Krea Toys - Exciting toys from Krea for baby and child

The Krea toy brand is an imaginative toy for the little ones. The toys are of high quality as they are made of good and durable materials. The toy range has therefore gained a reputation for durability, which means that several family generations and institutions can enjoy the popular toys. Krea has produced toys for both indoor and outdoor use, which means that there are many different categories of toys. Krea is especially known for the toy series about Bamse from "Bamses Billedebog", Cirkeline and Lille-Per. In particular, Little Per's elephant Bodil has become a classic in recent years. The toy series thus has a lot of exciting toys for the little ones, which can be used for many hours of fun. We give you inspiration for the Krea toy series - possibly for this year's Christmas presents. Read more and see our guide below with the different and stimulating toys from Krea for baby and child.


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Krea toys - Stimulating the child's senses

The toy manufacturer Krea has a special focus on their products being educational and at the same time stimulating and challenging the child through fun and imaginative play. Children's senses become heightened with age and the range of their abilities becomes wider and wider. But it is very much about helping the child to develop their learning and especially their motor skills. The Krea toy range is a stimulating toy for babies who have an eye for colours, shapes and sounds. The toys are pleasant for baby's senses and are therefore brilliant for the first learning. The majority of the toys are made of wood, which is precisely of high quality. Krea has also produced toys for slightly older children that help to strengthen fine motor skills and balance, among other things. The toy range therefore includes toys for the child who is learning to walk, the child who is already walking, the child who wants to be challenged or the child who likes to sit and be creative. You can say that there is a meaning to the toys according to the child's development and interest. See our guide for a selection of the great toys from Krea below.





                                                      Baby swing from Krea

Super cute wooden swing for the little ones. The swing is made of wood, on which there are small coloured balls and rings for baby to look at and touch. There is plenty of opportunity to stimulate baby as both the movement of the swing and the design of the swing make an impression. The baby swing can be used both indoors and outdoors and is very easy to place the baby in. The Krea swing is available for 349 DKK at Sundleg.






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Wooden angle from Krea

Krea has made some nice wooden angles in very classic colours. Some of the rattles have a built-in bell. These rattles are great for baby to hold and bite. These are definitely toys for baby's early days when they are learning to focus on single things, learning to grasp and hold on. See the different wooden rattles from Krea at the retailer Babygear here.







                                                          The classic doll carriage from Krea

The classic red doll's pram, as many know it from their childhood. The beautiful doll carriage is PVC-free. It has metal handles and rubber wheels. The cradle can be tilted to the other side if the safety nuts are removed. Otherwise, the seat will be fixed as shown in the picture. The doll carriage is recommended from 18 months, costs 399 DKK and can be purchased at the retailer Sundleg right here.








Bodil the elephant From krea

Bodil the elephant from the Little Peter films can be enjoyed by children at home. The elephant is equipped with magnets in the legs, which allow the teddy bear to be easily released from the skateboard. This model is the largest, but the elephant is available in 3 sizes of 40cm, 25cm and 18cm respectively. Bodil the elephant is a classic that even we parents remember. That's why it's an obvious gift idea for the little ones. Bodil the elephant in the large model costs DKK 519 and can be found at the dealer here.


Rocking elephant from Krea

But if your child needs to challenge their balance with Bodil the elephant, this rocking elephant is just the thing. The rocking elephant has wheels, but they can also be mounted so that your child can rock on Bodil the elephant just like a normal rocking horse. This is a great gift idea for the little ones. Find the rocking elephant from Krea at Sundleg here.








                                                        Hoppeko from Krea

An inflatable bouncy castle that can provide your child with hours of fun. It is easy for the child to play with the bouncy castle, as it is easy to pull around and low enough for the child to get on it. As the bouncy castle has a rubber surface, it is easy to clean and your child will not be able to bang on it. Recommended from 3 years. The bouncer is available in black, green, red and purple, costs DKK 269 and can be available from retailer Sundleg here.




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Block cart with alphabet from Krea

This clever trolley contains blocks in different colours, all designed with numbers and letters. This is a great opportunity for children to practise spelling and counting in a different and fun way. The blocks are made of wood and they can all be attached to the trolley so that the child can pull the trolley around. The whole family can come together to play and learn with the wooden blocks. Recommended from 3 years. You can find the block cart for 319 kr. at the dealer right here.





                                                        Roller mirror from Krea

This activity toy for baby is great. The popular roller mirror challenges baby's motor skills, but also motivates the crawling phase and self-exploration. If you like, let the mirror roll and watch as baby eagerly tries to keep up. It's also a fun and different way to exercise baby's neck and stomach muscles. The rolling mirror from Krea will help your baby's motor development. Recommended from 3 months. The roller mirror costs DKK 149.95 and can be found at the retailer Legebutikken here.





Puzzle with Teddy from Krea

Nice puzzle for the little ones with Teddy, Chicken and Duck on a walk in the woods. The puzzle from Krea contains 24 pieces. The pieces are a good size so it is easy for the child to lie. A good opportunity to learn and play at the same time. Recommended from 4 years. The puzzle costs 129 DKK and can be purchased at the retailer Babygear here.




If you are looking for inspiration for toys with Teddy from "Teddy's Picture Book", we have made a guide with different toys with Teddy, Chicken and Duck. You can read more here.





Sensory swing from Krea

Great sensory swing to stimulate your child's senses and motor skills. The sensory swing has become very popular as it is a different kind of stimuli you let your child encounter. The swing can be used both indoors and outdoors. The maximum load is 100 kg. The swing is made of 100% nylon and measures 100cm in diameter. Recommended from 3 years. The swing costs DKK 549 and can be available at Sundleg.






                                                       Activity stand in wood from Krea

This wooden activity stand features lots of cute and colourful wooden hangers, all designed to stimulate baby. The activity stand is very stylish and the hangers are clear for baby. The height of the stand can be adjusted to suit baby's development. The nice activity stand can be found for 348 kr. at the retailer Babygear here.

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Model wax cake set from Krea

This fine modelling wax cake set is super entertaining and very realistic as you can make the cakes look like real pastry cakes. A cake set contains 1 rolling pin, a modelling wax syringe with which you can decorate the cakes, a modelling wax knife, plate, fork and 5 tubs of modelling wax in different colours. The Krea cake set is recommended for ages 3 and up and costs DKK 99. You can find the modelling wax cake set from Krea or other Krea toys at Sundleg here.







                                                   Circeline hand puppet from Krea

In the toy series from Krea there are also toys with Cirkeline. The Circus hand puppet is for the little ones and is easy to take on the go. A hand puppet is especially fun for younger children, as they have just become aware of movements and characteristics. The hand puppet is for fun play. You can find the Cirkeline hand puppet at the dealer right here.


If you want to read more about all the great Circus toys from the Krea toy series, we have made a guide with Circus toys for young and old. See more here.





Big farm from Krea

This nice farm is a real classic and great for when the child is learning about different animals. It is also fun for the child to see a farm and the animals in real life and then see them as a toy version. This can help the child to remember and then contributes to the learning itself. The roof of the farm can be opened to make it easier to play with the animals in the barn. Accessories for the farm must be purchased separately - see link to farm animals below. This farm from Krea is the large version which costs 1.049 kr. See more at the dealer here.





                                                    Farm animals from Krea

Of course, the farm needs a lot of animals. This box contains 22 different farm animals such as horses, pigs, cows, sheep and chickens. The package also includes people to look after the farm animals. Perfect gift idea for the child who wants to learn about different animals. The farm animal box costs 239 and can be found at the dealer right here.