By Klipklap furniture and especially the popular folding mattresses have become a classic among Danish families. The great interest is mainly due to the fact that the furniture is both smart where it works within the Nordic trends and at the same time is particularly robust for the dear little ones. By Klipklap has become part of the decor in Danish homes, as it is possible to choose between different materials and colours that best suit one's current style. It is top-quality furniture that is made of durable material so that it can withstand being used by children.

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We have written a little about the great interest behind the furniture from By Klipklap and how the whole production of the range started. We also showcase the beautiful furniture that is ideal for the children's room, the living room or somewhere else. Read more and take a closer look at the range of By Klipklap furniture for kids below.

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About by Klipklap

By Klipklap started in 2011 when owner Pia Lauritsen was looking for a large mattress that her son could use to strengthen his motor skills and that was also suitable to be used as cozy furniture. The requirements for the mattress were that it could be used by children and all their friends while taking up as little space as possible when not in use. These were the first steps towards the creation of the folding mattress (KK 3-Fold) from By Klipklap and since then the range has expanded considerably with several different models, materials and colours.

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The great interest of the city Klipklap furniture

With the furniture from By Klipklap, both young and old can develop their motor skills, but also find quality time and cosiness together. The popular folding mattresses can be used in a variety of ways, depending on which model you choose. For example, the folding mattresses can be easily folded and used as a regular piece of furniture (sofa, pouf, etc.) or completely stored away when not in use. The little By Klipklap children's chairs have also become a hit because they have such a simple design and so the little ones just sit extra comfortably when it's time to cosy up. You can therefore quickly conclude that the great interest in the smart furniture is due to their multifunctional design because they can be combined in so many different ways in one's everyday life.


Clipper 3-Fold

Nice and super practical multifunctional 3-layer mattress in multi blue color. The mattress is made of 100% Oekotex certified cold foam that is moulded and in a durable furniture fabric of 100% polyester that is easy to maintain. The folding mattress is perfect as a tumble space, for overnight guests, a cosy sofa or as a pouf. It harmonises well with the decor whether in the living room or the children's room. The folding mattress measures 180 x 150 x 12 cm when unfolded. KK 3-Fold is available in many colours and also in a length of 200 cm.

Clipper 3-Fold Single

Delicious multifunctional 3-layer single mattress in fine grey colour. The mattress is made of 100% Oekotex certified cold foam which is moulded and covered with a durable upholstery fabric. The fabric itself is 100% polyester and super easy to maintain. The folding mattress can be used by everyone, regardless of age, and has become a favourite piece of lounge furniture or for tumbling. The mattress can also be used as a pouf. There are many possibilities in the use of the folding mattress and where it can be stored. It measures 195 x 65 x 12 cm when unfolded. KK 3-Fold Single is available in many colours.

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Clipper 4-Fold

Smart and super practical multifunctional 4-layer single mattress in dark blue. The delicious mattress is made of 100% Oekotex certified cold foam that is moulded and in a durable furniture fabric of 100% polyester. The folding mattress can be used as a tumbler, chair, lounge furniture, playpen and pouf. There are many different possibilities and the mattress can be easily folded when not in use. It measures 100 x 100 x 10 cm. KK 4-Fold is available in many colours.

Clipper Square

Nice and super practical square mattress in a nice anthracite brand grey colour. The mattress is made of 100% Oekotex certified cold foam that is moulded and in a durable quality velour upholstery fabric. The mattress is ideal as a soft base for the cosy corner, inside the tepee, for baby's activity stand or just to tumble on. It measures 115 x 115 x 8 cm. KK Square is available in many colours.

Children's folding chair

Cute little children's chair in a nice plum color. The chair is made of 100% Oekotex certified cold foam which is moulded and upholstered with 100% durable polyester. The fabric is therefore easy to maintain. The chair from By Klipklap is designed for children aged 1-4 years. It has a low seat height, which makes it easy for children to climb onto the chair themselves. On the side of the chair is a pocket for storing small items or your favourite book. The back of the chair measures 50 cm, the height of the seat is 14 cm and the depth of the seat is 20 cm. Super cute children's chair available in many colours.