If you're not sure which children's night light to choose, here are some of the best and most popular children's night lights. Night lights are not very bright, so they are great to have on in your child's room at night when it's time to go to sleep.

A night light shines very softly, allowing parents to orientate themselves in the nursery without waking baby. It can also be a good idea if you are breastfeeding or generally up several times a night.

For older children, a night light can chase away the dark. Some children become darkened, which typically appears at the age of 3 or 4.

Night lamps for children from Maseliving

The night lamps from Maseliving are some of the finest night lamps for children. They are handmade, so each lamp is unique. The lamps spread a lovely soft light. The lamps are super suitable for reading bedtime stories.

Swan with crown. Really beautiful handmade lamp. A swan with a crown on, which is a really nice decoration in the children's room. Price: 479 kr. This night lamp for children is also available in white!

Night lamps for children from Sebra

Sebra Night Lights are wall-mounted and perfect for reading bedtime stories. The cord is made of fabric. The lamps have a nice, classic design. Both lamps are equipped with a button, so children can easily turn their lamp on or off.

Here is Sebra night lamp for children in a nice vintage rose color. The lamp is delivered without bulb. The maximum bulb in the lamp is 40 Watt. Very nice lamp for the children's room. 449 kr.

Sebra night lamp in a nice blue color. The lamp is a great light source for reading bedtime stories. The blue colour fits well in most children's rooms. Price: 449kr.

Wave lamps

Unlike night lights, wake-up lights are less bright. They are designed to be switched on when the child is asleep or about to fall asleep. A little light in the room can be calming for young children, and it's nice for parents to be able to find their way around even in the dark.

LED alarm lamp with photosensor

A smart little alarm lamp that fits into any socket. The night light has a sensor, so it switches off automatically when it gets light. The night light emits a pleasant slumber light that is not too bright. LED light is very energy efficient. The lamp can therefore light up to 25,000 hours on this bulb.

Turtle that lights up with real constellations

A cute turtle that can be lit in three different colours. It is a Cloud b night lamp. Watch the moon and stars form the right constellations on the ceiling. The lamp switches off automatically after 45 minutes. Many children find peace in looking up at the stars as they fall asleep. It has an LED lamp, so this alarm clock doesn't get hot. It's cordless, so it can be placed anywhere.

Light chains

Audio chains have recently become more popular. They are cosy and decorative in the children's room, and they also provide a nice light. Here we've collected some of the best light chains for kids.

Beautiful light chain from Livink

Lovely light chain from the Danish brand Livink. The light chain has 20 light balls in pink and grey colours, which light up the darkness with soft light. A beautiful light chain that can be used in the children's room or in the living room. The cord measures 4.10 meters and the "balls" take up 3.10 meters of the cord. Price 249 kr.

Livink light chain in blue colors

Another beautiful light chain. This one is in shades of blue and green, and will fit nicely in most boys' rooms. The light chain creates cosiness in the dark and can make it easier for the child to calm down. The cord measures 4.10 meters and the "balls" take up 3.10 meters of the cord. Price 249 kr.

Looking for more light chains for kids?

Tranquil Turtle Cloud B night light

This Tranquil Turtle Cloud b night light for kids is something special. It can both light up and make soothing sounds. It creates a light effect that makes you look like you're underwater. At the same time, the lamp makes soothing sounds like the ocean. The light from the lamp is soft and relaxing to look at, and can help your child calm down without being afraid of the dark.

Night lamp from Cloud B

  • Play two different sounds in ocean theme
  • Lights with different brightness
  • Automatic switch-off after 23 minutes
  • Provides security and cosiness at nap time
  • Uses 3 batteries (included)
  • LED light (does not get hot)