Føtex is one of the stores offering a free baby starter pack for mothers-to-be. If you want to order a baby pack from Føtex, you need to register via the link that appears further down the page. You will then be sent an email with a confirmation, which should be displayed in the Information section of your local Føtex store early 7 days later. You will receive a bag with products for the first time with baby and a gift for the new baby.

If you want to order the free baby starter pack from Føtex - see link further down the page.

Read on to find out which products are hidden in the baby pack from Føtex. We describe the contents and will then give our assessment of the baby pack.

Table of contents

Newborn diapers from Levevis

Newborn diapers from Levevis in size 1, which corresponds to 2-5 kg. There are 28 diapers in total. The diapers from Levevis are fragrance and lotion free, they are breathable, have high absorbency and a good fit that gives your baby a good comfort. The diapers are Swan-labelled and developed in cooperation with the Asthma Allergy Association.

Wet wipes from Levevis

Wet wipes from Levevis with 72 pieces. The wet wipes are fragrance-free. They are made of 100% viscose which is a natural material, without the use of polyester, which makes them soft and strong. The Levevis wipes are Swan-labelled and developed in collaboration with the Asthma Allergy Association. The wipes are ideal for changing nappies or washing hands if there is no water nearby.

Coal cream from Levevis

Cooling cream for baby from Levevis with 60 ml. in the tube. The charcoal cream is fragrance-free and is especially suitable for dry or sensitive skin. The cream is good against dry skin for the red cheeks and the face itself when the cold intrudes. The cream therefore counteracts dry and reddened clients and can be used for all ages. The cold cream from Levevis is Swan-labelled and developed in cooperation with the Asthma Allergy Association.

Anatomical soother from Our

Anatomical soother from Vores that is white and made of natural rubber. The soother is suitable for children from 0-36 months. It is BPA and PVC free and phthalate free. As a general rule, the soother should be replaced after 1-2 months of use.

Bodystocking from Mads & Mette

White bodystocking without sleeves in size 62 from Mads & Mette (VRS basic) that is produced in 100% organic cotton. Super cute bodystocking for baby for the first time.

Welcome gift for baby

Cute little wooden angle from BRIO in colourful design. The rattle is a gift for the little one that you get next to the baby package from Føtex. Cute idea and super relevant as the first toy when baby is developing the grasping complex.

The baby pack from Føtex can be ordered at the link below and will be available for pick-up in your local Føtex store after 7 days once you have received a confirmation email.


Our assessment of the baby package from Føtex

The baby starter pack from Føtex contains good and practical things for the first time with baby such as nappies, wipes, nappy bags and face cream. The pack also includes a few personal items for baby, such as a soother and a bodystocking. It is a nice baby pack as all the products are super relevant for the first time. As something a bit special, Føtex gives you a welcome gift alongside the baby pack. The gift changes regularly, but at the moment it's a small wooden angle from BRIO in a colourful design. It's super nice to have this extra gift for baby, which is definitely a useful toy for the first time.

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