A baby doll is a classic toy that children love to play with. Baby dolls are a great way to use your imagination and provide hours of play. But it can be hard to know which doll to choose for your baby, when there are so many different ones. Especially when we look at dolls in the many online toy shops, the choice is huge.

The best doll for your child depends on your daughter or son's age and personality. To make it easier for you to find the right baby doll for your child, we've divided the range from retailers into categories.

Scroll down and click on the age of your child to read more about what to look for before buying.

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What age is your child?

When researching which doll your baby / child should have, the first thing to consider is what age your child is. Young children will generally have more fun with soft dolls that are easy to handle. Older children can play for many hours with a doll that has clothes and other accessories.

Choose below the age of your child and see suggestions for the best baby doll.

Are dolls good toys for both boys and girls?

Most people ask themselves this question and are unsure whether their son would be interested in a doll. First of all, it is obviously different from child to child whether he has the interest to play with dolls. This applies to boys as well as girls. In general, children love to imitate adults in their play. A doll needs to be fed, changed and put to bed just as children do. Maybe your child plays with the doll in a different way, and that's educational too. So there's nothing wrong with giving your child a doll, whether he's a boy or a girl.

Best baby doll for 1 year old

Most people buy their child's first doll when he or she is around 1 year old. The child is starting to role-play and may start to cuddle the doll, but most children use the doll like any other toy. That is, they feel it, try to throw/drop it and explore it with their hands. Therefore, a soft doll, or a slush doll, is best for this age. A soft doll encourages the child to use his imagination in play and allows the child to develop in play.

Soft baby doll

  • A soft doll that is perfect as a child's first doll

This baby doll is 28 cm. long from head to feet. The doll has a soft body, which makes it very lifelike to play with. You can choose between 3 different variants. Because the doll is not so big, it is great as a first doll. If you're not sure which doll to give to your toddler, this one is a sure winner. The doll is completely without phalates.

Sloth doll from Rubens Barn

  • Organic & handmade doll from Rubens Barn

Very lifelike doll (Rubens child Cutie)

  • Handmade doll with lifelike expression

This doll from Rubens Barn measures 34 cm and is available in four different versions. Here is the Karla version, which is a girl with black hair. The doll is like all other dolls from Rubens Barn with embroidered eyes and generally in very good Swedish quality. The dolls are approved for use from 0 years, so it is an obvious choice as the first doll. The doll weighs slightly more than other dolls, which helps to give the feeling of a "real" baby. It is possible to buy clothes and other accessories for Karla. See this and more variants at the retailer Healthy.

Soft doll with funny expression

This baby doll is wonderfully soft and sure to be a hit with your little girl or boy. You can choose between a girl with blonde hair, one with red hair or a boy. The doll is CE marked, which guarantees that the product is approved for Denmark and the rest of Europe. The dolls have a really cute and fun expression.

Knitted Sebra girl doll that is soft to hug

  • A knitted doll as soft as a teddy bear

Sweet and soft doll from Sebra, perfect for the little ones. The doll is knitted and has clothes on, and is a completely soft doll. This doll is good as the first doll for the very little ones, as it is so soft that it can be used nicely for cuddling and snuggling. It has a cute expression and fine braided hair that little ones can have fun looking at and touching. The doll is 29 cm tall.

Best baby doll for 2 year old

If you are looking for a doll for a 2 year old, we have collected different dolls that are suitable for this age. At the age of 2, children are developing rapidly and are learning to talk, among other things. A 2 year old will start to take more interest in what clothes the doll is wearing, and may give their doll a name. In general, accessories for the doll become much more fun, for example a doll bed or a doll carriage. A doll for a 2 year old is very similar to the dolls for 1 year olds that we have mentioned above.

Baby doll with clothes

  • Cute doll with a set of clothes included in the price

If you don't know which doll to make your girl or boy's first doll, this is a good one. The body is nice and soft so it's easy to cuddle. Clothes are included for the doll.

Doll high chair - makes play more fun, especially for 2 - 3 year olds

  • Doll high chair that makes doll play more fun

At the age of 2, children start to take a greater interest in accessories for their dolls. This can be a doll's bed, doll's clothes or, as in this case, a doll's high chair. This chair is suitable for most dolls, who can sit in the chair and e.g. be fed. A nice chair that the child can use when playing with dolls.

The popular Baby Born with lots of accessories

Baby Born has been popular for many years. Maybe you had a Baby Born yourself when you were little? The dolls are interactive and can do lots of things that make them fun to play with. Comfort babies when he cries, feed him when he's hungry, give him water when he's thirsty, help him pee on the potty and give him a nice bath when he feels like it. The Baby Born dolls have a whopping 8 features that are fun in role play. Available as both a boy and a girl. When you buy a Baby Born from Coop, you get the following:

BABY BORN comes inclusive:

- pot
- plate
- Ske
- Friendship Bracelet
- Suture Chain
- feeding bottle
- lead
- sut
- Porridge
- birth certificate

For baby born you can buy a host of equipment that packs for the doll. These include a pushchair, car seat, pushchair, pram, baby carrier and lots of doll clothes.

Best baby doll for 3 year old

3 year olds have become much more aware of the world around them, which is also reflected in their play with dolls. At this age, the doll can begin to engage in play with other children, for example the classic game of "daddy, mommy and kids". At the same time, 3-year-olds can handle more small details of dolls, as they are mostly past the stage of sucking on things, or throwing them around. Therefore, you can also afford to invest a little more in a new doll. Here we've listed a small selection of cute dolls for 3 year olds, if you're looking for a doll with details.

Our Generation dolls - beautiful dolls for children aged 3 and up

These dolls are sold at Children's Cartel, which says the dolls are among its best-selling dolls. The dolls wear fine clothes and have long hair. They all have their own personality and characteristics. A great doll for older children. The dolls come with a lot of accessories. They are not the cheapest dolls, which is why they are also recommended for older children of at least 3 years.

Our Generation dolls - beautiful dolls for children aged 3 and up

These dolls are sold at Children's Cartel, which says the dolls are among its best-selling dolls. The dolls wear fine clothes and have long hair. They all have their own personality and characteristics. A great doll for older children. The dolls come with a lot of accessories. They are not the cheapest dolls, which is why they are also recommended for older children of at least 3 years.

Very lifelike and cute doll for the little doll mothers

Very cute doll with lively expression. It is not a cheap doll, which is why we recommend it for older children who love role play.

More on how to choose which doll for your child

When choosing a doll for your child, there are several things to consider. Firstly, you need to think about how old your child is. Before the age of 10-12 months, interest in doll play is often limited. But around this age, a doll is a great gift that is guaranteed to be played with a lot.

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If your child is over 3 years old, he or she may play with small parts. This opens up the possibility of some of the nice dolls with little shoes, jewellery or earrings. For example the nice Our Generations dolls that you can buy at Børnenes Kartel right here.

It may be obvious, but also ask your child which doll they want. Some children want a doll with light hair, dark hair, or maybe no hair at all. It may also be that the doll should be a boy. Most dolls are girls, but from Rubens Barn you will find dolls in both genders and different skin tones. Go to Rubens Barn retailer here.

Also think about whether the doll should be soft or plastic. Most of the dolls we have mentioned here have a soft body, which makes them nice to hug and hold. However, it is also possible to get plastic dolls, such as the well-known Baby Born dolls.

  • How old is your child?
  • What should the doll look like?
  • Should it be a boy or a girl?
  • How much can the doll cost?

As with everything else, it is important to be clear about how much the doll may cost. You can get dolls in many price ranges. The most expensive dolls we have mentioned here cost around 500 DKK, while the cheapest cost around 200 DKK. It all depends on how big you want the doll to be and what quality you want it to be.

Two kinds of dolls

In general, there are two kinds of dolls you can choose from. One is a doll with a soft body that doesn't use batteries or "do" anything. The other kind is an advanced doll that is typically made only of plastic. These dolls can, for example, pee or cry.

  • Soft doll: dolls with soft bodies that do not use batteries. Children should use their imagination when playing with the doll. This type is best as the first doll for young children from 1-2,5 years.
  • Advanced dolls: a doll that uses batteries and can, for example, cry or pee. This type of doll is good for children from 3 years and up.

Soft doll - Dolls for small children

A soft doll, or slush doll as it is also called, has a soft body made of fabric. The doll is suitable as the first doll for young children from 1 - 3 years. The first doll is used by the child to learn how to put the doll down and how to feed it. We have compiled a long list so that you can hopefully find out which doll your girl or boy should have. A soft doll, without mechanical features, encourages the child to use imagination in play, which develops them most at this age.

Advanced dolls - Dolls for children from 3 years and up

As children get older, puppet play becomes more advanced. The dolls acquire personality and participate more in everyday activities with the child. At this age, the doll can become a good friend to whom secrets can be told and who always wants to play.