Black week is almost the warm-up for Black Friday. Many stores choose to hold Black Week as just one day of deals is simply not enough. There will be many Black Week deals to choose from, so there is ample opportunity to find some great deals during the week if you can't wait for Black Friday.

At we've done our best to put together a clear guide to the best deals throughout Black Week and of course on Black Friday.

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When is Black Week 2018

In 2018, it's black week from November 19 until Black Friday itself, which is November 23, 2018. Some stores will start a little earlier, while others will only turn up the offers in what they then call Black Weekend. In general, there are just a lot of crazy deals around Black Friday and throughout Black Week, so there will be plenty of opportunities to buy new, TV on sale, now laptop on sale or other things that you need. Especially the big stuff you might be lucky to find on sale. Many stores choose to have different categories marked down throughout the week, so it's all about keeping an eye out for the retailers you need something from.

The whole Black Week will be with really many online offers. In some places you can save up to 70 - 80 %, so it's an obvious day to get the last Christmas gifts. Here at, we've spent a lot of time rounding up all the best discounts and deals, so you can go online bargain hunting at your leisure from the comfort of your computer or smartphone.

Black Week 2018 starts 19 November

Black Week usually lasts all week from Monday until Balck Friday, which is on the 24th. However, when prices are reduced will vary from store to store. The very concept of Black Friday originated in the United States. The commercial tradition has quickly found its way to Europe and Denmark, where Danes have embraced the concept. Over the past few years, the day has broken new records every year. This is because the offers simply get better and better with each passing year, and more and more people choose to buy their Christmas gifts on offer.

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What is Black Week?

Black Week is a kind of warm-up for Black Friday, when shops sell more and more goods. In the week leading up to Friday, i.e. Black Week, there will typically be no different offers than on Friday. Therefore, you may be lucky to buy just what you need at a discount up to 70%.

It's a week of great deals on products in almost every category. Like Black Friday, the deals are mainly online during Black Week, which in 2018 runs from 19 - 24.

During the week, there's plenty of opportunity to look for just what you're looking for. It could be white goods on sale, a new bike, computer or something else entirely. There are plenty of opportunities to save good money during Black Week. It's a whole week where you can buy Christmas presents or treat yourself to something you need. There are plenty of opportunities to go crazy and get all those Christmas presents before we hit December. However, it's also a great time to buy things you've been planning to buy for a long time and are missing in your everyday life. It could be a new computer, washing machine, bike, laptop or something else entirely. The Black Week concept is built around shops getting rid of this year's electronics to make room for the new. This trend continues, so it's in electronics that you'll find the biggest discounts, especially when it comes to online stores.

Black Week in Denmark is now as common as Black Friday, and it will no doubt grow bigger and wilder as the years go by. This is good news for us consumers, who enjoy buying things at low prices.

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Black Week has been in the US since about 2005, where it is clearly a somewhat bigger phenomenon than in Denmark. However, it's growing here, so it pays to keep an eye out for Black Week deals in the week leading up to Black Friday.

Because Black Week is the week leading up to Black Friday, it's also the opportunity to really save big on your Christmas shopping. So you'll want to keep an eye out for deals all week before we hit the festive season. After all, there are rarely the wildest deals and discounts in December. So just get to the keys and get searching for some great deals. Another thing is to be ready to pounce, without thinking about it for too long. After all, when it comes to bargains, they're often in short supply and often limited because they're just being sold so cheaply. Some shops even run different offers every hour. So it's a good idea to have your credit card ready so you're ready to pounce when what you need comes on offer during Black Week.

Where can I find the best Black Week deals?

To find the best Black Friday deals, use the overview of the different offers available in the different online retailers. It is highly recommended to shop online for deals, as this is where you will surely find the lowest prices. That's why we've also compiled a list of all the great deals and you'll find it here on Start Pack.

You can use a comparison list to find the best Black Friday deals.

The weekend leading up to Black Friday sees the start of the hyped Black Week sales, which are fuelling online rather than in-store shopping. This year, Black Week starts on 27 November.

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Black Week may be as big as Black Friday

In just a few years, Black Week sales have shown a marked increase across Denmark, and it's a trend that looks set to continue in the country. Here at, we've long worked to round up the stores and online retailers that are offering the best deals. If you click through to the different retailers, you'll find the best deals available on Black Week and of course Black Friday.

Consider what you need before Black Week & Black Week

Before we approach the time when it's November and soon Christmas, it's a good idea to think about what you need and if there's anything in particular you're looking for. In fact, it's a good idea to wait to buy what you need until we hit Black Friday, Black Week, when there will be many deals. These are often the days when people shop for Christmas presents. It's not just Christmas presents that you can buy on offer during these days. It is also possible to buy clothes for both Christmas and New Year. This way you can avoid the obligatory clothing crisis, as you have already decided on this year's outfit and even bought it on offer.

What should I buy during Black Week?

Of course, it's up to you what to buy during Black Week. However, it's a good idea to go for big ticket items that would normally be too expensive for you to invest in right now. In fact, these are usually the type of items that are set the most during Black Week. So if you need a new TV or computer on sale, for example, it's a good day to look for wild discounts and the best deals on electronics. It's also a good day to buy, for example, a cargo bike or mountain bike on offer, as many bike retailers are running big discounts online and in store.