Playmobil is a classic toy with characters, houses, vehicles and universes for both girls and boys. There is a wide range of Playmobil toys, where only the imagination sets the limit for the adventure that begins. You can go on Noah's Ark, play pirate on the big pirate ship, go on a magical adventure with princes and princesses, put out fires with the big fire truck and much more. The toy brand reaches a wide target group as it offers toys for every occasion, interest and age group.

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Get great inspiration within Playmobil toys. We write a little about why the toy is an ideal gift idea for example birthday or Christmas. Then we show a wide selection within the Playmobil world with many of the different adventures your child can get acquainted with.

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Playmobil toys are recommended from 1.5 years.

For the youngest children there is Playmobil 123. It is a toy series aimed at children aged 1.5 years to 3 years. This means that the 123 series is phthalate-free, CE marked, has bright colours and no small parts for a small child to swallow. For children aged 3-4 years and upwards, the whole toy range would be ideal. However, each play set will have the recommended age on it, so parents can assess how much their child can and can't play with.

Playmobil as a gift idea

The toy series is an ideal gift idea because it is toys that children as young as 1.5 years can play with. It is a toy for children with different interests, as the range is so wide within the Playmobil world. Playmobil is especially a good gift idea because you can buy play sets in different sizes, price ranges and within different age groups. This means that there is something for every child. For the youngest, the 123 series is recommended, as there are no small parts in these play sets. When the child from around 3-4 years of age can sit with the whole toy series, then there are a lot of options for both girls and boys. However, there will be a recommended age on each play set. Check out the great selection below and find great inspiration for children's gifts.

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Playmobil Horse Stable

Large horse stable with two large horses, a foal, two riders and a lot of accessories. The riding school is full of life and happy days. The horses need to be groomed and fed and then let out into the large enclosure. A super play set from Playmobil with everything that belongs when the horse-loving child is going on an adventure. Recommended from 5 years.

Playmobil Night Train

Nice night train with tracks for the train to run, a driver, a few passengers and some accessories. Hours of fun can be spent here. Take the night train for a ride. Super gift idea as the play set can be used both alone and put together with other play sets. Recommended from 1.5 years.

Playmobil Police Car

A cool police car that keeps the bad guys off the streets. The play set includes a police car that has a detachable, a siren and a call-out. The carriage can hold 4 dolls. Also included are two uniformed police officers and various accessories such as handcuffs, a flashlight and 2 guns. Here you can really play police action. Great gift idea. Recommended from 4 years.

Playmobil boat with glass bottom

Cool boat with glass bottom and an underwater motor, so the boat can sail around by itself. Requires 1 AA battery. Invite the family on a boat trip and have a great experience when the fish can be seen through the glass bottom. Includes a sailboat, figurines and accessories for a really fun day on the water. Recommended from 4 years.

Playmobil Pirate Ship

Cool pirate ship with 3 pirates, weapons and 1 cannon with various equipment. The cannon is loaded and there is wind in the sails. The cool pirates are ready to make the sea unsafe with their big sailing ship. Great gift idea for the child who loves pirates and a big pirate ship. There are several kinds of pirate ships. Recommended from 4 years.

Playmobil Maternity Room

This play set includes a nursery. This means that your child can expand their Playmobil hospital or simply play individually with this play set. Includes 2 figures (mother and baby), 2 beds (for adult and baby), a bookcase and various accessories. Ideal for the child who needs to be a big brother or sister to understand what needs to happen when mum goes to hospital. Recommended from 4 years.

Playmobil Noah's Ark

If your child is interested in animals, then this Noah's Ark play set is just the thing. It comes with a ship, two dolls and lots of different animals, big and small. Take your animals on board Noah's Ark. The only limit is your imagination for a fun game. Great gift idea where the child can also practice the names of the animals. Recommended from 1.5 years.

Playmobil Ski School

Nice play set with a ski school that contains everything you need for a ski trip. The ski instructor wears a funny bear costume. Follow him down the slope and around the slalom poles. You're sure to learn how to ski and get an idea of what it's all about. Recommended from 4 years.

Playmobil Princess Room

This play set is for a real princess. It includes a beautiful bed, toys, a doll, a cradle and a cute little kitten. Everything you need to create a real princess room. Ideal gift idea for the child who likes to play like a real princess. Recommended from 4 years.

Playmobil Airplane

With this play set you can go on the flight of your life. Go down to the heat and back again. The set includes an airplane, a pilot and a flight attendant. Ideal gift idea for the child who likes to play with the big machines. Various play sets can be purchased to go with the aeroplane. Recommended from 4 years.

Playmobil Tractor

Large tractor for ploughing the field. The set includes tractor, trailer, 1 figure and straw bales. Nice play set that can be supplemented with other Playmobil toys. An obvious gift idea for the child who likes big machines, farming and the farm environment. Recommended from 4 years.

Playmobil Rescue Ambulance

This rescue ambulance is from the 123 series which is aimed at younger children. The ambulance can open the tailgate and the doctor is ready to help if someone is injured. Nice and simple play set in bright colours and rounded edges. Recommended from 1.5 years.

Playmobil Fire Truck

If you need to put out a fire in the city, this fire truck with long fire ladder is ready to take on the fight. The fire ladder is 61 cm long and can turn. The set includes a fire truck with ladder, 1 firefighter, 1 fire extinguisher, 1 emergency generator and several accessories for the big fire. The fire truck uses 2xAAA batteries as it has both light and sound. Recommended from 5 years.