24 calendar gifts 2017 | Complete list of calendar gift ideas for boy

Finding 24 calendar gifts for Christmas can be quite a task. While the calendar gift ideas you find shouldn't cost a fortune, they should also be fun and enjoyable for the kids. That's why we've put together a total of 24 calendar gift ideas - especially suitable for boys. The calendar gifts are kept on the cheap end so that the total price is not too high.

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Buy calendar gifts and Christmas gifts at Børnenes Kartel - click here


Buy great calendar gifts at Babytoys - click here


See many cheap calendar gifts and Christmas gifts at Legebutikken - click here


Buy a Christmas calendar at Legen.dk - click here

How to find the best calendar gifts 2017

When choosing calendar gifts, it's a good idea to buy them online. This can save you both money and a whole lot of time, as you can buy all 24 calendar gifts at once and have them delivered straight to your door. You can even buy them well in advance, so there's no need to stress about it. A good calendar gift idea is both fun and cosy, and neither too expensive nor too much of a home invasion. With 24 calendar gifts in total, it's nice to have a fun toy that doesn't take up too much space or drain the budget. After all, you need to be able to afford the right Christmas presents to give on Christmas Eve.

  • Not too expensive
  • Fun and cozy to open in the morning
  • Does not take up much space in the home
  • Can be useful or practical

A good calendar gift idea doesn't necessarily have to be a toy. It can also be a new hat, or a new pair of mittens that the child needs for the cold season. It's a great way to make the most of the many gifts to be given as a calendar present. Buy cheap calendar gifts here

Buy all your calendar gifts in one place and save money

On this list are all the calendar gifts from Gucca.dk, which has a wealth of different toys. They also have categories divided by price, so it's easy to find cheap toys that are perfect for fun calendar gifts. The other big advantage is that you save money by buying all calendar gifts in one place. You don't have to pay shipping from multiple retailers, and you don't have to worry about running around town looking for little gifts. It can all be bought at once, so buying calendar gifts 2017 couldn't be easier.




→ Buy ready-made gift calendars here

Make it easier for yourself and buy a ready-made Christmas calendar with e.g. Brio trains, Playmobil or Lego Friends.




Tips for saving money on calendar gifts

Even if you buy smaller gifts for 50 - 100 DKK, it still adds up before you finish them all. That's why we've put together a few tips that can be useful for saving money on calendar gifts, while still being great calendar gift ideas.

  • Buy a box LEGO Duplo, and divide the blocks over several days
  • Give small snacks as a calendar gift (raisins, smoothies, etc.)
  • Free activities you can do together. For example, a trip to the library or the forest. A good way to teach children not only to appreciate material goods
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24 calendar gift ideas for boy

Here we have collected 24 calendar gift ideas that might be especially good for boys, but can of course also be given to girls. If you have a girl too, you can find inspiration for her calendar gifts right here. You can use the list as inspiration, or buy the complete list by going to the retailers via the links next to the product. We have chosen that all the calendar gifts are from Gucca, so you save shipping costs


December 1: Fidget spinner


The big hit of summer 2017 was undoubtedly the fun Fidget Spinner. If your child doesn't have one yet, or just loves them, a fidget spinner is (yet) a fun and obvious calendar gift. The fun Fidget Spinner can be used for lots of tricks and fun. Price 71,95 kr. Click here to buy the fun fidget spinner

December 2: model wax

Model wax is a really fun calendar gift idea, as it doesn't have to be expensive to buy, but at the same time it's something that can be used for many hours of fun. The modelling wax is great for children of almost any age as it allows for creative play and you can shape whatever you want. Modelling wax is a fun activity for kids to do when they get home from school or nursery. Buy modelling wax as a calendar gift here for 89.95 DKK. You get 10 tubs with a total of 260 grams. See more about the model wax here


3 December:(1st Sunday in Advent): LEGO Duplo

On the 1st Sunday of Advent, many people give a gift that is slightly larger than the other gifts, also called an Advent gift. This could be a box of the fun and educational Lego Duplo bricks. There are hours and hours of play and children really get to grips with fine motor skills with the fun shapes and colours of the globes. Lego is also available in smaller blocks, for older children over 5. The Lego Duplo nursery costs £189.95 and includes fun blocks, people and animals. A great calendar gift. Choose from many kinds of LEGO Duplo here. 


4 December: 100 Plastic Soldiers

From 6 years. Get ready to play war with 100 plastic soldiers for a calendar gift. They can be lined up and ready to attack. There are 50 soldiers in green and brown so they can fight each other. The soldiers stand in different positions to make the game even more fun. Click here to buy 100 plastic soldiers

5 December: Black Perch

The classic game of buck is a great calendar gift. The game can be played together as a family, and have many nice moments together. Older children can also play it on their own, without adults, as the rules are quite simple. You can buy the black puzzle right here for 49,95 kr. 

December 6: funny cracking candles

Light up the darkness with these fun crackling candles for just £9.99. The crackling candles are sure to be a hit if the kids have friends over, or maybe need to sleep in. They light up the winter darkness and make this calendar gift a little more fun. There are 40 in the pack. See the beautiful crackling candles right here.

December 7: Arlo from The Good Dinosaur

Arlo the dinosaur is known and loved from the popular animated film The Good Dinosaur. The teddy is 25 cm tall and this calendar gift will fit into any teddy collection. He's lovely and soft, and a great gift for both big and small children. Buy Arlo here for 99,95 kr. He is also available in a seated version.

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8 December: Children's tattoos

These fun children's tattoos can be easily applied and a minute later you have a super nice tattoo that looks great on your skin. In this pack you get a sheet of fun and colourful Soy Lona themed tattoos. A great calendar gift as it takes up no space and is inexpensive. The price is 39,95 kr, and you can buy the tattoos right here

9. decemer: dominoes

One of the old classics is dominoes. Stacking the blocks, knocking them over again, etc. is just a fun game for children that is also educational. This calendar gift sets the stage for lots of fun with the family. The domino is a great calendar gift idea for those cold winter evenings. Buy the game right here for just £9.99. 


December 10:(2nd Sunday in Advent 2017): the best greeting

This remote controlled car is the perfect Advent gift for 9 December. It's a little more special and fun than the other calendar gifts, and will definitely be a nice present to open. The car comes in beautiful yellow colours with black details, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This calendar gift is seen for 169,95 kr. Buy the remote control car right here, or choose one of the many other remote control cars as an Advent gift.


December 11: A coloring book

A colouring book is a really good calendar gift idea, as it's something that children can always use. At the same time, it doesn't take up any space and when you're done drawing in it, you can throw it away. The book is filled with beautiful pictures that you can colour in. You can buy this wallet for 39,95 kr. right here.

December 12: Toy money!

Now, there are plenty of reasons to toy shop when you can pay with "real" money. The toy money is a fun part of a game, and kids can even practice learning to count. At the same time, play money is good preparation for teaching children what things cost, and especially what Christmas costs for mum and dad. Buy the fun toy money here for 29.95 kr. It's definitely an inexpensive calendar gift.

13 December: a spinning top

Another good calendar gift is a spinning top. It's fun to play with, doesn't take up much space and isn't very expensive to buy. Spinning tops come in many colours and shapes. This version is in marker and costs DKK 39.95 for 3 pieces. A fun and different calendar gift. Buy the swirl tops with marker here. 

14 December : Cute keychain with teddy bear

Make your keys a little more personal and cute with this cute dog that has the prettiest big eyes. A calendar gift like this can also go on a bag, pencil case or something else. It's certainly cute. The key ring costs DKK 49.95. See the cute keychain right here

15 December: Disney's Randalf the Beast

Kids are sure to love Randalf, known from the cute Disney film Monsters Inc. Suitable for children over 6, the character is great for both scaring and growling at people! A calendar gift familiar from TV. Get your hands on the fun Randalf figure right here for 49.95 kr.

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December 16: Groan tube with avengers

Fun avenger-themed tube that can make sounds when it moves. A really fun calendar gift, guaranteed to raise envious eyebrows at school. You can buy it right here for just 39,95 kr. 

17 December: (3rd Sunday in Advent): Happy Advent to all children

These beautiful and durable jumbo colouring pencils from Faber, are the perfect Advent gift. They are ergonomic to hold, especially for children who don't have such large hands or may not have quite the same motor skills as adults. A calendar gift that can go for hours. The colors cost 219,95 kr. and you can find them right here


December 18 calendar gift: Truck (also good for the sandbox)

A great truck to play with inside, but also very suitable for playing outside in the sandbox. The truck has a big load and big wheels, so you can really carry things around on it. The truck is a great calendar gift, and can be bought here for 49,95 kr. 


December 19: A little teddy bear

A small teddy bear, or perhaps a Christmas teddy bear, is always a good calendar gift. Teddy bears and goblins are popular with children of all ages, so it's almost guaranteed to be well received. It could be this cute octopus as a calendar gift, for example. Buy it here for 49,95 kr. 

20 December: raisins or fruit

A good calendar gift to wake up to doesn't necessarily have to be a toy. It can also be some delicious fruit or a small packet of raisins. Yum!

December 21: A pair of mittens

The cold is really starting to set in for Christmas, and of course little hands need to be kept warm. A new pair of mittens, or just some extra mittens, is almost always a good idea. A practical calendar gift idea that kills two birds with one stone!

22 December: a gift where you can do something together

Why not put family time on the schedule? You can give your child tickets to the swimming pool as a calendar gift, or maybe a trip to the cinema if he's old enough. You could also bake some delicious rolls together, or something completely different. The sky's the limit, but doing something together is a great and different calendar gift!


23.decemer: some Christmas food

December 24 is a day that children look forward to for a very long time. In the evening there will be plenty of time for presents, so some Christmas food might be a good calendar gift on this day. Either something healthy like fruit, or maybe chocolate, depending on what your child likes best.

24 December: 4th Sunday in Advent

Christmas Eve in 2017 is also the 4th Sunday of Advent. A lastie car from Bruder is a really nice gift, which is guaranteed to be really exciting to get the day before Christmas Eve. It is not a cheap calendar gift, but here you also get a good toy for the money. Buy the Bruder truck here for 279.95 kr.