A doll's house is a popular gift for children, whether for a birthday or Christmas. A wooden doll's house is both a durable and beautiful toy, and also one that children can play with for hours. Here we have tried to make it more manageable to find the best wooden dolls house for your child or grandchild.

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Why a dollhouse is a good toy

A dolls' house allows children to play role-playing games, which helps them develop as people. Through play, children learn to understand the world and the connections within it. A doll's house allows for all the games from everyday life that children know: getting up, going to work/nursery, cooking in the kitchen, going to bed at night and all the other situations from everyday life.

Table of contents

Dollhouses come in many different sizes and price ranges. A doll's house can cost from around DKK 200 up to over DKK 2,000. Here you can get an overview of the dollhouses to choose from.

Wooden dollhouse with 4 floors many cute details windows and doors that can be opened

A really nice wooden doll's house from the brand Le Toy Van, which is known for making some of the nicest doll's houses. With this house there are many hours of play and fun, where the children can play with the dolls, or spend time decorating the dollhouse as cozy as possible. Please note that the furniture is purchased separately. Age: From 3 years. Measurements: 43.5 x 90 x 36.5cm.

Plan Toys dollhouse is produced 100% sustainably with balcony and sliding doors has 4 rooms for interior design

This wooden dollhouse from Plan Toys is sustainably produced. The doll's house is made of beautiful materials and is undoubtedly a very durable toy. There is ample opportunity to decorate the dollhouse as you like. When the child plays with the dollhouse, imagination and motor skills are stimulated. A doll's house of really good quality that can withstand many hours of play.

Cute little family to match the wooden dollhouse from Plan Toys. The family consists of a father, a mother, a boy and a girl. The family is also made of wood to match their house. Dolls and other accessories for the dolls' house are what make the play fun and challenging. It is a good gift idea to continuously wish for more accessories for the dollhouse.

Large and colourful dollhouse from Hape.

Vilac Dollhouse in suitcase

Lovely colourful dollhouse from Vilac. The dollhouse is made of strong cardboard and can be folded into a suitcase when not in use. This dolls house is one of the best dolls houses if you are looking for one with lots of content. In fact, with the purchase of this dollhouse, you get lots of accessories in the form of dolls and wooden furniture.

Vilac Veterinary Clinic in a suitcase

A really nice veterinary clinic from Vilac, which can be folded into a suitcase like the dollhouse. The veterinary clinic is made of sturdy cardboard and has many colourful drawings and decorations. The veterinary clinic is a less traditional doll's house, which nevertheless gives rise to lots of play.

Small and cheap dollhouses

Cheap dollhouse

Here is an inexpensive dollhouse that folds out of cardboard. It costs only DKK 129.95. As it is a bit fragile, it is best suited for children over 4 years. The doll's house can be quickly opened and is ready for play. It has lots of detail and also makes a great decoration for your child's bedroom.

The little bear house from Djeco

This cute dollhouse is ideal for play for the little ones. The little bears live in a small house, which has both a bathroom and a living room. There is also a small window in the house. The bear family consists of father, mother and two children. The little house costs only DKK 129.95.

Le Toy Van Dollhouse - The Small Model for 849.95 kr

The French brand Le Toy Van makes the most beautiful dollhouses with many fine details. It will fit perfectly into any girl's room. Here's a version that doesn't take up as much space or cost as the larger versions. Still, there's plenty of room to play with the dolls. At $849.95, it's a cheap dollhouse compared to the larger versions of these particular dollhouses.

Småland dollhouse - lots of details and accessories

This model is a rather cheap dollhouse with its price of 299,95 kr. The dollhouse has an attached garden, which makes play more fun and provides more opportunities for role play. For the Småland dollhouse there are lots of nice accessories to choose from, so it is a nice dollhouse for the price.

Småland dollhouse - lots of details and accessories

This model is a rather cheap dollhouse with its price of 299,95 kr. The dollhouse has an attached garden, which makes play more fun and provides more opportunities for role play. For the Småland dollhouse there are lots of nice accessories to choose from, so it is a nice dollhouse for the price.

Djeco Dollhouses - modern dollhouses for children

Djeco dollhouses differ from many other dollhouses as they are designed according to modern architecture. The dollhouses have large window facades, and large open spaces. The furniture of the dollhouse is modern and stylish in its expression, making the dollhouses a nice decoration in the children's room.

Lots of dollhouse furniture for Djeco dollhouses

One of the advantages of choosing a Djeco dolls' house is that there are really many pieces of furniture to choose from, and there are also several different doll families to fit the house. When buying accessories for the dolls' house, it is best to buy them from the same brand so that you are sure that both furniture and dolls fit the dolls' house in terms of size.

Djeco dollhouse - the modern home

Another great dollhouse from Djeco. The dollhouse is slightly smaller than the big one, and therefore doesn't have as many rooms. However, the doll's house is still kept in the modern style with architectural edge. The doll's house is a nice decoration in the room, and allows many hours of play.

Large Djeco Dollhouse - with glass roof

This dollhouse from Djeco is called Mon petit Home. It has a modern design with large windows and lots of light in the house. The dollhouse is the sturdiest dollhouse from Djeco, and measures 48 x 31 x 32 cm. It is recommended from 4 years, making it a good choice for the best dolls house for children aged 4 or over.

Doll house - lots of possibilities for decoration

This Djeco dollhouse has a yellow roof, and has 2 smaller rooms upstairs and 2 larger ones downstairs. There are lots of ways to decorate it to make it really cosy and personal. This could be with the cute baby toys from Djeco, for example, which go perfectly with the house.

Dollhouse furniture and dolls for Djeco dollhouses

To make playing with dollhouses fun, there must of course be furniture and dolls to go with it. Accessories for dolls' houses give children the opportunity to really play and decorate the dolls' house and add more details to the play. A kitchen and a bed give the opportunity to bring many everyday situations into the play. Children love role play where they can imitate what adults are doing. Things like cooking, washing clothes, putting children to bed etc. are all things children can play with the dolls house when there are lots of accessories and furniture to go with it. Here we have collected some of the finest furniture for Djeco dollhouses. By the way, furniture and dolls for dollhouses are also a great gift idea that kids can wish for on an ongoing basis.

Djeco Kitchen with many details: pots and pans kitchen clock different foods

With this nice kitchen you can cook a lot of food for the inhabitants of the dollhouse. Cooking in the kitchen is one of the games children love most. That's why the kitchen seems to be a necessity in the doll's house. The fine kitchen fits perfectly in style and size to the Djeco dollhouse.

Dollhouse furniture: baby, cradle and high chair - made of wood modern design fits Djeco dollhouse

Playing mom, dad and kids is the obvious play for the dollhouse. It's possible with this cute baby, which comes with both a cradle and high chair. So baby can sleep soundly, while sitting at the table.

Baby for the dollhouse

A small baby with both a high chair and a stroller. Ideal for family play.

Family for the dollhouse

In this family there is a father, mother and two children. The classic nuclear family, which will undoubtedly fit perfectly into the house. This family is from Djeco, and thus fits Djeco dollhouses.

Kidkraft dollhouses - big dollhouses with lots of details

If you're looking for a really big and exclusive dolls' house, this is it. The Kidkraft dolls house is so big that it fits Barbie dolls and other dolls of that size. There is plenty of scope to decorate the house as you wish. There are 3 floors in the house, with lots of beautiful details. For example, a balcony with intricate latticework, stairs, smart elevator and windows. Inside, the doll's house is decorated with detailed wallpaper that gives the impression of beautifully furnished rooms.

A very special dollhouse for many hours of play. Of course you can play with the dollhouse alone, but there is also plenty of room for more children to play.

The dollhouse measures overall: H117 x W33 x L80 cm

Giant dollhouse - 50 pieces of furniture included

A really nice and big dolls house, perfect for the girl who loves to play with dolls. It fits dolls up to 30 cm in size. The classic Barbie dolls fit perfectly in size for this house. The dolls house has a whole 3 floors, and 10 rooms in total, which really allows you to unfold your imagination.

The dollhouse from Kidkraft is of really good quality that can last for many hours of play.

  • Made of wood
  • Size: 87 cm L x 69 cm W x 117 cm H
  • Includes detailed step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Weight: 32kg