How to survive life on maternity leave | Make the most of your maternity leave

Once the nausea has subsided and baby has outgrown his first clothes, a new everyday life starts knocking at the door: maternity life! Some mothers love it, others feel ambivalent about swapping work for nappy changes, breastfeeding and lack of sleep.

Whatever type you are, read on for tips on how to have a great maternity - because time never comes again.

Interact with other mothers

Join a mother's group, sign up for baby rhythmics or arrange appointments with your friends if they have children of the same age. By sharing your experiences, you can benefit from each other's tips and advice. Otherwise, it can just be nice to know you're not the only zombie who was up every 2 hours all night.

Create a routine

Of course, this can be difficult with a baby where rhythm is a city in Russia. But try to create some routine in everyday life. Take a bath every morning, and go for a walk with the pram in the afternoon. It's good for your baby when you've created a safe and familiar routine.

Lower expectations

Don't beat yourself up if you're not the spelt mum you imagined. It's okay if baby food isn't always made from scratch with organic produce. As long as you do your best, it's good enough.

Enjoy your baby

Yes - perhaps that goes without saying. But try to remind yourself anyway. In the midst of the shitty diapers and the night terrors, remember that time is not coming again. Your baby is only little once. And once you go to work, you're bound to miss having that little person with you 24/7.

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Remember the couple

In many homes, relationships are put to the test when a new member joins the family. Make sure you align expectations at home. If you need Dad to go over for an hour or two when he gets home from work, be upfront and let him know. Unfortunately, men are not mind readers and they often have a different approach to new life as a family.

Housework tends to pile up, and it soon becomes mother who takes over all the tasks. Be careful, though, that this habit doesn't stick after childbirth, too. It is therefore a good idea to talk through who does what.

Take care of your baby

Baby needs to get to know the world, so he needs time where you're just at home.

You may want to go out, but it's also important to remember that baby needs quiet days at home to digest all the new impressions. Your baby is getting to know the world. So set aside days each week when you have nothing to do. Other days you can spend go to a cafe with the mother's group, go to baby swimming or something else you like to do.

Be in the bubble

Enjoy the fact that right now you can afford to be in the so-called maternity bubble. Right now, it's all about baby, and that's okay. You'll eventually get back to the daily grind of alarm clocks ringing and wolf hours in the afternoon. Enjoy the extra time and freedom you have on maternity leave. See your family a bit more, or go for long walks with the pram.

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