A farm with farm animals is a classic toy for children. The game is still relevant because there are still many farms around Denmark. Today, however, they are usually larger and more industrial.

Many children are fond of their farm toys as it allows them to play role-playing games. Here we have taken a look at the different farms you can get.

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Farmhouse | Classic toys for children

A farmhouse is a classic toy for children. Getting to know animals and playing with them on a farm is both a fun and educational game for children.

Children get to know the animals and learn more about where grain, meat and much more comes from.

Farmhouse with accessories

A really nice farmhouse with accessories. Included with this farm toy are pigs and cows which are two of the most classic farm animals. A farmer and geese are also included. The toy can be extended with machines and vehicles.

Large farmhouse with stable

In this farm there is room for both people and animals. There is also a stable that can be used for horses, for example. The farm is of good quality and children can have many hours of fun with it.

Schleich farm with accessories

Large farm with all kinds of accessories. There are lots of chores to do on the farm every day. With this set for 999.95 DKK, there is plenty of opportunity for play and learning. The popular Schleich brand produces quality toys for children.

Big farm from Krea

Krea is known for making really good wooden toys. This farmhouse is no exception. It is of good quality, and very nice in its design. It is not a cheap farm, but on the other hand one that can last for many years, and is 100% safe for the kids to play with.

Stable for Krea farm

If you feel like expanding the farm with a small stable, this is a good idea. It fits perfectly with the Krea farm. It is sold at Sundleg.

Creative farm animals

The animals fit in the sizes of the Krea farm and stable shown above. It is a Large box with beautiful farm animals from Danish Krea. The farm animals are in hard quality plastic and include: cows, horses, pigs, sheep, people, chickens and much more for the farm.

Garage for vehicles

After a long day's work, the vehicles need to be put in place. This nice garage is perfect for the vehicles, which have to be bought separately. A great addition to farm toys.

Straw bale rollers with straw bale

Now there is the possibility to make straw bales in the field. This great looking vehicle looks very realistic and gives kids even more opportunities to play with their farm toys.

Farmhouse in wood

A fine farmhouse in a traditional old-fashioned expression. It is a classic toy that children can get a lot of joy and fun out of. Included with this farm toy are a fence and a tractor.

Schleich farm animals

The popular Schleich farm animals that look very realistic. In this bundle you get a cow, pig, sheep, hen and some feed. A perfect match for the Schleich farm you can see higher up in the article.

Large garage for vehicles

If you're going to play farmyard, tractors and other vehicles are also part of the game, and of course they have to be put in the stable at the end of the working day. This garage has space for several vehicles.

Farm animal - a cow

Of course, there must be animals on the farm. Here a cow, a classic farm animal.

A small farm - that is also a suitcase

If you're looking for farm toys for the little ones, this little farm is a good idea. It folds up into a suitcase so it doesn't take up much space when not in use. Plus, it's easy to take on the go.

Bruder tractor

Bruder makes the most beautiful farm vehicles, including tractors like this one. The vehicle is realistic in appearance, and will fit perfectly with farm toys.

Schleich farm animals and farm

The popular farm animals from Schleich look very realistic and match each other in size. There really are lots of animals to choose from, so there are hours of fun and games to be had. Here we review some of the Schleich farm animals that go really well with farm toys.

Feeding time on the farm

A nice little set of Schleich animals that need to be fed at feeding time. Here is a dog, cat and donkey as well as feeding bowls and a wheelbarrow.

Schleich farm animal: a handsome rooster

There must be a rooster on the farm. It crows when it's morning, and keeps the farm in order. This Schleich rooster teaches children what a real rooster looks like.

Schleich horse

Among Schleich animals, there is especially a large selection of horses. They are available in many different breeds and colours. This beautiful white horse will fit in well on the farm.

Schleich animals can also be dinosaurs or fish!