 260 grams. See more about the model wax here

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December 8: Fun children's tattoos as calendar gifts

These fine children's tattoos are easy to put on. After a minute you have a super nice tattoo that looks great on your skin. In this pack you get a sheet of fun and colourful Soy Lona themed tattoos. A great calendar gift that takes up no space and is an inexpensive calendar gift. The price is 39,95 kr, and you can buy the tattoos right here


December 9: A pair of mittens as a calendar gift

In December, the days are getting colder and colder, which is why a pair of warm mittens is in order. Children can almost always use an extra pair of mittens if the others are wet or forgotten at nursery or school. A practical calendar gift that brings joy.


10 December: (2nd Sunday in Advent)

An Advent gift is often a little bigger than the other calendar gifts. For example, a good Christmas gift would be this Barbie doll, which comes with a dog and the dog's leftovers to sweep up. It's all part of being a dog owner, as you know. Buy Barbie and her female here for 299.95 kr. 


December 11: a little doll

Dolls are usually a hit with children, and often especially with girls. That's why a little doll is almost guaranteed to be a popular calendar gift for girls. A doll can be used for lots of games where children practice playing mummy, daddy and children. The doll shown is a pregnant doll with a little baby in its tummy that can be taken out and put back in. Buy the doll right here for 69,95 kr.

December 12: Cute keychain with teddy bear

The keys are a little easier to recognise, and cute with this cute dog who has the prettiest big eyes. The calendar gift can also sit on a bag, pencil case or something else entirely. It's cute, anyway. The key ring costs DKK 49.95. See the cute keychain right here

13 December: feeding bottle and cup for baby

Another great calendar gift. Children love to play with dolls, and having more accessories to play with only makes dolls more fun. With this little set, dolls can have something to drink both that bottle and cup when doll is thirsty. The set costs just £49.95, so it's an inexpensive calendar gift. You can buy the doll set right here. 


December 14: Mini Baby born who can drink properly

A fun and sweet calendar gift. The little doll is a mini version of the famous Baby Born with cute pink accessories. The doll is great for practicing parenting skills, and it's also an inexpensive calendar gift that won't take up too much space in your room. Buy the calendar gift here for DKK 49.95.

December 15: A coloring book

A colouring book is a really good calendar gift idea, as it's something that children can always use. A calendar gift like this, it doesn't take up any space and when you're done drawing in it, it can be thrown away. The colouring book is filled with great pictures that you can colour in. You can buy this wallet for 39,95 kr. right here.

16 December: three spinning tops with ink

Another great calendar gift are these pretty string tops. They're fun to play with, don't take up much space, and are an inexpensive calendar gift. Spinning tops come in many colours and shapes. This version is in marker and costs DKK 39.95 for 3 pieces. A fun and different calendar gift. Buy the swirl tops with marker here.

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17 December: (3rd Sunday in Advent): LEGO Duplo

Lego Duplo tractor

Another Advent gift on the 3rd Sunday of Advent. A good Christmas present could be a LEGO duplo pack. They come in several different sizes, depending on what the budget is. A pack of lego duplo is a little bigger than the other calendar gifts, and is therefore good to give on Sunday, when the gift may be a little bigger. Buy Lego Duplo right here

18 December: raisins or sliced fruit

A good calendar gift to wake up to doesn't have to be a toy. It can also be some delicious fruit, cut out in a nice way, or a small packet of raisins. Yum!

December 19: A cute little teddy bear

A small teddy bear is often a popular calendar gift. Teddy bears are always cosy, and great toys for children of more or less all ages, and therefore almost guaranteed to be well received. It could be this cute octopus as a calendar gift, for example. Buy it here for 49,95 kr. 

20 December: colouring book with My little Pony

Colouring books train patience and concentration, making them a great calendar gift. This colouring book features My little Pony so your child can colour in the beautiful ponies known from TV. If you need some crayons or colours, this could be another good calendar gift idea. Buy the My little Pony colouring book here for only £9.99. 

December 21: Faber jumbo colors

These beautiful and durable jumbo colouring pencils from Faber, are the perfect Advent gift. They are ergonomic to hold, especially for children who don't have such large hands or may not have quite the same motor skills as adults. These colours could also make a great Christmas gift. A calendar gift that can go for hours. The colors cost 219,95 kr. and you can find them right here


22 December: Black Perch

The classic game of buck is a great calendar gift. The game can be played together as a family for some quality time together. Big kids can easily play it by themselves, without adults, as the rules are relatively simple. You can buy the black puzzle right here for 49,95 kr. 

23 December: Christmas party

The day before Christmas is a good day for some delicious fruit or Christmas food. Kids can look forward to lots of presents the day after, so a good calendar gift on 23 December could easily be some tasty goodies.


24 December: 4th Sunday in Advent 2018

In 2017, the last Sunday before Christmas Eve falls on Christmas Eve itself. That calls for a good Advent gift. It could, for example, be this cute Paw Patrol teddy bear, namely Sky. The cute dogs are super popular and a movie that most kids know and love. Sky is both brave, cute and funny, and is guaranteed to be well received on the last day before Christmas! Buy Sky here for DKK 189.95.